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Feelings rising to the surface

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

So many Hong Kong citizens took part in mass marches in the SAR during 2019, and no doubt for some people it was merely an extension of their activism that began during the Umbrella Movement and occupy central years before. (see our blog on the history of protest in HK). Many of HK's freedom fighters have found motivation and inspiration in those who have protested or spoken out before us. (see our blog on inspiring young people for examples).

Many of us know about turning our emotions ranging from anger or frustration, concern and outrage into a constructive force for good by joining a peaceful rally, waving a placard, donning a political costume, singing an anthem, or chant protester demands.

As we arrive at the end of 2020, much has happened to us individually and collectively. It's time to reflect. Those feelings we once felt have changed beyond measure. Now new feelings are rising to the surface as crisis upon crisis unfolds. We have a new reality of a covid pandemic and the fumbles of our government attempting to manage it. Some of us have employment and financial worries. No one wants to get sick, but the work from home rule and social distancing rules are adding further tensions, causing further adjustments and stress.

Adding to the mayhem giving rise to new waves of emotion is the National Security Law imposed in HK mid-2020, the growing number of prosecutions related to it, and the climate of fear and intimidation deliberately cast on the city by Carrie Lam, the HK Police, and CCP.

How well each of us copes can be a measure of the support networks we have built around ourselves. It's not so easy now for freedom fighters to garner support from other pro-democracy people, but that doesn't mean our response to media reports, daily covid statistics, and other triggers is any less significant.

I want to ask if you have become desensitised to the incessant barrage of emotional stimulus, or rather that you like many of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Do you feel picked on and attacked?

Is it about being a mistreated minority?

Maybe you feel no one understands where you are coming from?

Do you feel trapped and outnumbered?

Perhaps you feel ill-equipped to deal with all this?

Do you have any fight left in you?

Do you feel you have been taken hostage?

Are you hurting right now?

Feeling defenceless?

It is overwhelming

You tried, and tried! Now, you have cried out all you can

Are you afraid of what might happen next?

Do you have doubts and uncertainties?

Desperately needing someone to talk to?

Needing empathy, understanding and a little rest?

Recovery will come in time. Personal strength and resilience comes from within.

Take care and don't deny the feelings that you have.

You are not alone. We are not alone. There is strength in unity, unity in solidarity.

With love,

Jeremiah B.


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