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HK's rule OF law is dead so bury it!


British judge Brenda Hale resigns from Hong Kong top court: report

(Apple Daily)

Hail to the judge for resigning!

UK's Madame Justice Brenda Hale was a very experienced 'Non-Permanent Judge' (NPJ) sitting on the Court of Final Appeal (CFA), the highest court in Hong Kong (HK). Her resignation and the circumstances surrounding it make it a significant event.

This is a serious matter for the rule OF law, for the judiciary and for every democracy and its peoples worldwide.

Apple Daily reported on 4 June 2021 “The jury is out on how they will be able to operate the new national security law. There are all sorts of question marks up in the air,” the Times reported her as saying.

Hale’s decision came after Australian judge James Spigelman resigned as a NPJ of the CFA in September last year, two years ahead of the end of his tenure and following Beijing’s passage of the national security law for Hong Kong that summer.

Under HK's rule OF law everyone must refrain from making statements about the judiciary and judges. In case CCP members and their supporters do not understand nor accept HK's rule OF law, that is entirely their problem for which they must be held accountable.

Truth = rule OF law = justice

In seeking FACTS to find the TRUTH let's agree to call a spade a spade:

Judge Tang P.J.'s 2018 views on HK's Judiciary

The words of The Honourable Mr Justice Tang P.J. in his retirement speech from the CFA in 2018 referred to 'Non-Permanent Judges (NPJ) as canaries in coal mines' : 'NPJ' are foreign national Judges from other Common Law jurisdictions.

Bearing in mind that the first student protests on HK social issues took place in 1981 and significantly increased in 2003 : The words of Mr Justice Tang P.J. were hardly surprising to HK people - what was unique is that a respected senior member of the judiciary spoke out in public and gave a warning.

Mr Justice Tang PJ's words added credence to the sudden departure from the CFA of Australian Judge James Spigelman soon after CCP's National Peoples Congress (NPC) illegally propogated on 30 June 2020 HK's 'national security law'.

Justice must be seen to be done - it's not just about complying with laws - especially if laws are made by an illegitimate Legislative Council.

Under the CCP there are only lies in HK : there is only the rule BY law - there is only injustice.

The canary is dead. Now what?

Save the miners of course !

All NPJ of the CFA please pack your bags and leave HK ASAP before you do further damage to the people of HK and to your own common law jurisdictions. Don't stay in HK and become a pawn to CCP, an accomplice to its evils.

HK's corrupted rule OF law is dead, so it should be buried. We are done with it!

This is a winner takes all war between democracy's 'rule OF law' versus CCP's arbitrary 'rule BY law' that we must assertively FIGHT TO WIN!


CCP, please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

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Madame Justice Brenda Hale. Apple Daily photo.