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Hong Kong protester ‘Grandma Wong’ held in China under house arrest!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Amnesty International video

Amnesty International video

Grandma Wong has always, as far as we know, been a peaceful HK protester sharing her views. She was simply practicing her UN human rights in Hong Kong (HK)!

We will wait to hear what Grandma Wong has to say about what happened to her in HK and China. It would appear that she was arbitrarily incarcerated in China for something she is accused of doing in HK? Please see Apple Daily article below.

Where has the HK government been to support Grandma Wong's and everyone else's human right to peacefully protest both in HK and in China?

Ordinary Hong Kong (HK) people are protesters - and not all are young, ethnic Chinese, etc. The common link for everyone is their love and respect for HK.

'Grandma Wong,' as she is affectionately known to HK protesters, since the early days of mass protests was always seen waving a large British Union Jack flag - the flag was bigger than she is! She was always very approachable by everyone. A kind and gentle soul.

Grandma Wong was not alone - there was a relatively large number of senior citizens who regularly came out for all mass peaceful protests which began on 9 June 2019 and ended just before Lunar New year in January 2020. These protests nearly all had letters of no-objection from the police - meaning that protesters had no reasonable reason to believe they would be arrested and charged for "unauthorized assembly".

Grandma please stay safe and healthy! Soon we will all meet at another HK protest - and one day we will all taste freedom together from the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and HK government!


Amnesty International video

‘Grandma Wong’ returns to Hong Kong after over a year under mainland house arrest!

Apple Daily 3 October 2020.

Hong Kong pro-democracy protester Alexandra Wong finally returned to Hong Kong on Friday night after disappearing from Hong Kong last August, before being placed under house arrest in mainland China for over a year.

Wong, who lived in Shenzhen and is commonly known as “Grandma Wong,” has not been seen since last August. She was detained for a month on the mainland and was held for another year on bail pending trial, according to former lawmaker Eddie Chu.

The 64-year-old rose to prominence during last year’s citywide anti-government protests as she was often seen waving the Union Jack on the frontline.

Wong returned to Hong Kong from Shenzhen on Friday night and was sent to the Tuen Mun Hospital for medical checks over bruises caused by national security agents, Chu said on his Facebook page. After being discharged on Saturday morning, Wong is currently completing 14 days of quarantine as per COVID-19 requirements, he said.

Wong made initial contact with lawmaker Fernando Cheung at around 9 p.m. on Friday, informing him that she would be returning to Hong Kong. Chu said Cheung had asked him to meet her as he lived closer to the border.

When Chu accompanied Wong to the hospital, he saw she had bruises on her left arm. Wong told her that it was due to a fall when leaving her Shenzhen residence, Chu said. Wong also had bruises on her chest, which were caused by national security agents who violently pulled her on Sept. 29 after her one-year house arrest was over and she demanded a return to Hong Kong, he said.

Mainland authorities never disclosed Wong’s alleged crimes, Chu said, and he believed that Wong would reveal all after she had some rest and found a place to live. He and Cheung would continue to help Wong, Chu said.

Wong was last seen in Hong Kong on Aug. 11 last year when she was taken away by the police at Tai Koo MTR station. Three days later, she told Stand News by phone that she was arrested in Shenzhen for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” and was sent to the Futian detention center. By the end of the month, she was transferred to Shenzhen’s No.3 detention center and was bailed out by the end of September. She was then forced to take a five day course of patriotic education, according to Stand News.

Both Chu and Cheung received a message from Wong in June, where she said her health was poor and she had lost her freedom, but encouraged Hongkongers to be victorious.

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Video of Grandma Wong after returning to HK.

I was held in Shenzhen for HK protests: Grandma Wong

RTHK 17 October 2020.

An elderly activist who disappeared at the height on anti-government protests last year has resurfaced in Hong Kong after 14 months, saying she had been detained on the mainland. At a press conference on Saturday, Alexandra Wong – known for waving a British flag during protests – said she was arrested by mainland police at the Huanggang port when she was trying to return to her Shenzhen flat in August last year. Affectionately known as “Grandma Wong”, the 64-year-old claimed she was held in detention centres for 45 days, where she was repeatedly interrogated by officers about her participation in protests, such as who she demonstrated with and where she got her rally information from. When her stay in custody was finally over, she said she was forced to renounce her activism in writing, record a video statement saying she was not tortured, and sent on a "patriotic tour" of Shaanxi province. It was then that she was told she would be released on bail pending trial for "picking quarrels and provoking trouble" – a charge commonly used by the mainland to prosecute human rights activists. When her bail conditions lapsed last month, she was allowed to return to the SAR. "I have no courage to step into Shenzhen again, at least for now, unless there is a radical change in the political situation," Wong said. But the activist stressed she will not give up protesting, saying she is willing to go to prison again, but only in Hong Kong. Wong also urged people to continue to fight for the release of the 12 Hong Kongers, who are being detained in Shenzhen after being reportedly intercepted in mainland waters while they were trying to flee to Taiwan. "For the young people, I think it is much more terrible than my experience there. I think it would be a very hard time for them," she said. (Additional reporting by AFP)

“Grandma Wong” describes patriotic indoctrination during detention ordeal on mainland

Apple Daily 17 October 2020.

A 64-year-old protester known widely as “Grandma Wong”was subjected to many weeks of enforced patriotic songs and lectures during her arbitrary detention in the mainland for “provoking troubles,” she told Apple Daily on Friday.

A Shenzhen resident, Alexandra Wong was detained in August last year at the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border. She was on her way home after taking part in a protest against the proposed new extradition law that would allow suspects to be sent to the mainland for trial.

Wong was detained for more than a month at various places before being kept in mainland China on bail for almost a year, accused of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.” Last month, she was notified that she would not be charged and was allowed to travel to Hong Kong.

During her detention, she was forced to watch pro-Communist Party patriotic films and pose for photographs with China’s national flag, she told Apple Daily.

“I had to sing the national anthem at 7am every morning and was made to do exercises on the bed, before I got lectured by staff on patriotic education,” she said. She was speaking to the media about her experience for the first time since completing her 14-day quarantine after entering Hong Kong earlier this month.

At one point, Wong said, she was transferred to a patriotic education camp in Xi’an, Shanxi province. Security officials notified her only last month that she would not face a trial.

However, authorities confiscated her bail bond of 3,000 yuan (US$445).

Wong was frequently seen during the height of the pro-democracy protest waving a large U.K. union jack flag. She has publicly expressed her sense of nostalgia towards British colonial rule. Wong is expected to hold a press conference on Saturday to detail her experiences during detention in Shenzhen.

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