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HK's 2021 'National Security education day' bookmark

Please see the photo below of communist Hong Kong's (HK) 2021 'National Security education day' bookmark. Here is what CCP propaganda is telling HK :

'Uphold National Security Safeguard Our Home'

Whose 'home' is it? Whose security are HKers concerned about?

HK people are rightfully firstly concerned about the security of HK people, their home and HK community. HK protesters uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law and for decades have demanded our UN human rights including universal and equal suffrage elections.

By the end of the 1970's 2/3rds of HK people were mainland Chinese refugees who had escaped from totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The UK, prior to signing the Joint Declaration in 1984, suspected that CCP wanted to ruthlessly control HK by controlling HK people. Under the Joint Declaration HK's Basic Law Article 23 'national security' legislation was to be created and agreed by HK people : i.e. NOT imposed on HK by CCP! CCP is therefore a destructive 'foreign influence' in HK that has repeatedly breached the Joint Declaration, annexed HK, destroying the independence of its judiciary and the rule OF law.

Today HK people have every reason to be concerned for their security because of the words and actions of the terrorist CCP, and their minions - the HK government (please read UN rapporteurs letters below).

The vast majority of HK people are protesters who were FIRST illegally threatened with an attack by HK government's proposed extradition law of February 2019 which would permit CCP to extradite people from HK for criminal trials in China. This proposed law is a breach of people's ICCPR human rights. After being threatened because there is no political process which the majority of HK people have access to, HK protesters peacefully took to the streets.

HK's Legislative Council is illegitimate : i.e. it is able to propose and pass legislation which is not only unlawful, but which is not supported by the majority of HK people!

Mass protests started in June 2019 ONLY because security of everyone in HK was threatened by the terrorists - the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), HK government and their supporters - because of the threat represented by the pending enactment of the proposed extradition law!

CCP, HK government CCP and their supporters are NOT upholding the Joint Declaration nor upholding HK's rule OF law.

HK people demand that HK government and CCP comply with all UN international treaty obligations including HK's Joint Declaration. CCP and HK government officials must be charged with crimes against humanity including genocide. Chief Executive Carrie Lam committed treason and she must be charged. This is about accountability.

Please, just look at this 'security' list taken from publicity material released in the city as part of a "National Security Education Day"! Why get into spelling out all types of 'security' when CCP and HK government can not even get right the basic security of HK people in HK ?!

Political security

Homeland security

Military security

Economic security

Cultural security

Social security

Technological security

Cyber security

Ecological security

Resource security

Nuclear security

Overseas interests security


Space security

Deep seas security

Polar security

Someone is grossly insecure! And this BS is being taught to HK students to brainwash them. Beyond a relentless television advertising campaign, HK taxpayer money is being used to print CCP propaganda and to disseminate it through schools and government offices.

Conveniently, what is missing in the publicity campaign is the fact that CCP operates according to its arbitrary rule BY law and is in breach of its UN international treaties including the Joint Declaration. For Hong Kong, isn't that the biggest SECURITY BREACH of all??

Nationalist sociopathic CCP thinks that the people of HK and the world do not have human rights and are stupid! CCP is wrong.

Pepe & Jeremiah B.

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

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