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For its crimes against humanity CCP must face an international alliance blitzkrieg

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Open letter: Dear Chairman Xi, It’s Time for You to Go

There comes a time when facing off against a brutal totalitarian regime which, like a virus, grows in strength by committing crimes against humanity: For the good of humanity an intervention and decisive action is needed to change the current outcomes of the regime!

The time has come for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members and leaders to face the consequences of their actions - of their crimes against humanity.

Hit the 'stop' button or jam up the works to shutdown the circus wheel: after we all get off and move away from CCP's dysfunctional sociopathic insanity we can hit the 'reset' button!

Please make sure the narrative is correct! The problems lie with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): the problem is NOT the people of China.

CCP's alleged 'crimes against humanity' includes:

  • Source and spread of SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. Estimated cost to the world so far 2 million+ people died, 100 million+ infected and economic losses estimated at US$16Trillion!

  • 'Genocide' against millions of Tibetians, Xinjiang Muslims including Uighurs, Mongolians and HK people

  • Harvesting of organs from human farming : The most credible Court action to date has been the 'China Tribunal' which found CCP guilty of crimes against humanity.

  • At least 77 million Chinese citizens have died in China since 1949.

  • CCP is a nuclear armed, significantly militarized religious cult practicing religious genocide against all other religions - Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Falun Gong and others.

Breach of International Treaties:

  • ICCPR violations in China including Tibet, Xinjiang, Mongolia and HK

  • Hong Kong's (HK) Joint Declaration

  • W.H.O. International Health Regulations (2005) during SARS-CoV-2

The action of an international alliance blitzkreig at a minimum should include:

  • Trial of CCP at the International Court of Justice on charges of 'genocide' against Xinjiang Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities, Tibetians, HK protesters and Chinese citizens

  • Trial of CCP at the International Court of Justice on charges of breach of international treaties e.g. HK's Joint Declaration, etc.

  • Sanctions by leading democracies (especially USA) of all financial services and bank transactions with China and Chinese businesses

  • Targetted by leading democracies of Magnitsky sanctions against the regime and individuals

  • The sanctions imposed need to be actively maintained and expanded as those involved find and exploit loopholes to evade their effects

  • Removal / reduced participation and invitation to international multilateral meetings and events

  • Boycott of all purchasing of goods and services from China

  • Boycott 2022 Beijing Winter 'Genocide' Olympics

  • UN sanctions

  • Identification and elimination of CCP's global propaganda reach and power grab into other nations

  • And other methods!!


CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:


RFA 10 February 2021 'Kazakhs Speak Out About Rape in China's Xinjiang Camps'

RFA 3 February 2021 'Lawmakers Urge Probe of Xinjiang Genocide Amid Reports of ‘Systematic’ Rape in Internment Camps'

BBC 2 February 2021 ''Their goal is to destroy everyone': Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape'

BBC 20 January 2021 'US: China 'committed genocide against Uighurs'

Fox13 4 February 2021 'UK strips Chinese state-owned TV channel of broadcast permit'

PenAmerica 18 August 2020 'Joint Statement on Magnitsky Sanctions Against China for Egregious Human Rights Abuses in Xinjiang'

Afghan officials confirmed that a Chinese spy organization engaged in terrorist activities was cracked

RFI 6 January 2021 (Google Translator)

The head of the Afghan National Security Agency, Ahmad Zia Saraj, confirmed in Congress yesterday that a group of Chinese people had been arrested on suspicion of spying in Kabul. It is reported that under pressure from Beijing, Afghanistan has allowed these people to return to China. According to Sarajee: "Since this is a sensitive issue, I cannot disclose the details."

According to a report by the Central News Agency today, Afghan officials confirmed that a Chinese spy organization engaged in terrorist activities was cracked. After some media accused Afghanistan of arresting 10 Chinese suspected of espionage and terrorist activities in Kabul at the end of last year, the Hindustan Times reported today that the head of the Afghan National Security Agency Saraje confirmed in Congress yesterday that Afghanistan had indeed arrested a group of suspected spies.

Sinful Chinese.

But Saraje said: "Because this is a sensitive issue, I can't disclose the details."

The report quoted official sources stating that under pressure from Beijing, the Afghan authorities have sent these 10 Chinese suspected of espionage and terrorist activities to return to China. They returned to China on a special plane arranged by the Chinese authorities on the 2nd.

The Hindustan Times previously stated that the Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who was the former head of the Afghan Intelligence Agency, was authorized by the President to meet with the Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu at the end of last year. When 10 Chinese were detained, they asked Beijing to formally apologize and admit that it violated international standards and betrayed Kabul’s trust, the Afghan government may consider pardoning these 10 Chinese spies, otherwise criminal proceedings will continue.

However, under pressure from Beijing, Afghanistan does not seem to adhere to the original requirements. Some analysts say that there may be other transactions between the two parties in private.

The Central News Agency said that according to sources told the Central News Agency reporter, among the 10 Chinese arrested, there are two Han Chinese, Li Yangyang (Transliteration) and Sha Hung (Transliteration), and 8 Uyghurs.

The Hindustan Times previously quoted a source linked to the Afghan authorities as saying that the Afghan security agency has concluded that two Han Chinese led eight Uyghurs in an attempt to establish a fake Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) organization in Afghanistan and used terrorist activities to blame ETIM and Uyghur human rights activists.

According to the source, investigators discovered that the spy team led by Li Yangyang and Xia Hong is connected to the Ministry of National Security of China and has been in contact with the terrorist organization Haqqani network, which is part of the Afghan militia group Taliban.

Important force.

The Central News Agency said that although China has repeatedly denied support for terrorist activities by terrorist organizations in the past, the spy team in Afghanistan involving the Ministry of National Security of China maintained contact with terrorist organizations and possessed explosives and other tools of terrorist activities, confirming India’s past accusations that China and Pakistan has been dealing with terrorist organizations and supporting terrorism.

The East Turkestan Islamic Movement is an organization for Xinjiang Uyghurs to resist the CCP’s dictatorship and seek independence. Beijing has always used ETIM as an excuse to restrict the freedom of Xinjiang Uyghurs. The United States only recently removed ETIM from the list of terrorist organizations.

BBC: Ziawudun broke down in tears as she identified footage and images of the Xinjiang camps.

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