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HK's SIM card registration is CCP's suicide

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

CCP and their minions in control of the HK government have lost the plot!

While they are desperate to keep HK alive they are taking further steps that are killing it! They are seriously psychotic!

They don't like the idea of mass emigration, for instance, but are taking further steps to limit and restrict people's freedom in the SAR.

Desperately seeking attention, the paranoid nationalist totalitarian sociopathic Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are so insecure that they just have to keep pushing and pushing against the people in Hong Kong (HK)!

HK used to have internet freedoms - now no more!

CCP and HK government do what they do, not because they should, but rather because they can!

Since CCP illegally passed its national security law we in HK have been waiting for the day to arrive when CCP would announce it wants to cancel our inexpensive and anonymous SIM cards by forcing everyone to register their personal information linked to all SIM cards. Now it's happened. Almost everyone is negatively affected!

We note that under UN international treaty the Joint Declaration, HK will retain its status 1997-2047 as an international trade and financing centre. This requires the rule OF law and civil liberties including a free open internet: i.e. the exact opposite of what CCP and their minions the HK government have been doing since 1997 handover!

Under ICCPR local legislation HK Bill of Rights (HKBORO) article 16.2 we must have '..freedom of access to information including online.'

We also note that HK now has the worst economy it has ever had! Under CCP HK will not have the economy it was agreed to have under the Joint Declaration!!

In much of China people get by and find a way around the CCP bullshit: in HK people will get by and also find a way around the CCP bullshit AND continue to RESIST!

Why has this government not PRIORITIZED other more important issues concerning health and life in HK?

THE key issue is COVID-19: Instead of through W.H.O. joining and opening up to the world and laying bare all evidence of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19, the paranoid nationalist totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are busy hunkering down, covering up, blaming and bullying. China under CCP is the source and primary spreader of SARS-CoV-2. CCP currently has no viable domestically developed and manufactured high efficacy vaccines nor vaccination program to reach 'herd immunity': ultimately CCP, or whoever replaces them, will have to rely upon democratic Western developed vaccines and programs.

How about addressing the poor state of rundown tenement buildings and subdivided flats that are directly contributing to Covid infections? The government can hardly say they never knew there was an issue. They have been lax and far too tolerant for far too long. It's time to finally tackle the slum landlords once and for all!


Hong Kong’s Slum Landlords Put Everyone at Risk, (Bloomberg, 19 January 2021)

Tenement building balcony collapses in Hung Hom during Amber Rainstorm, (Coconuts Hong Kong, 21 June 2017)

Fire at Hong Kong apartment building leaves seven dead, 11 injured, (NZ Herald, 16 November 2020)

The odd thing here is that the HK government claims to be concerned about "people's confidence in the integrity of telecommunication services".

Have we seen that same government act on people's concern about the integrity of the Hong Kong Police Force? The massive and repeated street protests demanding a proper independent inquiry were rebuffed by CE Lam time and time again.

Have we seen any remedy for the lack of integrity in our democratic system of government? The autonomy and democracy promised under the Joint Declaration are disintegrating before our very eyes!

Have we seen this government improve its relationship with the people of the city? We see here, yet again, that any consultation with citizens is cursory, and in reality the government will most likely just do what it wants to do - regardless of what public opinion mandates.

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

Further references:

Apple Daily 17 February 2021 'Hong Kong plan to register real names for SIM cards won’t work, say critics'


Govt seeks end to anonymous mobile phone use

RTHK 29 January 2021

The government has announced plans to require people to register their identity when buying pay-as-you-go mobile phone SIM cards, saying the move is needed to help tackle a range of serious crimes, from phone scams to bombings.

Under the proposal, people buying pre-paid SIM cards would be required to register their name, Hong Kong ID card or passport number, and their date of birth.

People could register up to three cards with each phone company, and after a year or so, older cards would be deactivated if they too were not registered.

"The anonymous nature of such services undermines people's confidence in the integrity of telecommunications services, jeopardises genuine and legitimate use of such services and creates obstacles for law enforcement," the government said in a paper for a 30-day public consultation exercise on the proposal.

Francis Fong, honorary president of the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation, said while the proposal does not come as a surprise, the consultation period is far too short for such an important issue that affects many people.

"The impact of this system actually will affect a lot of... not just mobile operators, but it will also affect resellers in Sham Shui Po or in the shopping mall, also it will affect a lot of citizens who actually have a lot of SIM cards, they want to have a lot of SIM cards for collection, or if they have bad reception in some areas, or they actually run out of data and want many SIM cards for backup.

It will affect the industry when they're running vehicle fleets using mobile SIM cards and GPS to locate the vehicle... I think it impacts a lot of things," he told RTHK's Annemarie Evans.

A "real-name registration" system for SIM cards was implemented on the mainland in 2010 and Macau in 2019, and at a press conference, Commerce Secretary Edward Yau said 155 countries and regions have such a registration programme.

Yau said the SAR government has no plans to follow the mainland in requiring people to also scan their faces when buying phone cards.

During the 2019 protests, it was common for protesters to use pay-as-you-go SIM cards to stay anonymous while communicating with each other.

Undersecretary for Security Sonny Au said mobile phones with such SIM cards had been used to set off bombs in Hong Kong. He said there had been four bombings in the past two years, including in Mong Kok and Tin Shui Wai.

Au said police would have to get a court warrant if they wanted to obtain the registered information from telecom companies, except in "urgent and emergency situations involving a serious offence".

He said the need to arrest a suspect could be considered "urgent", and a "serious offence" would be one that carries a maximum punishment of three years or more in prison. In such cases, police superintendents or higher-ranking officers could authorise moves to bypass the courts.

Fong stressed the need to strike a balance between security and people's privacy.

"For example, when the law enforcement department wants to get the mobile phone information from the telecom operator, now they either have to apply for a court order or they can go around and say there's some urgency so they would not need to apply for the court order and directly order the telecom operator to surrender those information. I think this is a very important point that we need to discuss," he said.

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