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For HK protesters this is PERSONAL! (part 2 of 2) 對於香港示威者來說,這關係到個人! (第2部分,共2部分)

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

(Please scroll down for Chinese translation 繁体中文请往下滑).

Examples of "structural violence" by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the HK Government (HKG) includes (in no particular order):

  1. The original Agreement between China & UK for the 1997 Handover of HK the "Sino-British Joint Declaration" of 1984 was lodged by China & UK with the UN and is legally binding despite China's denial. China has NOT upheld it's part of this Declaration because of the unsettling "interventionist" actions CCP has taken undermining the policy of "One country, Two systems" and the rule of law resulting in "One country, One system."

  2. HK's "Basic Law" is one of the few constitutions in the World that does NOT automatically apply covenants - therefore effectively no UN or other covenants are fully complied with in terms of legislation, policy & practices! For example HK is on par with "pariah" states Syria, North Korea, Iraq in terms of its human trafficking.

  3. China's "National Peoples Congress Special Committee" (NPCSC) is the political body in China controlled by the CCP which is above HK's Judiciary. During the Legislative Council (LegCo) Oath taking saga the NPC intervened in the Judicial process of the HK Courts. Prior to 1997 Handover the UK's Privy Council - a Judicial body - was above the HK Judiciary.

  4. HK Political appointee "Secretary of the Justice Department" - unlike in leading Democracies - decides public prosecutions! HK prosecutions are potentially political persecutions as exampled by the saga of LegCo Oath taking, Occupy leaders, etc!

  5. The political inequality structure supports the elites and business community in the Legislative Council (LegCo) with 30 Functional Constituencies & 40 Geographic Constituencies. This is deliberately designed by CCP to ensure it's control over HK including its Public Funds. This structure disproportionately favours the Professional & Business community and discriminates against the majority of HK people. At least 60% of HK people support Democrats who since 2014 Occupy have become the minority in Legco.

  6. 2014 Occupy started because CCP rejected HK people's demands for "democratic Universal Suffrage" under the Basic Law and the high degree of autonomy agreed in the Joint Declaration. In 2007 CCP agreed that in 2017 the Chief Executive would be elected by Universal Suffrage. In 2014 CCP changed it's mind - this caused Occupy! In 2019 the issue of Universal Suffrage is back on the streets again! China's clamp downs are a breach of the Joint Declaration.

  7. HK is obliged to be 100% compliant with UN "International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights" (ICCPR) - HK is NOT compliant! HK legislation of ICCPR the "HK Bill of Rights Ordinance" (HKBORO) excludes ICCPR: (i) Article 1. "All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development." The overwhelming majority of HK people are Democrats yet HK people do NOT have "democratic Universal Suffrage"; (ii) Article 20. "1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law. 2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law." For example the Public Order Ordinance does not comply with ICCPR.

  8. HK has failed to meet its UN obligation to progressively apply UN "International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights" (ICESCR). Most problems of HK society are related to the failure of HKG to meet its UN obligations including ICCPR, ICESCR, ICERD, CAT, etc. For the last 8 years HK has been voted as having the world's most unaffordable housing. HK has the 2nd highest gap between the rich and the poor (1st NYC, USA). Estimated daily 70,000 HK households go to sleep hungry (population 7.3 million).

  9. HK is a "conservative" mono-cultural city of "Cantonese" speaking Han Chinese who are using their language in an attempt to stave off illegal "assimilation" by CCP of China's official language Putonghua. Cantonese is a very difficult Chinese dialect for non-native speakers to learn because it is primarily a verbal language and unlike Putonghua does not have a Romanized form (e.g. Pinyin). HK is very difficult for minorities to live and work in because of widespread discrimination and the lack of Affirmative Action programs as recommended by UN.

  10. Despite HK's UN obligations (which it just uses to give "face" to its claim to be "Asia's World City") under ICCPR, ICESCR, ICERD, CAT, etc. and UN's repeated recommendations, HK still has NO comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation and NO independent third party Human Rights monitor. HK has "institutionalized" discrimination across the board including language, ethnicity, wealth, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

  11. HK is a Chinese Feudal society - a Plutocracy! Six families own the largest real estate developers that own at least 40% of HK's wealth. HK Elites control HK. CCP controls HK Elites.

  12. Often "coercion" is used by CCP and HKG. Under UN "Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment" (CAT) Article 1 "discrimination" and "coercion" by the State or a State Official is a form of "torture."

  13. HK Legislation "Race Discrimination Ordinance" (RDO) - which should be legislation against discrimination - has Articles which discriminate!

  14. The arbitrary "disappearance" of 5 HK Causeway Bay booksellers who mysteriously "reappeared" in China means HKG is unable/ unwilling to guarantee the security of HK people in HK from the illegal "overreach" of CCP, or guarantee ICCPR freedoms including of the Press.

  15. HK people are very worried about the rule of law post 2047 when the 50 year term of the "Sino-British Joint Declaration" terminates. The HK Government "illegally" under the Basic Law in 2018 ceded HK territory for the High Speed train terminus to China - therefore allowing China's laws to apply in HK territory starting in 2018.

  16. Legislation of China's subversion and sedition laws were first tried in HK in 2003 and shelved after massive public protests. This issue remains unresolved.

  17. 2019 proposed National Anthem legislation is seen as a means of "arbitrary" punishment including violating HK peoples ICCPR human rights to freedom of speech.

  18. The 2019 proposed Extradition Legislation triggered street protests which started on 9 June 2019 when 1 million people marched out of HK's population of only 7.3 million!

  19. Education is a key component for CCP to maintain its one party dictatorship over China and increasingly HK. HK does not comply with UN "Convention on the Rights of the Child" (CRC) including Article 28 & 29 being a child's right to education. HK education is increasingly (under a Legislature with a pro-Beijing majority) biased towards CCP's "national education curriculum" which in 2012 resulted in widespread public demonstrations.

  20. HK Government employees - as with their counterparts in the CCP - are placing themselves above HK's rule of law! Since the start of 2019 protests the Police have not been answerable to the public. HK Government employees salaries and benefits are at least three times higher than the Private Sector. The non-prosecution of HK ex-Chief Executive C.Y. Leung by the Justice Department for alleged corruption is of grave concern.

  21. Since 1980's in leading Democratic countries their citizens as "Users" have been put in-charge of Government Services they use including Immigration, Police, Prisons, Utilities, etc. Despite the serious problems of accountability & transparency the HK Public has with HKG services, HK has not yet (40 years late) begun to change it's Governance style. This is a grave weakness in HK's global competitiveness.

  22. There is no "independent" Judiciary in HK - 4 September 2019 the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office in Beijing announced “The Hong Kong government, including the executive, legislative and judiciary branches, as well as all sectors of society must take ‘bridling turmoil and curbing violence’ as the city’s most pressing task and the overwhelming priority.”

Veby M.I.

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  1. 中英關於1997年香港移交的原始協議,即1984年的「中英聯合聲明」,是中英兩國向聯合國提出的,儘管中國否認,但仍具有法律約束力。中國沒有堅持它是該宣言的一部分,因為中共採取了令人不安的“干預主義”行動,破壞了“一國兩制”政策和法治,導致了“一國一制”。

  2. 香港的「基本法」是世界上為數不多的不自動適用盟約的憲法之一 - 因此實際上在立法,政策和慣例方面都沒有完全遵守聯合國或其他盟約!例如,在人口販運方面,香港與敘利亞,朝鮮,伊拉克等“賤民”國家相當。

  3. 中國的“全國人民代表大會特別委員會”(NPCSC)是由中共控制的中國政治機構,高於香港司法機構。在立法會(LegCo)宣誓宣誓儀式上,全國人大介入了香港法院的司法程序在1997年移交之前,英國樞密院是一個司法機構,高於香港司法機構。

  4. 與主要的民主國家不同,香港政治任命的“司法部秘書”決定提起公訴!香港的起訴是潛在的政治迫害,例如立法會宣誓,佔領領導人等的傳奇!

  5. 政治不平等結構通過30個功能性選區和40個地理選區為立法會(LegCo)中的精英和商業社區提供支持。這是中共故意設計的,以確保其控製香港,包括其公共基金。這種結構特別有利於專業和商業社區,並歧視了大多數香港人。至少60%的香港人支持民主黨人,自2014年以來,他們已成為Legco中的少數族裔。

  6. 2014年佔中開始,是因為中共拒絕了香港人根據「基本法」和「聯合聲明」中同意的高度自治的要求進行“民主普選”。 2007年,中共同意在2017年由普選產生行政長官。在2014年,中共改變了主意 - 這引發了佔中!在2019年,民主普選再次被推上街頭!中國的壓制行為違反了「聯合聲明」。

  7. 香港有義務100%遵守聯合國的「公民權利和政治權利國際公約」(ICCPR) - 香港不遵守該規定! 「公民權利和政治權利國際公約」的香港法例,「香港人權法案條例」(HKBORO)不包括「公民權利和政治權利國際公約」:(i)第1條。(Article 1.)經濟,社會和文化發展。”絕大多數香港人是民主黨人,但香港人沒有“民主普選權”。 (ii)第20條。(Article 20.)“ 1。法律禁止任何戰爭宣傳。2.法律禁止煽動歧視,敵對或暴力的任何煽動民族,種族或宗教仇恨的行為。”例如,「公共秩序條例」不符合「公民權利和政治權利國際公約」。

  8. 香港未能履行其逐步實施聯合國「經濟,社會,文化權利國際公約」(ICESCR)的聯合國義務。香港社會的大多數問題都與HKG未能履行其聯合國義務有關,包括「公民權利和政治權利國際公約」,「經濟,社會,文化權利國際公約」,「消除一切形式種族歧視國際公約」,「禁止酷刑公約」等。在過去8年中,香港被公認為擁有世界上最無法負擔的住房。香港的貧富差距排名第二(美國紐約市第一)。估計每天有70,000個香港家庭餓著肚子睡覺(人口730萬)。

  9. 香港是一個“保守”的“廣東話”多元文化城市,說漢語的漢族人正在使用自己的語言,以試圖阻止中共對中國官方語言普通話的非法“同化”。對於非母語人士來說,廣東話是一種非常困難的漢語方言,因為它主要是一種口頭語言,與普通話不同,它沒有羅馬化形式(例如拼音)。由於普遍的歧視和聯合國所建議的缺乏平權行動計劃,香港很難容納少數族裔生活和工作。

  10. 儘管香港在「公民權利和政治權利國際公約」,「經濟,社會,文化權利國際公約」,「消除一切形式種族歧視國際公約」,「禁止酷刑公約」等規定下承擔聯合國的義務(只是用它來“宣稱”它是“亞洲國際都會”的形象),而且聯合國一再提出建議,但香港仍然沒有全面的反歧視立法並沒有獨立的第三方人權監測員。香港已全面實行“制度化”歧視,包括語言,種族,財富,性別,年齡,宗教信仰,性取向等。

  11. 香港是一個中國的封建社會 - 富豪統治!六個家庭擁有最大的房地產開發商,他們擁有香港至少40%的財富。香港精英控製香港。中共控制著香港精英。

  12. CCP和HKG通常使用“脅迫”。根據聯合國「禁止酷刑和其他殘忍,不人道或有辱人格的待遇或處罰公約」(CAT)第1條,國家或國家官員的“歧視”和“脅迫”是“酷刑”的一種形式。

  13. 香港立法「種族歧視條例」(RDO) - 應該是反對歧視的立法 - 具有歧視的條款!

  14. 5名在中國神秘地“重新出現”的香港銅鑼灣書商的任意“消失”,意味著HKG無法/不願意為中共的非法“越權”保證香港人在香港的安全,或保證ICCPR的自由,包括新聞自由。

  15. 當“中英聯合聲明”的50年任期屆滿時,香港人非常擔心2047年以後的法治。根據2018年「基本法」,香港政府“非法”將香港領土的高鐵終點站割讓給中國 - 因此允許中國法律從2018年開始在香港領土適用。

  16. 中國顛覆和煽動法的立法於2003年在香港首次嘗試,並在大規模的公眾抗議後被擱置。此問題仍未解決。

  17. 2019年擬議的國歌立法被視為一種“任意”懲罰手段,包括侵犯香港人民「公民權利和政治權利國際公約」的言論自由權。

  18. 2019年擬議的「引渡法」引發了街頭抗議活動,該抗議活動於2019年6月9日開始,當時只有730萬的香港人口中有100萬人遊行!

  19. 教育是中共維持一黨專政對中國乃至整個香港的重要組成部分。香港不遵守聯合國的「兒童權利公約」(CRC),包括第28條和第29條是兒童的受教育權。香港的教育越來越(在立法機關中以親北京佔多數)在偏重中共的“國民教育課程”,該課程在2012年引起了廣泛的公眾示威。

  20. 香港政府僱員與中共官員一樣,將自己置於香港的法治之上! 自2019年初抗議以來,警察一直未對公眾負責。香港政府僱員的薪金和福利至少是私營部門的三倍。香港前行政長官C.Y.不被起訴司法部對涉嫌腐敗的梁先生表示嚴重關切

  21. 自1980年代以來,在主要的民主國家/地區,其公民作為“用戶”一直負責他們使用的政府服務,包括移民,警察,監獄,公用事業等。儘管HKG服務在問責制和透明度方面存在嚴重問題,香港(已晚40年)尚未開始改變其治理方式。這是香港全球競爭力的嚴重弱點。

  22. 香港沒有“獨立的”司法機構 - 2019年9月4日,北京港澳事務辦公室宣布:“香港政府,包括行政,立法和司法部門,以及社會各界都必須承擔起“沸沸揚揚的動盪”遏制暴力”是該市最緊迫的任務,也是當務之急。”

Veby M.I.

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