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For HK protesters this is PERSONAL! (part 1 of 2) 對於香港示威者來說,這關係到個人! (第1部分,共2部分)

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

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"When people decide they want to be free....there is nothing that can stop them!" Desmond Tutu

Many Hong Kong (HK) young protesters are laying down their lives on behalf of what they believe to be the greater good. This is an inter-dependent leaderless protest movement by anonymous HK people. HK people demand to have the promised high degree of autonomy.

China has not given HK the high degree of autonomy it promised when in 1984 it signed the Sino - British Joint Declaration. HK lifestyles have unacceptably changed - we now live in a city which has the most expensive real estate and largest gap between the rich and the poor in the world.

This is PERSONAL because it is about ourselves and our family bloodlines - it's about the stories of families and what we have been through and are going through, culture, heritage, the land, the sea and all of our people and environment. In our physical bodies and surroundings we meet and know our ancestors on Earth and all of what they did and aspired to do - they are telling us what needs to be done for them, and for us the people who are alive today, and for those who will come after us when we too will also soon pass away.

There is nothing spiritually meaningful in HK except our families - today there is no meaningful future for our families in HK under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In 2047 - after only 28 years - today's young students will be middle aged. The elephant in the room is already what will happen to HK after 2047 when the Joint Declaration terminates. CCP cannot even perform when we are supposed to already have a Joint Declaration providing HK people with a high degree of autonomy and the British common law, so what will happen after 2047?

By the 1960's roughly two thirds of HK people were ethnic Chinese refugees who escaped the CCP and came to live in Hong Kong. The 1960's was the chaotic period of the Cultural Revolution in China. So the ancestors of HK's 1960's refugees - the majority of the youth today - know the real stories, history and face of the CCP. This is PERSONAL!

China is China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is NOT China because the CCP does not have the mandate of the people of China. CCP cannot apply China's UN obligations to the people of China because it remains in power only by the abuse of its power and by the corruption of its leaders - unless Chinese citizens are making money they will not support the CCP. Because the CCP is against the natural ways of Universal values, civil liberties, humanity, freedom, etc. then ultimately the CCP will fail.

Today HK has a kakistocracy (a government of the worse people), a feudal Chinese plutocracy - yet in 1984 we were promised a high degree of autonomy by China. Roughly five HK families own the equivalent of more than 40% of HK's GDP. HK has the most expensive residential property and the highest gap between the rich and the poor in the World. In 2017 Carrie Lam was "selected" to be Chief Executive by roughly 0.1% of HK population.

HK is a Police State created by the colonial British, run by the HK elites, who now serve their new Masters the CCP. The HK elites, HK Government and their Masters the CCP are directly engaged in "structural violence" against the people of HK.

Johan Galtung's definitions in his groundbreaking work "Violence, Peace, and Peace Research" (1969) includes:

  • Direct violence is the physical harming, maiming or killing of people(s)

  • Destruction of property & infrastructure might also be considered direct physical violence - this is debatable depending on the context & intent

"Structural violence" is when someone's mental or physical potential is not actualized as a result of the policies, conditions or systems within a society that prevent that potential from coming alive. Examples include;

  • Discriminatory laws that deny certain people access to opportunities

  • Biased education that breeds intolerance and dehumanizes others

  • Consciously maintained unequal distribution of wealth & resources that leaves some people hungry, jobless or with no way to advance themselves

For an example of the mindset and actions of the HK elites please read and consider these writings by a well known Judge of the highest Courts in Hong Kong who retired in 2015. Much has changed in HK since the Occupy movement in 2014. The following is rumored to have been recently written:

"There are few certainties in life. One of them is this: The common law system underpinning Hong Kong’s “core values” is destined to expire in 27 years’ time. The One Country, Two Systems formula was designed to last for 50 years and no more. Hence Article 5 of the Basic Law. There is no mechanism in the Basic Law for the system to continue beyond 30 June 2047.

All the calls for Freedom, Democracy etc have no meaning if the common law crumbles.

If the protesters truly value their professed aims, their focus should be on demonstrating to Beijing and to the rest of the world that the One Country, Two Systems formula works, and to promote an atmosphere in which Beijing feels comfortable with the system – and when the time comes, to extend the Basic Law for another 50 years, 100 years. Then liberal democratic norms and values might have a chance to flourish.

Crunch time is not 27 years away. It is just round the corner. For Hong Kong to continue as one of the world’s greatest financial and trading centres, planning for the future must necessarily look 20 - 30 years ahead. So the hard question will soon be asked: is the common law system to continue beyond June 2047? The answer lies in Beijing and nowhere else.

The last time this issue arose – back in 1982 – Hong Kong had the backing of Great Britain. This time Hong Kong stands alone. And, up to this point, Hong Kong has demonstrated for all the world to see that the One Country, Two Systems formula is extremely fragile: and, if the unrest continues, it would surely fracture beyond any hope of recall.

It is beyond the power of the Hong Kong SAR government to devise the governing model for the future. Pressing the Hong Kong government to promote greater democracy is futile. Rightly or wrongly, that power lies in Beijing and nowhere else. Hong Kong enjoys freedoms found nowhere else in China. To think that unlawful assemblies and demonstrations, and violence in the streets, would soften Beijing’s attitude towards Hong Kong is absurd. Common sense suggests it would have the opposite effect.

But there are deep social issues which the SAR government can redress, having regard in particular to the huge foreign currency reserves it holds: USD425 billion – by far the largest in the world, enough to guarantee public servants’ pensions hundreds of times over. And yet Hong Kong’s social services are crumbling, hospitals are understaffed, public education is poor, teachers are ill-paid, young people cannot afford to rent even the most substandard apartment, the gap between rich and poor is ever-widening.

The laissez-faire policy of the colonial government has been carried to extremes by the SAR government in the past 20-odd years. The rich have prospered in the meanwhile whilst the bulk of the people suffered. The influx of mainlanders under the One-Way Permit system has caused great strain on all services. The people’s needs have been neglected. The young see little prospect of a fulfilling future and even university graduates have difficulty gaining meaningful employment.

These, I suggest, are the deep-seated ills which sustain the fire of discontent in the wider community, and bring hundreds of thousands to march in the streets. These are not matters which a commission of inquiry can resolve.

The media here is full of Hong Kong stories, and of course footage of the riotous behaviour on the streets: what empty slogans, meaningless rhetoric the protesters display ……….In watching these events I am reminded of the prayer attributed to Saint Francis:

"Pray God give me the courage to change the things I can change, the fortitude to bear the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference."

I arrive in Hong Kong Thursday 24 October, staying for one month.

PS Please feel free to convey these observations to anyone you chose...They are not confidential."

A reply to the retired Judge:

I suggest that you request China to comply with the Joint Declaration. Nobody else has to do anything else!

Please ask yourself why HK and Taiwan don't believe the CCP? The One country, Two systems policy was designed by CCP with HK and Taiwan in mind. The DPP in Taiwan has rejected the policy and so have the majority of HK people who for the last 5 months have been protesting in public on our streets.

We in HK can clearly see that the One country, Two systems policy of China is NOT working because China is repeatedly breaching the Joint Declaration - so why should anyone anywhere in the world believe anything that the CCP says or does?

Please do not attempt to coerce HK people into accepting anything today and through 2047 that is LESS than the high degree of autonomy that China agreed to and signed in the Joint Declaration!

A democracy requires the rule of law - therefore the rule of law requires a democracy. If you wanted to ensure the rule of law, certainly you should do everything possible to ensure that HK has the best possible democracy.

What did you do to uphold the Joint Declaration when you were sitting on HK's Common Law bench? You should have been taking HK people's hard earned money (from the public purse) to uphold the Joint Declaration.

Please take under your arm the text of the Joint Declaration, the rule of law, HK's UN obligations including human rights and the requirement for the "independence" of the HK "Judicial" system, your Common Law. Then please carefully read the SCMP article of 4 September 2019 - the directive of Beijing's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office spokesman Yang Guang who is quoted to have said “The Hong Kong government, including the executive, legislative and judiciary branches, as well as all sectors of society must take ‘bridling turmoil and curbing violence’ as the city’s most pressing task and the overwhelming priority.” Is this not yet another breach of the Joint Declaration, the Basic Law and the One country, Two systems policy? Where is the British Common Law in HK?

I suggest that you are a HK elitist who has substantially benefited your Masters, both the British and now the CCP, by ensuring that the majority of HK people have a chain around their ankles with a very heavy weight to carry around all their lives and the generations of children that come after them. You - like all the HK elite and the CCP officials who are now your Masters - have benefited mightily from HK to the LOSS of the majority of HK people including the youth of today and their children, the youth of the future.

This is why this is PERSONAL. Protests will NOT stop until HK people have their promised high degree of autonomy. Five demands-not one less. If HK has a Universal Suffrage democracy then in time all five demands will be met.

Veby M.I.

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對於香港示威者來說,這關係到個人! (第1部分,共2部分)

當人們決定要自由時……沒有什麼可以阻止他們的!”德斯蒙德·圖圖(Desmond Tutu)


中國沒有給予香港在1984年簽署「中英聯合聲明」時所承諾的高度自治權。香港的生活方式已經發生了令人無法接受的變化 - 我們現在生活在一個房地產價格最昂貴,貧富差距最大的城市。

這關係到個人,因為它關係到我們自己和有我們血液的家庭 - 它涉及家庭的故事以及我們經歷和正在經歷的事情,文化,遺產,土地,海洋以及我們所有人和環境。在我們的身體和周圍環境中,我們遇到並認識了我們地球上的祖先,以及他們所做的一切和渴望做的一切 - 他們告訴我們需要為他們做些什麼,以及為我們今天還活著的人,以及那些在我們之後跟隨我們的,當我們也會很快離開人世。

除了我們的家庭,香港在精神上沒有什麼有意義的 - 在中國共產黨的統治下,今天香港的家庭沒有有意義的未來。


到1960年代,大約三分之二的香港人是華裔難民,他們逃離了中共,來到香港居住。 1960年代是中國文化大革命的混亂時期。因此,香港1960年代難民的祖先 – 今天的大多數年輕人 - 了解中共的真實故事,歷史和麵貌。這是個人!

中國就是中國。中國共產黨不是中國,因為中共沒有中國人民的授權。中共不能對中國人民施加聯合國的義務,因為它只有通過濫用職權和領導人的腐敗才能繼續執政 - 除非中國公民有錢,否則他們不會支持中共。因為中共違反了普世價值觀,公民自由,人類,自由等自然路線,所以中共最終將失敗。

如今,香港實行了惡人政治(一個惡人的政府),實行封建制度 - 但在1984年,中國向我們承諾高度自治。香港大約有五個家庭擁有相當於香港GDP的40%以上。香港擁有世界上最昂貴的住宅物業,最大的貧富差距。在2017年,林鄭月娥被“推選”為香港約0.1%人口的首席執行官。


Johan Galtung在其開創性的著作“暴力,和平與和平研究”(1969)中的定義包括:

  • 直接暴力是對人的身體傷害,致殘或殺害

  • 破壞財產和基礎設施也可能被視為直接的人身暴力 - 根據情況和意圖,這值得辯論


  • 歧視性法律禁止某些人獲得機會

  • 有偏見的教育會滋生不寬容並使他人不人道

  • 有意識地保持財富和資源分配不均,使一些人感到飢餓,失業或無法自我提升






上一次出現該問題的時間 - 早在1982年-香港得到了英國的支持。這次香港獨處。而且,到目前為止,香港已向全世界證明,“一國兩制”的公式極為脆弱:而且,如果動亂繼續下去,它肯定會破滅,沒有召回的希望。












我們香港人可以清楚地看到,中國的一國兩制政策沒有奏效,因為中國屢次違反「聯合聲明」- 那麼,為什麼世界上任何地方的人都應該相信中共所說或所做的一切?


民主需要法治 - 因此法治需要民主。如果您想確保法治,那麼您當然應該盡一切可能確保香港擁有最佳民主。


請把「聯合聲明」,法治,香港在聯合國的義務(包括人權)以及香港“司法”制度“獨立”的要求,即普通法,放在您的懷抱中。然後請仔細閱讀2019年9月4日的南華早報(SCMP)條款 - 北京港澳事務辦公室發言人楊光的指示,引述他的話說:“香港政府,包括行政,立法和司法部門,以及所有社會各界必須把“渡過難關和製止暴力”作為該市最緊迫的任務和壓倒一切的優先事項。”這是否又違反了「聯合聲明」,「基本法」和「一國兩制」政策?香港的英國普通法在哪裡?

我建議您是一位香港精英人士,通過確保大多數香港人腳踝上的鏈條非常重,可以帶走他們的一生和大部分生命,從而對您的主人們(英國和現在的中共)都大有裨益。追隨他們的後代孩子。您 – 像現在成為您的主人的所有香港精英和中共官員一樣 - 已從香港極大地受益於香港,這使大多數香港人,包括今天的青年和他們的孩子,以及未來的青年,都蒙受了損失。

這就是為什麼這是個人的。除非香港人實現高度自治,否則抗議活動不會停止。五大訴求 - 缺一不可。如果香港擁有普選民主制,那麼這五大訴求將及時得到滿足。

Veby M.I.

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