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Hong Kong is like a beautiful woman who insists on wearing dirty underwear

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The objective of this blog is take what is commonly known about Hong Kong (HK) and delve deeper to gain further insights. Our solution to the present political crisis is a referendum to determine the will of HK people which if acted upon negates China's breaches of the Joint Declaration (please read below).


No matter what 'beautiful' HK does, its underlying problem remains that it can not get rid of the stench of its dirty 'underwear'! HK has been too busy pampering itself to appear more beautiful without making any effort to fix the root problems of why it insists on wearing dirty underwear!

HK has for decades been pronouncing to the world that it has one of the world's 'freest' economies - which HKers know it does not! HK is now rated by the Heritage Foundation as having the 107th freest economy, equal to China. The Ec0nomist livability rank of HK is 49th. The World Happiness report 2020 ranks HK 114/173.

Ordinary HKers long for things to be put right!

HK, like China and Singapore, is a feudal Chinese plutocracy. CCP since illegitimately coming to power in 1949 has never allowed HK to become a democracy.

HK's first Chief Executive (CE) Tung Chee-hwa (Tung CH), selected by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to run HK post British handover to China on 1 July 1997, chose for his 'campaign' three pillars of Confucianism, elitism and nationalism. Tung CY was the founder of international shipping line 'Overseas Orient Line'. To illustrate the point of elitism : Tung CY as a KMT supporter moved to Taiwan in 1949 to escape from CCP and yet his son Tung CH ended up as HK's first CE. By then Tung CH was 'owned' by CCP who loaned him money to save his otherwise bankrupt company - which he finally sold to CCP. Everything in CCP's China is based on torture by coercion. It's certainly ethically bankrupt!

HK's UN obligations to international treaties

Signing the United Nations Charter is a requirement to becoming a UN member.

In 1972 CCP's China at the United Nations stripped HKers of their right to self-determination. Consequently, the peoples of Hong Kong and Macau, as colonised peoples, lost their right to self-determination granted by the U.N.’s 1960 “Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples”. This is unacceptable to HK people who were colonized by the British!

The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR) is the original UN document from which many others were derived including ICCPR, ICESCR, CAT, CERD and must be complied with. China's Republic of China UN ambassador Peng Chun Chang 張彭春 was a key drafter, proving that this document was not written only by Westerners based on their ideologies.

The colonial British, prior to 1 July 1997, signed and ratified HK's UN obligations including ICCPR and ICESCR - which China included in HK's Basic Law. In HK ICCPR must be complied with 100% and ICESCR requires a minimum and progressive compliance : HK does not comply 100% with ICCPR nor does it comply with even the minimum of ICESR! Many of HK's current issues can be directly traced to failures of compliance : e.g. unaffordable housing, massive gap between rich and poor, social welfare failings for elderly, healthcare, etc.

HK does not have within its Constitution, the Joint Declaration, the language that provides for the direct application of UN treaty obligations such as ICCPR and ICESCR : HK requires local legislation, which of course is rarely if ever done because it has an illegitimate Legislative Council (LegCo).

There are a number of other important UN international treaties and declarations including CERD, CAT, UN 'Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide', etc.

The UK and CCP's China signed the UN international treaty Joint Declaration which ensures from 1 July 1997 for 50 years HK people will enjoy a high degree of autonomy, unchanged lifestyle, the common law, an independent judiciary with the right to final adjudication.

NONE of the above are currently lawfully complied with by CCP's China, HK government and their supporters! HK has good financial laws but its human rights laws and enforcement are non-existent and inadequate for its vision as 'Asia's world city'.

HK protesters uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law.

Realities of communist HK under CCP's rule BY law

On 1 July 2020 the CCP annexed HK using its unconstitutional rule BY law 'national security law'.

In HK and China there is state orchestrated drive for 'stability' using coercion as a means of torture caused by the structural violence of CCP's feudal Chinese plutocracy : Put simply, if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which include arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 pandemic source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, etc.

Prior to the 2019 anti-extradition protests, which the police brutally put down using the 'national security law', the previous political crisis was the 1977 police mutiny against the 'Independent Commission Against Corruption' (ICAC) who were preparing to charge senior police officers with corruption. To restore law and order the British Governor had to give pardons to all HK civil servants involved in corruption : i.e. the corrupt police won!

Traditional feudal Chinese plutocracies are run by 'triads' (organized criminals). The Buddhist deity 'Kwan Tai' is worshipped by the police, triads and some business people : i.e. there are strong ties between these three groups.

HK has had the world's most unaffordable residential property market for at least the last decade : Driven by mainland Chinese buying HK properties (as a means to take money out of China) and a lack of new public financed rental housing. Another way of looking at high property prices is to recognize that this is an indirect form of taxes by the HK government - which demonstrates how inefficient the HK government is in its governance.

Because of the large numbers of mainland Chinese refugees after WWII and the Cultural Revolution, the British in the 1970's started a massive public rental housing program. By comparison, post 1997 British handover the HK government has spent very little public funds to address the public's needs for low cost rental housing : Instead HK government has allowed private property developers to reap excessive profits from an overheated housing market made worse by mainland Chinese HK purchases.

If you buy real estate at the right time in HK the financial returns are very high - which is why almost every HK business buys its real estate and has no money to invest in their business.

HK has one of the world's largest gaps between rich and poor : 20% of HK people live below the poverty line : Over the last two years the number of households earning just HK$9,100 (US$1,170) or less a month has doubled to more than 149,000, according to a recent government report.

The vast majority of HK government's annual income is land and property related : This is an 'unhealthy' dependency even for a city of 7.5million which has foreign exchange reserves of roughly US$1trillion. HK's property developers dominate the economy - roughly six families own at least 50% of the territory's wealth.

All land in HK, aside from St. John's Church and a few other sites, are developed using 99 year land leases. Everyone's Landlord in HK is CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping : The very well paid HK government employees, earning at least three times more than the private sector, tend to invest their money into HK's property market.

Clearly some HK government employees have a conflict of interest.

By virtue of HK government's pre-payment of Land Premiums, the only place on Earth that requires prepayment, they have created a cartel that controls HK's property developments and economy. Only the wealthiest property developers have the financial resources to purchase land, pre-pay the Land Premium, build then sell apartments. In the past the interest amount on the Land Premium was more than the cost of building, resulting in structures of poor design being quickly assembled from mostly pre-fabricated China made sections.

In a developed democratic economy with the rule OF law, people's wealth is often derived from owning residential housing, perhaps a small or medium sized business as well as stocks and shares : i.e. these economies enjoy well regulated stock markets that their citizens trust and benefit from.

Less developed economies, including HK, suffer from being unable to develop a well regulated stock market created by a diverse thriving economy. HK has little manufacturing of its own and relies upon China to make, grow and provide everything, including fresh water, that HKers need. HK is a service economy with declining value-added which is being squeezed by CCP's China who at the same time wants it to be integrated into the Greater Bay area. Clearly CCP wants Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai to eclipse HK. It appears that Shenzhen's local government will eventually be exerting some control over HK - it already influences what the HK government does in the hope of keeping the SAR 'competitive'.

HK people, like most Chinese, are fearful of CCP's practices and history of private property seizures of 'nationalization' (please read references below). Compared to Westerners living in democratic countries with the rule OF law, HK Chinese tend to invest more short term in something they have more direct control over.

HK's stock market is now dominated by mainland Chinese firms - a trend that will only increase as America shuts off financial services to Chinese companies, which will further erode HK's status. The odds may be better going to Macau to gamble than invest in a HK listed mainland Chinese business which is being squeezed by CCP in a society and economy that is already in serious trouble.

If someone wants to develop a real estate project in HK's New Territories (N.T.), then you need to have a 'relationship' with the existing leaseholder(s) : The most common way is to find a village elder, who is likely to be a member of the Heung Yee Kuk, the official council of indigenous rural leaders. Naturally the HYK has strong ties to CCP.

The village elder chats to the leaseholder and comes to an agreement. Should the villagers at any stage decide to complain, refuse to sell, etc then the village elder will discuss with the local triads about the price for their services to 'squeeze' the leaseholder into submission. So finally we realize that, as in China, the key to HK's economy is the illegal acts of its triads, the police and some business people!

The stench of the beautiful woman's 'underwear' is caused by the unlawful relationship between the police, triads and some business people. The underlying problem is that HK, like China and Singapore, is a feudal Chinese plutocracy which uses the Emperor's rule BY law .

Taiwan, by way of contrast, is a world class economy and democracy - proof of what a Chinese society can achieve peacefully and lawfully.

HKers have no choice - we must continue to uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law. Gau yau (add oil)!



WTPOHK's suggested method to resolve the current HK political crisis is by inviting all HK Permanent Residents 18 years old and above to participate in a referendum held in HK using the “Modified Borda Count” (MBC), a preferential multi-option voting system, offering 5 options which will be ranked by each voter according to their preferences. If necessary, this could be a UN mandated referendum.

An MBC referendum is credible. It could define the will of HK people and as such would be a realistic means to negate the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) breaches of the Joint Declaration therefore allowing this international treaty to continue.

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

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