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HK people need "government distancing"

Updated: May 14, 2020

We the People of HK urgently need Hong Kong (HK) "government distancing". This is an initiative which distances and therefore protects the majority of HK people from the UN human rights and Joint Declaration breaches of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) CCP virus which have deeply and terminally infected both the HK Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam and the administration of the HK government.

This CCP virus in HK governance includes symptomatic carriers who are pro-Beijing supporters such as political party DAB, who have proven with their corrupt practices in District Councils and the Legislative Council how terminally infected they are. Also infected by CCP virus are asymptomatic carriers in the undemocratic and unelected Executive Council (ExCo).

We the People of HK reject and avoid most of HK government services and action because it is infected with the CCP virus!

We the People of HK demand the agreed high degree of autonomy, unchanged lifestyle, and independent judiciary for 50 years as agreed in the Joint Declaration.

HK government distancing must have international support.

People in HK value under international law our right to life and therefore do not have to suffer the illness of Coronavirus infection, or its psychological and economic impact, no less death! Like those in other countries, HKers have practiced "social distancing" as a NPI (Non-Pharmaceutical Initiative) to protect themselves from the contagion.

However, faced with a government they do not trust, citizens of HK now have a new appreciation of where the very real threat to their health, wealth and happiness stems from - it is the CCP and the HK government!

The last 12 months have been momentous for galvanising HK people's understanding and their resolve. Please read our blog on paradigm shift and on the need to stop our mind games.

The fundamental problem for HK is that China under the one-party rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is in breach of the Joint Declaration and it is increasingly violating this binding international agreement that both China and the UK lodged with the United Nations. At CCP's 4th Plenum meeting in November 2019 they announced that CCP would lead the "one country, two systems" policy for HK.

We the People of HK suggest the solution for HK's political crisis is to hold a referendum, for the majority to determine the action which must then be taken in order to allow the Joint Declaration to continue until 2047.

HK government distancing from HK people is needed to ensure that CCP and HK government meet their international obligations to UN human rights and the Joint Declaration.

As far back as the end of WWII the CCP has stopped democratic reforms in HK.

CCP is a virus that creates viruses.

We must avoid CCP like the plague!

From our experience with SARS 2002-2003 We the People of HK know how to practice "social distancing". Our skills at "Government distancing" are growing at pace. The democrats, after winning majority control of 17 of 18 District Councils in Hong Kong's (HK) November 2019 District Council elections, are projected to gain the majority of seats in the September 2020 Legislative Council (LegCo) elections.

The coronavirus pandemic SARS-COV-2 occurred during massive wide-spread ongoing protests that started with the proposed extradition legislation in June 2019. Because of the outbreak of SARS-COV-2 in mainland China the HK government on 8 February 2020 announced it's policy of "social distancing" and subsequently drew up regulations for its enforcement.

Herein lies part of the problem: the viral arrogance of HK government institutions. Despite their being restrictions in place to limit gatherings to groups of FOUR people the government routinely assumes itself to be an exception:

a) The first HK police officer to test positive in the SAR was a 48-year-old officer who had attended a banquet with 59 other police in the city's western district on February 18....all who had attended the banquet had to be quarantined....it is recognised that gatherings involving eating and drinking are high risk! Why do the Police gather and not get ticketed with $2,000 fines?

b) Executive meetings and pressers : masks or not, routinely more than four people in a gathering and standing/sitting quite close together!

c) Policing overkill tactic : 1 May 2020, after police refused permission for the annual 1 May Labour Day march and rally, organisers set up small booths across the city to distribute union information, and based on the social distancing rules in force at the time allowing no more than four people to gather. The image below shows the police turnout at Langham Place in Mongkok.

Another aspect of the HK government to be wary of is its viral inconsistency.

d) HKDSE examinations : See our blog "Secondary School 2020 DSE exams are illegal under law" The University entrance examinations have been held despite unprecedented pandemic conditions for 50,000 students, families and Teachers!

e) CEs faltering mask offensive : First Carrie Lam uses an old law to pass a ban on wearing face masks. Then once Covid-19 comes to town she doesn't wear a mask in a media conference, while others do. She says she wants to reserve masks for frontline medical staff. After her law is cut down in Court she still wants to go to appeal court! (See our blog, Tyrant or terrorist?)

f) Reluctance to close HK borders : End of January 2020 CE Carrie Lam rejected calls from a medical union to close the border with mainland China to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, and urged health staff not to go through with a threatened strike. Lam even ignored the advice of WHO that recommended all countries try to prevent or reduce cross-border spread of disease, which originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

g) Civil servants at work : First they were sent home under CE orders to practice social distancing. Then they were sent back to work, but it proved too soon and civil servants were considered at risk. 4 May 2020 they resumed work once more. I guess the CE was being responsible, finally. Not a good look!

h) Relationship with frontline medical workers : (see our blog titled "Havoc in the hospitals") One day they are arrested, verbally assaulted or berated by those in authority for assisting the injured protesters or Police, or for going on strike.....and the next they are praised for their work in combatting Covid-19. You simply can't have it both ways! The worst days are those in which medical professionals endure physical assault by police!

HK people are solely responsible for HK currently having one of the best results Worldwide for SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19, Wuhan virus) pandemic.

There can be no clearer illustration of HK people acting responsibly: in HK there is NO mandatory law requiring the wearing of face masks yet voluntarily the vast majority of HK people wear them; face masks are recognized as being one of the most effective NPI that can be used to reduce transmission of this coronavirus.

Viruses are a clear and ever-present threat. There is a reasonable ongoing fear that people in HK can and will be exposed to Covid-19 by asymptomatic carriers entering the SAR from the mainland or from other places, so efficient and reliable testing and quarantine set-ups will remain a priority for some time.

Getting rid of the viral menace in our government is a different battle requiring a political strategy that we the people of HK will continue to fight with global support.

Pepe & Jeremiah B.

Further reading: See our blog on dirty aspects of politics and justification for a public referendum in HK here and here.

UPDATE: A Media release issued 6 May 2020 from the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office has referred to HK protesters as a 'political virus' - the pot calling the kettle black!

UPDATE: 13 May 2020, after two local cases of Covid-19 infection were reported in Tsuen Wan, health experts have repeated calls for more widespread testing. Based on best practice of other cities, it appears that the government is not doing enough to prevent a bigger outbreak in HK.

Carrie Lam infected with the CCP virus

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