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Follow the money (part1): Introduction

In this series we hope to uncover some of the 'trails of money' as well as the 'hidden' strategies and tactics behind what Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members are using inside and outside China to fuel their influence, power grab and enhance their personal wealth.

We aim to shame and blame CCP the world's worst ever totalitarian regime.

Hong Kong (HK) has been illegally annexed by the CCP under its illegal national security law. CCP has breached HK's Joint Declaration and does not perform according to agreements and global norms - as we know from COVID-19!

To the CCP members ruling China, they consider that it is their right of birth to behave however they want. They are nationalists who believe in their own superiority over everyone else - they are narcissistic.

There are at least 90 million CCP members - i.e. a lot of very greedy, expensive mouths to feed! Order of magnitude: In China there are 1.4billion people; 1billion earn at most 2,000Yuan per month, of which 600million earn at most 1,000Yuan per month; which leaves only 400million earning more than 2,000Yuan per month, of whom 90 million are CCP members!

It's no surprise that CCP's Mao Zedong is responsible for the death of at least 77 million Chinese citizens.

The West will say the wealthiest family in the world are the Rothschilds. We suggest that the wealthiest individuals and families in the world are now likely to be CCP members and their families.

The cultural stumbling block to development: Chinese feudal plutocracy

Most Chinese communities today are still Chinese feudal plutocracies - e.g. China, Singapore, Hong Kong.

Devil's advocate: Chinese feudal plutocracy is Han culture.

The exception is Taiwan which is a beacon of democratic light in Asia and is a world leader in areas such as semiconductors, COVID-19 response, etc.!

Why Corruption Is Here To Stay In China.

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