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HK protesters support Russians to overthrow Tzar Vladmir Putin

Navalny got his timing right. Biden has talked the walk and told Putin straight!

Putin's power grab from an aged and ailing Yeltsin, the first democratic elected leader of Russia, may have been at the time one of the few pathways forward. However the corrupt murderous destabilizing Putin has long overstayed his welcome with the people of Russia and the world. While Russia is mired in the economic pain of US sanctions Putin seems to be intent on continuing to practice his Soviet era spy master craft: he is long past his overdue date to the youthful democratic movement that is modern Russia!

The soon to be demise of Putin will be yet another nail in the coffin against global communism.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a student movement was heavily funded by the Soviets and still in some ways, at least psychologically having grown up listening to the same b.s., the Russians and Chinese are tied together.

HK protesters are united with Russians to oust Tzar Putin!

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