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Health#1 (part2): using our natural good health powers

Through growing awareness (consciousness) we can empower our 'true self' to naturally maintain good health: this is the seat of our human dignity and our human rights including ICCPR article 6 'supreme right' the 'right to life'. We must never just 'hand over' our natural good health powers, our human rights, to anyone for them to just use and abuse us (e.g. doctors, governments, Big Pharma, etc.)!

The mythologist Joseph Campbell said the 'purpose of life' is for the consciousness to experience itself. There is no 'my life', no 'your life' - there is only the life of the Universe which is the physical manifestation ('thing') from the consciousness ('no-thing'). Our home is spaceship Earth together with all onboard her - 'our life' is you, me, all others and Earth as part of the 'things' in the Universe.

I agree with US Senator Bernie Sanders who is quoted saying 'as human beings and adults we need to understand that it is our responsibility, our moral responsibility, to leave this planet in a way that it is habitable for our children and our grandchildren.' I consider this to be a statement of what I 'need': each to their own under respect for 'live and let live.'



What is health?

Simple definition: 'health' it is the ability to perform, acceptable to yourself, in your daily activities. For example, if you can comfortably walk up to the 4th floor of your apartment building carrying your groceries then you are likely to be 'healthy'; if you cannot then either change your lifestyle (better diet, more exercise, etc.), buy less groceries, get them delivered or perhaps move downstairs?

Peckham Experiment found:

  • 10% of people are without health problems

  • 25-30% of people knew they had some disease but only 50% were being treated

  • 65-70% had some pathological disorder they were unaware of

  • After treatment people returned to their lives & what had caused their health problems; health problems often returned!

What is 'ease' and 'disease' (dis-ease)?

The word 'disease' is made up of two words 'dis-ease'; 'dis' being the negative, and 'ease' i.e. to be comfortable with something. Therefore the simple meaning of 'disease' is that you are not at ease with something.

The result of 'dis-ease treatment' is to get you back to being at 'ease' with whatever has caused you the 'dis-ease'.

Our 'illness (i.e. dis-ease) treatments' are often wrongly termed 'health care' when in fact they are illness care, or 'dis-ease care', and have nothing to do with us maintaining good natural health by being at 'ease.'

Definition of a 'Doctor'

'Doctor' is an academic title that originates from the Latin word of the same spelling and meaning. The word is originally an agentive noun of the Latin verb docēre [dɔˈkeːrɛ] 'to teach'.

In the so called 'developed' world most people's idea of 'health care' is allopathic medicines prescribed by a revered God-like figure called a 'Doctor' (white coat, stethoscope around neck, 5 minutes maximum per 'patient', etc.). This relationship normally is abusive with the Doctor providing instructions instead of teaching: the patient is often far from patient, wanting a quick result with perfect health for doing nothing except to pop some pills.

If only allopathic Doctors would teach us how to empower our natural good health powers to be able to heal and maintain optimum health by ourselves rather than just instructing us on which Big Pharma pills to take and when to come back for the next appointment. Unfortunately, with the ease of popping allopathic pills most people living in the 'developed' world have never intentionally found, used nor developed their 'natural good health powers.'

Consciously select the 'modality' of your choosing

'Modalities' includes:

Try to always first be your own 'Doctor'

No matter your health condition always start by using 'least invasive' methods first: if they do not work then increase the 'invasion' component (e.g. stronger allopathic drugs, etc.) until you find something that works best for you.

Our natural good health powers comes from 'communicating' at an energy level between your body, mind and soul. A quiet mind from meditation (e.g. being aware of your breathing) will allow your awareness to grow which allows increased communications throughout your body.

In time your growing awareness and communications between mind, body and soul will understand where your own unique health 'issues' lie and lead you towards solutions including relationships, diet, exercise, work, leisure, thinking and other changes.

The most powerful tool is our 'mind' which can be used in a positive way for 'ease' and natural good health; a 'sick' mind can be easily used in a negative way causing 'dis-ease.' Areas of 'blocked' energy (or 'chi') can be freed up both physically and mentally.

We have to be keenly aware of the quality of our 'external environment': and the effects we have on, and receive from, our external environment.

Never underestimate the power of One, consciousness, the 'no-thing' space between all 'things' - it is this that holds all matter together.

Choose a healthy 'lifestyle'

Arguably the least destructive, polluting and best health for our human bodies is a plant based animal protein-free vegan diet. For some people combining a vegan diet with a spiritual practice, such as Buddhist 5 precepts, heightens their experience of the life of the Universe.

Live in the moment NOW!

Letting go of all past and present allows us to BE, as a 'humane being', in this moment NOW. Everything is in this moment NOW. We are free to feel the unconditional love of the Universe. This is the enlightenment of awareness, the awakening to consciousness. This is the eternal life of the consciousness.

All of our thoughts, words and actions have massive ripple effects on ourself, our community, Earth and all onboard, and the Universe.

To be healthy we must own them all!

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