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HK government's EDB is two faced and fragile

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Hong Kong (HK) government's Education Department Bureau (EDB) is now tasked by the Chinese Communist Parasites (CCP) to brainwash and otherwise destroy HK children's minds and bodies under what can only be described as 'genocide' orchestrated by the 'treasonous' HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam. This strategy fits will with the physical abuse of pro-democracy freedom-fighters by HK Police, both designed to supress dissent and maintain CCP power in HK and beyond for the long term.

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The 'law and order' face

The HK government is quickly trying to scare and corral HK people by making examples of them - by concocting their own imaginary world of 'law and order' which they then project onto everyone!

For examples:

The 'I am the BOSS' face

This is when the totalitarian CCP and HK government simply will do as they please! With the Legislative Council, police and judiciary already in the pocket of CCP HK has NO rule OF law!

CCPand HKgovernment makeup stories! For example 12 HK people arrested at sea!

Punishment comparison: EDB's two faces

EDB's 'law and order' face as seen in the punishment comparison between the delisted primary school teacher and a former school Principal - see image below.

The delisted primary school teacher from Mission Primary School who:

  • Compiled a 2 hour lesson of teaching materials

  • Showed the film "The Sonny Collection"

  • Designed a worksheet in which students are asked to put forward the reasons for Hong Kong independence based on the content of the film

  • Asked students what they understand freedom of speech is, etc.

Compare this with EDB's action against Chen Zhangping, former Principal of Xingde School who was ONLY given a warning letter, despite her misdemeanours:

  • Suspected of defrauding government school subsidies by falsely reporting 'shadow students'

  • Forced teachers during class hours (i.e. they were paid by government) to go to Shenzhen to handout flyers to recruit students

  • Abuse of power and oppression of teachers

  • Failure to temporarily relieve the employment of teachers as required by EDB

  • Provided false information to EDB and hired school staff with criminal record of assaulting students

Is devitalizing education the way to govern?|Chung Kim-wah

Apple Daily 13 October 2020.

The SAR government de-registering a senior teacher with such a preposterous reason has suggested that this government is sabotaging the mechanism of the Hong Kong society by fair means or foul, as well as the government and Beijing being unable to politically envision how to mitigate discontents from all walks of life, but counting on horrible means to scare Hong Kong people stiff.

Trying to frighten people from all walks of life

In fact, before LegCo Councilor Ho Kwan-yiu exposed to the public that the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government calls on the pro-establishment camp to pull down the three huge mountains – education, social work and judiciary, the SAR government and the pro-establishment camp had started working on it.

It is hardly possible for the government to monitor every individual or get all of them replaced in the realm of education, which comprises a lot of people, gigantic organizations and professional guilds, so the government has adopted a means that generates chilling effect.

The education Bureau has early on called for disciplinary actions against 50 teachers, and sent letters on end to schools' sponsoring bodies and their incorporated management committees to exert pressure on them. However, since such tricks have failed to silence all the educators, they are now trying to frighten everyone by fabricated offences.

After having a look at the worksheet prepared by the teacher for students and listening to the remarks made at a press conference by those high-ranking officials, people with a little bit of wit could see clearly how nonsensical the accusation is. However, the government functionaries just kept jabbering on to themselves so as to show to the public that they are in power, instead of convincing anyone, irrespective of whether you are recalcitrant or not.

The reason why the Education Bureau could go so far as to do such evil things openly and unscrupulously is that the officials in charge are entitled to immense power by the Education Ordinance, with which they can make their judgements arbitrarily. The right to appealing is just empty rhetoric for the commission on appealing affairs comprises only members appointed by the Chief Executive. If this case becomes a precedent, teachers can only recite edited textbooks, which is not education at all. Will they still make supplementary teaching materials such as worksheets, which 8gives officials a handle?

Resources of education in Hong Kong mainly come from the government. Moreover, teaching is a very stable job a lot of teachers cannot afford to lose. That is why the government, which has found out the Achilles' heel, has the audacity to be so overbearing.

How to stand guard over the bottom line of teaching profession under white terror, refrain from telling lies and being a government’s implement to brainwash the next generation hinge on whether the educators are perseverant to safeguard their own bottom line of morality and professional values. I won’t query the moral quality and integrity of most teachers, and will have trust in their professionalism.

Education is a job of inspiring life with life. Any attempt to deprive teachers of their discretion is to strangle the effectiveness and vitality of education. From a sociological point of view, education is a means of control that imperceptibly and unobtrusively instills social values and norms in the younger generation. When teachers lose such authority, the society would stray from the norms.

Nowadays, instead of only being receptors, the young have access to information from different sources. If teachers merely talk nonsense and recite teaching materials, they will be abandoned by students in the first place. The government will then take only half the result of what it craves achieving with twice the effort.

How many parents are willing to send their children to school for brainwashing and let them turn into slaves to power? What the government has accomplished this time is just to remind all adults about keeping an eye on what information their children receive at school, apart from everyone about contending in their positions with the white terror and brainwashing from the regime.

It is still unknown whether the government can scare all the teachers out of their wit[s]. How the teachers respond to it by looking for wiggle room in a plight is also out of the government’s control.

Yet surely, parents and students will not get preyed on without resistance, but will try by all means to counteract the naked trickery used by the SAR government. The government’s attempt to strangle education will just deal a severe blow to its own authority, reminding everyone to do their parts in resisting the despotism.

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HK youths struggle to deal with setbacks: academic

Apple Daily 13 October 2020.

A Chinese University professor, Chiu Chi-yue, says Hong Kong youngsters have a low ability to deal with social and emotional setbacks, and the social unrest last year and the Covid-19 pandemic have revealed their lack of resilience.

In an online forum organised by the think tank, MWYO, Chiu said some young people in Hong Kong had already labelled themselves as a “useless youngster” even before the pandemic.

The think tank was founded by Lau Ming-wai, the vice chairman of the government's Youth Development Commission and who currently heads the Ocean Park.

Chiu, who’s the university’s Dean of Social Science, said in a report published in 2013, one in three people in Hong Kong feel their life is meaningless – the highest proportion in the world.

So when the pandemic broke out late last year, after months of protests, this triggered emotions hidden inside young people's hearts and led to outbursts, he said.

The think tank said there’s a need for Hong Kong schools and authorities to put more emphasis on enhancing students’ social and emotional education.

According to a worldwide study released around two years ago, although Hong Kong students can handle academic challenges well, their social and emotional resilience levels are among the lowest globally.

Speaking at the forum on Tuesday, a frontline worker from the Caritas Social Work Services Division, Charlie Chan, said he can see some local young people are showing symptoms of trauma after the social unrest last year.

Chan, the service head of youth & community service at the NGO, said youngsters seem to have more signs of restlessness than before, with some feeling depressed and helpless.

The NGO said that during the pandemic, it has received more child abuse cases and requests by secondary school students for places in hostels due to escalated tension in their families.

Chan said he thinks young people’s trust in adults has been greatly reduced since last year, and he would encourage teachers to continue reaching out to students to build supportive relationships.


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