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Hong Kong fell from 38th to 49th in The Economist's livability index

Evidence based facts are what drives citizens of democracies in their personal and collective pursuit of the 'truth' including science and economics.

Truth = rule OF law = justice : i.e. equally true for UN human rights obligations as it is for economics.

Based on this premise HK's rule of law is dead - let's bury it!

The exact opposite is the arbitrary rule BY law and the narratives of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their minions - the communist Hong Kong (HK) government : Their lies include the source and spread of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 which is CCP's biological weapon of war against all humanity.

The 'Heritage Foundation' for nearly 2 decades ranked HK #1 for having the 'freeist economy in the world' : HK is currently ranked 107th.

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

Apple Daily photo.

Hong Kong falls to 49th place on Economist Intelligence Unit’s livability index

Apple Daily 9 June 2021

Hong Kong has dropped to the 49th place in an assessment of global cities’ livability conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The southern Chinese city slid 11 places from 2019, recording lower points in five out of six key aspects under evaluation. Education fell from the previously full score of 100 to 91.7, stability lost 10 points to 85, and health care dropped almost 17 points to 70.8.

Suzhou, at 64th place, was the most highly ranked mainland Chinese city. Top-tier cities Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou ranked between 65 and 80.

Auckland topped the chart because it successfully controlled the pandemic, allowing schools, restaurants,theaters and other cultural spots to remain open, the EIU said. The New Zealand city received high marks in education, culture and environment.

It was followed by Osaka and Adelaide, then Tokyo and Wellington sharing fourth place, Perth, Zurich, Geneva, Melbourne and Brisbane rounded up the top 10.

Eight cities in the Asia-Pacific occupied spots in the first 10 positions because they had implemented powerful measures to handle the pandemic, the EIU said.

COVID-19 had seriously affected livability around the world, forcing cities to tumble down the index, especially in Europe, said Upasana Dutt, who was responsible for the rankings.

Vienna, which used to reign as the most livable city, slid to the 12th place. Hamburg saw the most significant fall, of 34 places to 47th.

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