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Hong Kong's 2021 'national day' of mourning

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

For the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) China's 'National Day' 1 October 2021 'celebration' in Hong Kong (HK) there were 8,000 HK police officers in the streets, which was even more than the 6,000 used during the 2019 anti-extradition legislation protests (please read references below).

CCP's use of 8,000 HK police for its version of 'stability and prosperity' under the 'one country two systems' in communist HK, was CCP's celebration of its annexation of HK and also its breaches of the Joint Declaration.

Under CCP's watch, China's arbitrary rule BY law and 1 July 2020 unconstitutional 'national security law', communist HK is now a police state.

For many HK people, including those overseas, this was a day of mourning and reflection.

The birth of the nationalist student movement that CCP once was, is officially 1 July 1921. CCP was heavily funded, influenced and controlled by Stalin's Soviet Union (USSR), a foreign government : This is why CCP fears student movements and does everything to brainwash and control children and prevent 'foreign influences'.

CCP's Mao Zedong came to power in China during 1949 only because he was a traitor who conspired with the Japanese Army, the enemy of the Chinese people : i.e. 1945-1949 China did not have a 'civil war' that CCP won. CCP has no legitimacy to its one-party dictatorship over China : This is the source of CCP's paranoia. CCP has remained in power since 1949 as the 'People's democratic dictatorship', a term CCP self-enshrined in China's 'Constitution'.

CCP, with its arbitrary rule BY law, is the world's worst ever totalitarian regime that has killed over 77million of its own people! There are many lies throughout the history of CCP which are used as part of its structural violence of torture by coercion of the people of China, supposedly for 'stability and prosperity' and coincidentally to ensure that CCP remains in power : i.e. if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which includes arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, etc.

HK protesters, who are the majority of HK people, continue to demand that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their minions in the HK government uphold UN treaties -including the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law.

Below is our record of how HKers 'celebrated' CCP China's national day in 2021.

To everyone, everywhere in the world, thank you so much for your support for HK democracy, human rights and protesters!

The people of China and HK will only celebrate once CCP has been removed and China becomes a multi-party democratic nation. Be water! Gai yau (add oil)!

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

There were National Day protests in HK

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

Twitter: HK police show double standards by fining and harassing HK pro-democracy supporters (for not keeping to the government's pandemic social distance rules)!

Reddit: HK police ask 'InMediaHK' how come you are photographing police and not the flag?

HK mourning for 39 lives lost on 1 October 2012 Lamma Ferry accident


1 October 2021 was the ninth anniversary of HK's worst ferry accident off Lamma Island that killed 39 children, women and men. HK government remains unaccountable for its role and responsibilities which an independent international Consultant said is 50%. [See our blog here]

Protest and CCP China flag burning in front of China embassy in Washington DC, USA

Reddit : HK exiled politician Leung Chung-hang and representatives from the Uigher Congress burn CCP China's flag in protest against CCP's imperialism.

Protest at Vancouver, Canada CCP China Consulate

Reddit Protest against CCP China hostage diplomacy

Protests in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Reddit : Protesters supporting HK waiving flags now banned by CCP in HK

Reddit HKers, Uighers and Tibetians protest in Tokyo against CCP China's imperialism and call for boycott of Beijing genocide Olympics 2022

Protests in Taiwan

RFA reported a protest in Taiwan by defacing an upside down image of Emperor Xi Jinping. (See references below).

Protests in UK:


Reddit: HKers, Tibetans and Uighers march against CCP national day celebrations

Yahoo! News

Reddit : HK protesters in front of CCP China Embassy in London demanding officials to come out


Reddit : HKers in Manchester protest against CCP China's imperialism



Exactly what do the people of China have to celebrate when, in just one example, 21 Provinces are experiencing power cuts with worse to come this winter, and the property market facing collapse?

Thanks RFA's Rebel Pepper.

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'HK is in best position since handover: CE'

RTHK 1 October 2021

[HK] Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Friday that thanks to the "double safeguards" of the National Security Law and the revamped electoral system, Hong Kong was now "truly" on the right path of the "one country, two systems" principle.

Speaking at a reception to celebrate National Day, Lam said the SAR was now in the best position since the handover to leverage its advantages under the arrangement and to integrate into the country's development.

"At this time when we are celebrating the National Day, we should appreciate more deeply the central authorities' determination to uphold the 'one country, two systems' principle and their unfailing care for Hong Kong people," she said.

"In return, we should reassure the country by taking a firm stance in safeguarding national security and implementing the principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong."

The chief executive said that with Hong Kong now "back to the right track," and as long as people all remain steadfast in safeguarding the country's sovereignty and development interests businesses and people will only have more opportunities on the mainland.

Meanwhile, four members of the League of Social Democrats marched to Wan Chai's Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the flag-raising ceremony and reception took place, to demand that the authorities release what they described as "political prisoners".

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