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Good Heavens

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Good Heavens

"Hello old Son,"

said God one day

in Its own, unique, Almighty way,

"What on earth's going on on Earth?"

"God knows, dear Dad,

the views we've had

of filth in Earth's land and sea and air;

Your humans know not Gaia!"

"The likes of Me

are selfishly

flying, driving, consuming like mad,

the only species that's bad...

...for the planet."

"Son, we'll clam it.

A plague upon their polluting trends,

I'll make them seek their amends,

to live as one,

in communuin

with Nature." "Good God!" "Yes, Goodness Me,

Covid might bring sanity."

A poem by Peter Emerson, The de Borda Institute, deborda.org

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