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Follow the money (part2): CCP and PLA official titles are purchased not earned

The West believes that the world's wealthiest family are the Rothschilds.

WTPOHK suggests that the wealthiest individuals and families in the world are now likely to be Chinese Communist Party CCP members and their families.

China, Hong Kong and Singapore are feudal Chinese plutocracies. A feudal Chinese plutocracy means that corruption is an integral part of the fabric of the country and its people lead by the Emperor.

Democratic Taiwan is the exception of a Chinese society.

The purchasing of CCP and PLA titles in China

CCP started out as a student organization heavily funded by the Soviets - which is why CCP fears student organizations working with foreigners! CCP Chairman Mao Zedong in the 1930's and 40's was publicly talking about CCP making China into a democracy like USA. As soon as CCP got into power it became totalitarian - CCP is officially called the 'People's democratic dictatorship' in China's Constitution. Absolute power absolutely corrupts!

Today there are an estimated 90 million CCP members in China, roughly 0.64% of the population of 1.4billion.

There is of course a CCP caste system - the higher echelons of power are reserved only for the ancestors of the most famous and infamous CCP founders.

There is no such thing as a 'monolithic' CCP; it is a large organized gang of criminals which are constantly infighting with competing 'factions' for overall control. Xi Jinping's gang is not necessarily as strong as other factions.

For many years we have been aware that inside the CCP everything is about money to 'purchase' an official title which will be used to make even more wealth to purchase another higher title and support your faction.

Perhaps the better term to use is 'subscription' - you subscribe money into your faction and receive an official title which you use to create dividends for yourself and others in your faction in order to buildup the relative strength of your group over others. It's rather like a pyramid or ponzi scheme.

To 'purchase' ('subscription') for an official title:

  • Today Chief of Police of a local police station in Shanghai costs 40million Yuan (US$6million) - this is just a tiny little area in Shanghai!

  • In 2016 the going rate was 50million Yuan to purchase an official title in Shaanxi Province, China (see link below)

  • Reuters reported in 2015 PLA going rate was 10million for Major General, 10-30million for Lieutenant General, etc. (see link below)

Official titles are also puchased in the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) - i.e. likely China does not have a fighting army, it has a business army just like all State Owned Enterprises in China!

Going up the CCP ladder of crime and corruption it is only the most ruthless criminal murderer and thief that finally reaches the top! One has to wonder what is the purchasing price to be at the top of the CCP Christmas tree - no wonder CCP leaders 'have' to be so corrupt!

It's not about how much the State owns - it's about how much the Emperor owns : Emperor Xi Jinping!


  • NTDTV 24 November 2016 'CCP high price 50 million Yuan to buy Vice-Province official title Shaanxi Province, China' (In Chinese)

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