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Free Hong Kong, BOYCOTT Chinese Communist Party #FREEHKBOYCOTTCCP



What is good for people in HK is good for you wherever you are - this is what the new paradigm of Earth's healthy inter-dependency is all about! Undemocratic and unaccountable CCP are now and in the future irrelevant!

To support everyone on Earth, including a democratic FREE Hong Kong (HK), we are requesting that ALL PEOPLE IN ALL DEMOCRACIES join together in direct opposition to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

CCPvirus is the world's worse ever authoritarian state! CCP Chairman Mao killed at least 77 million Chinese citizens. Human Rights Watch says CCP's strategy is to undermine global human rights!

Starve the CCP of YOUR money and they WILL fall from power and corruption, and the world will be a much better place!

Support the rule OF law - goodbye CCP and your authoritarian rule BY law!

The democratic world must unite with Hong Kong in BOYCOTTING the CCP and all products and services made in China, or from companies owned by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC Chinese). CCP is directly involved, controls and benefits from ALL mainland PRC companies.

We urge everyone not to discriminate against ethnic Han Chinese people. Take the issues up direct with the CCP!

The majority of people living in China and in Hong Kong have serious issues with CCP! CCP is busy lying, twisting and turning everything so that they remain blameless and always remain in power in China no matter what happens! It's about power and money!

HK people know CCP very well! The majority of people living in HK are ethnically Han Chinese; they were mainland Chinese refugees or are their descendants. In general HK protesters do not discriminate.

China 中國 in Chinese means the "middle kingdom" - the kingdom around which the whole world revolves! This narcissistic view is being pushed by the self-serving CCP to promote Chinese nationalism!

The World revolves around the sun - NOT CCP!

In China "face" also refers to a sociological concept in general linked to the dignity and prestige that a person has in terms of their social relationships. In conservative Chinese society face is everything - face is the only reality for CCP!

By Taiwan recently re-electing democrat President Tsai Ing-wen for a second term, and the USA supporting her, CCP leader Xi Jinping feels that he and CCP have seriously lost "face" (sociological)! This is especially because, as everyone noticed, during her inauguration Taiwan was shadowed by US Navy. CCP and PLA remained as quiet as mice and said and did nothing against Taiwan!

So much for CCP's One China policy and for Taiwan reunification! Taiwan was supposed to be the next territory for CCP to acquire after Hong Kong under their lies of "one country, two systems", and now the reunification with Taiwan is even further away than ever!

HK people, especially our amazing youth, have slapped CCP leader Xi Jinping on the proverbial "face" by not bending the knee, and since June 2019 instead have continuously taken to the streets en-mass to protest. Protests have only stopped since the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Why should HK people bend the knee to CCP? The Joint Declaration, which is HK's Consitution, gives HK people a high degree of autonomy, unchanged lifestyle, an independent judiciary, civil liberties, etc. for 50 years until 2047.

We the people of HK are not the first to say that China has breached the terms of the Joint Declaration, HK's Constitution, its treaty with the British (see our blogs on China and the breach and China's Warring States).

Chris Patten, the last Governor of Hong Kong under the British, is on record declaring that the National People's Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) criticism of a ruling of Hong Kong's High Court harmed judicial independence and the rule of law. Patten said it was "of extreme concern" that the NPC made a statement that was "in complete breach of Article 3(3) of the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which states that: 'The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will be vested with executive, legislative and independent judicial power, including that of final adjudication'".

There is NO legitimate HK government because the HK Constitution has been breached by CCP. The HK government can only operate with the consent of the HK people. The HK Public Purse must NOT be used to fund the illegitimate operations of the HK government.

Pepe & Jeremiah B.

China's blueprint for global dominance

Axios 8 April 2019. David Lawler

By the time China's ambitions of displacing the U.S. as the dominant global power were widely understood, Beijing's success had already begun to feel inevitable.

Why it matters: The Chinese Communist Party [CCP] has exploited America's desire to "sleep through difficulties," writes Jonathan Ward in the new book, "China's Vision of Victory." He contends that the outcome of the battle for global supremacy remains to be determined, but that the U.S. must quickly and dramatically change course in order to prevail.

  • The longstanding U.S. strategy of engaging economically while hedging against China's rise militarily was a mistake of historic proportions, essentially "putting wind at the back" of a burgeoning rival, Ward told me in an interview.

  • In his book, Ward traces China's vision of global pre-eminence back decades. He says President Xi Jinping merely "took the mask off" in recent years.

  • Ward, whose research included poring over since-closed Communist Party archives, adds that "the greatest thing China’s given us is a very clear image of what they’re going to do.”

The big picture: “The objective is dominance in global affairs on a longer-term time frame," Ward told me. "So, ideologically the idea is to restore their position — restore because they say they used to be the world’s supreme power and now they’re going to return to that — by the year 2049, which is the centennial of the founding of the People’s Republic of China."

  • To that end, China is endeavoring to "produce national champions in every sector" and dominate emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and 5G networks.

  • The Belt and Road network of ports, roads and railways, meanwhile, is intended to impose the "coercive force of the Chinese economy... to build strategic beachheads" around the world. "In the 19th century we'd understand that as empire building," Ward says.

  • Ward says China's government is mobilizing its economy, its military and its citizens toward the mission of "national rejuvenation." He describes it as "the most comprehensive effort assembled in human history towards a very singular goal.”

The bottom line: “Essentially it's full steam ahead on pretty much every human activity, from space to seabed, with the objective of becoming the world’s leader in all of these things. And with that, you build a foundation of power that is absolutely beyond what can be achieved by any other nation."

  • “I think it’s easy to understand their strategy. What’s hard is that it’s a good strategy.”

But, but, but: Ward emphasizes in his book that the U.S. "retains enormous advantages in terms of economic and military power, a global alliance system, and leadership in the innumerable institutions built under the Pax Americana."

  • He says the consensus that China will replace the U.S. as the world's largest economy is premised on the continuation of the status quo. Ward argues that "we have to start thinking the unthinkable" now, in terms of unwinding economic ties to China and shifting supply chains to politically friendly countries.

  • “These are tough things but this is where great minds should be applied," Ward told me. "How do we retain these economic advantages, the technological advantages, the military advantages. Let’s face it, we’re the ones who’ve already won. We’re just giving it away."

  • Ward argues that the contests that will define China's success or failure are underway now, and will be decided over the next ten years.

Zoom out: “A contest between the United States and China will be a close-run thing," Ward writes. "However, a contest between China and the democratic world will be impossible for China.”

  • “In many ways Chinese global strategy is actually focused on Europe," he told me. China knew the U.S. would eventually wake up to its "problem in the Pacific," but "Europe is a world away from the security questions in Asia.”

  • “If you’re going to have problems with the U.S., where do you go next? To Europe. That’s where they can harvest technology, it’s where they can harvest education, it’s where they can build their technological advantages. You have to do that by engaging with somebody who’s higher up the value chain, so if they’re going to see that erode in the United States they have to double down on it in Europe."

  • "That’s the Chinese approach. And they have to convince the Europeans they’re benign. ... What you have to think about in Europe is, what would it mean for your superpower partner to be defeated by authoritarian China?"

Ward says the solution is "the democratic world consolidating, integrating, pushing back, cutting China off from the things that will enable the continued rise toward their vision of power."

What to watch: "What will it mean for the prevailing norms in international relations to be decided by an authoritarian state where freedoms of speech, press, and assembly are extinguished for its citizens and those under its power?” Ward writes that if we lose the next decade, we'll soon find out.

  • I asked him where the U.S. will find the political will needed to truly embrace this challenge. He said to watch out for "Sputnik moments."

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