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Health#1(part1): 'feeling' at 'ease' with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its dis-ease COVID-19

Solution: No matter what happens, if you live in the moment NOW with a deep FEELING of unconditional LOVE and PEACE, then you are on a natural healing path of good health for yourself and all! The choice is always YOURS, no matter how much society is trying to influence or control you!

Be personally responsibility for Earth, all others and your health! [If you consider that you already are being acting responsibly...] Stop being a 'sociopath'! Go vegan!

For context please watch this video 'our story' (n.b. not produced by us).

Your author is trying to share some simple, yet significant ideas on 'health' and how our physical, mental and spiritual health manifests itself. Hopefully this will be worthy of your reading, thoughts, critical thinking, meditation and perhaps practice.

Sadly the majority of 'human beings' in the world today feel they are oppressed and 'fighting' to stay alive!

We need to stop 'fighting' and find the way back into feeling unconditional 'love' for ourselves and others: To live at 'ease' with the freedom to feel in the moment NOW unconditional LOVE and PEACE as the Universe intends. This freedom of feeling love, is our inner strength. No matter what happens it keeps us going! Taking back ourselves starts the journey back to our true self - the consciousness. Love and Light!

Critical questions:


Climate change is created by humans and is the greatest challenge to spaceship Earth and all onboard her.

The consciousness urgently needs humans to change their lifestyles!

During Earth's 4 billion+ year history entire species have become extinct - e.g. dinosuars!

Humans have become 'pests' to mother Earth - to the consciouness - either we change or we the human species can easily become extinct!

Watch free 'Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead' full length movie.


Solution: No matter what happens if you live in the moment NOW, with a deep FEELING of unconditional LOVE and PEACE you are on a natural healing path of good health for yourself and all! The choice is always YOURS, no matter how much society is trying to influence or control you! Be personally responsibility for Earth, all others and your health! You ought to also stop being a 'sociopath'! Go vegan!

Wuhan virus COVID-19 is a paradigm shift in consciousness! The key to the new paradigm is our healthy inter-dependency with spaceship Earth and all onboard her. This means that we humans must have inter-dependency within our species, with all on Earth and with Earth herself! Participation in a functioning democracy helps!

Health for all is the key - take personal responsibility for your health and then grow your healthy influence!

Become the lifestyle solution: Go vegan consuming no animal proteins because it is the least polluting and destructive human lifestyle! The BEST and quickest solution to climate change is to go vegan. Humans are also animals - stop eating your relatives! Take personal responsibility NOW!

Democracy – the most undefined word in the world!

We urgently need processes to significantly improve our inter-dependency! The democratic process is likely to be one of the most important processes for human 'health': The UK's Peckham Experiment found that strong peer-peer relationships significantly improved peoples 'health.'

To improve democratic processes, to make democracy more 'healthy', WTPOHK is exploring multi-option preferential voting using MBC e.g. In the face of CCP - ballots not bullets!

'Usury' is the one truth holding back humanity! The root of usury is often greed which is driven by ego, fear of death, etc.




Where you are right here, right NOW - and across Earth!


Macro picture: Earth's health, our health, my health

Global climate change is a litmus test indicating spaceship Earth is now 'unhealthy' and everyone onboard her is at risk!

For Earth and all onboard her to return to 'health' requires Earth, communities and every human and sentient being on Earth to 'awaken' to the consciouness and then heal, to become increasingly inter-dependent! We are ONE!

Simple definition of 'health': it is the ability to perform, acceptable to yourself, your daily activities. For example, if you can comfortably walk up the stairs to the 4th floor to your apartment carrying your groceries then you are likely to be 'healthy.'

To return to health humans must stop their 'global sociopathic pandemic'! Most humans are to some degree 'sociopaths' negatively impacting ourself, other humans, all others and Earth. The more we are participating in a democratic process and helping Earth and all onboard, the healthier we are individually.

The anti-social human behaviour of a 'sociopath' is the root 'dis-ease' (disease) of so many other human dis-eases which ultimately becomes Earth's dis-eases. 'Dis-ease' is because we are not at 'ease'; to recover our 'health' we need to find how to be at 'ease'.

For centuries we humans have created and spread a 'global sociopath pandemic' which is the cause of the paradigm shift, which in turn caused novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and disease COVID-19.

An example of extreme human sociopath behaviour is the narcissism of the nationalist Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the paranoia of Emperor Xi Jinping who believes he is the ruler of a world that revolves around him!

If we humans don't change and find 'ease', COVID-19 will get worse and so will the next global pandemic!

To grow our awareness (i.e. our link to the consciousness) we humans have self-inflicted a global pandemic of disinformation which requires 'awareness' to discern truth from fiction.

Globally our individual, collective and Earth's all round 'health' has become dangerously weakened. Earth WILL heal herself! She is more than 4 billion years old, intelligent in ways we humans do not understand, an old soul, she knows - and so we humans must choose to:

  • Help Earth to heal by taking responsibility for our own health, community's health and all on Earth, or;

  • Ignore Earth and the needs of others and likely face extinction of the human species!


Micro picture: my health, community health

Question 1: Please stop reading and look at the the drawn faces above - how do you feel today? (If you feel in this moment NOW unconditional love and peace then you have little need to read this blog any further...otherwise if you wish perhaps read on?)

To become healthy again:

We MUST make changes to promote our health, community health and Earth's health! Changes can be 'external' or 'internal'.


Physically, mentally, spiritually and environmentally we humans must individually and collectively non-violently overcome our abusers, oppressors and their systems by voicing out, building unity, peacefully protesting, holding referendums and elections, etc.

What is happening in Hong Kong (HK) and around the world is the majority of people 'feel' they are tortured, oppressed, abused 'victims' of: 'structural violence', corporate greed, environmental destruction, depression, persecution, discrimination, hunger, poverty, inequality, poor governance, etc.


First and most importantly, we need to 'feel' in the moment NOW unconditional love and peace within ourselves and project this into all the other realms - this is the true source of our 'power'! To empower ourself we need to remain in our inner space no matter what happens to us! The most powerful structure is "Pluralistic" People Power!

We all need to heal and help each other to heal. Some humans have not yet spiritually grown to the point where they are aware they need to create the internal space for their freedom to feel, and in time to realize their freedoms in their external physical world.

'True freedom' is our freedom to 'feel' in the moment NOW unconditional love and peace which is independent of our physical, mental or any other state or environment: The stronger we are, the more difficult the challenges the Universe sends our way to test us and help us grow!

'True freedom' comes from the deep feeling in the moment NOW you have of unconditional love and peace: It comes from your channeling of unconditional love into everything you think, say and do; it comes from 'inside' you - not from 'outside' you; the physical world is constantly changing because of the love and peace you channel - or if you hate it creates death and destruction!

'True freedom' comes only from your feelings because nobody really knows what your feelings are!: Your 'protagonist' could be the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), ex-US President Trump, boss, husband, etc. yet even they / she / he / it will not know what you are feeling!

'True freedom' does NOT come from: being / not being in prison, having / not having money, having / not having a democracy in your country or city: It comes from 'inside' you - not from outside you!

Some people who are not 'being' humane, - i.e. without having 'true freedom' - are too often 'doing' by chasing after something(s) which is only in the physical realm: wealth, fame, beauty, status, etc. What we possess most of the time possess us! When we die we can not take what we possess with us.

People everywhere on Earth are increasingly demanding their 'freedoms' including their civil liberties, freedom of speech, human rights, financial freedoms, etc. These are our 'external' freedoms: our 'feelings' are our 'internal' freedoms!

To have 'true' freedom everyone must take personal responsibility for their own health, and in unity with all others their communities health and Earth's health!

Currently the majority of humans are not at 'ease' - we are 'dis-eased'! The UK's Peckham Experiment found that 65-70% of people had some pathological disorder they were unaware of. Not everyone recognizes their dis-ease symptoms nor identifies and applies cures to return to health!

No matter what our situation, or what happens, if we live in this moment NOW with a deep feeling of unconditional LOVE and peace only then are we on the true healing path of good health for ourself and for all others including Earth!

Question 2: Please stop reading and look at the the drawn faces above - how do you feel in this moment?

....LOVE and LIGHT!


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