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Everyone in HK is a minority in China (part 2): The real 'world city'

Hong Kong (HK) is built on discrimination - mostly amongst Chinese people themselves. HK Chinese elites, a numerical minority who control the illegitimate Legislative Council (LegCo), do not want changes to their HK money making : HK is a Chinese feudal plutocracy where absolute power absolutely corrupts!

[Editor's note: This introduction is repeated from part 1, please scroll down if you do not need your mind refreshed]

HK protesters who are the majority of HKers uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) has illegally annexed HK on 1 July 2020 using its unconstitutional rule BY law and its 'national security law'. This means that CCP's China is in breach of UN international treaties, most importantly the Joint Declaration.

Having annexed HK CCP is busy trying to keep up appearances that the rule OF law still exists in HK because it needs money - but nobody is fooled!

The lack of a legal separation between HK's rule Of law and China's rule BY law is troubling to local and foreign citizens alike, to property owners, investors and business people. Today HK has no rule OF law because there is only 'one country, one system' - i.e. 'one country, two systems' is dead, making HK now just like any other mainland Chinese city.

The current lack of a physical border that can be closed between HK and China deeply concerns HK people who have always been affected by China's environment, their flus and viruses : e.g. 2002-2003 SARS and global pandemic 2019 Wuhan coronavirus COVID-19. Despite a 2020 strike by Union healthcare workers, HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam (CLam) refused to close the HK border with China at the start of COVID-19 pandemic. CLam is currently allowing 2 Officers from each HK public listed company unrestricted travel to HK without any COVID-19 testing, vaccination or quarantine - whilst HK people are still under strict social distancing regulations prohibiting gatherings of more than 4 people!

Meanwhile. there is no CCP nor HK government policy or law on the official Chinese dialect being Putonghua or Cantonese. Putonghua uses 'simplified' characters whilst Cantonese uses 'traditional' characters. CCP across China uses linguistic assimilation : HKers are sure that in time the official Chinese dialect will become Putonghua as HK is 'integrated' into CCP's China.

The mid-June 2021 closure of Apple Daily HK is seen as another strike against the use of Cantonese and English in the city.

However, HK native Cantonese Chinese speakers will surely resist Putonghua as their ultimate stand against CCP.

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The UN 'Declaration on Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious & Linguistic Minorities' is the UN required minimum standard for minorities integration : Of course HK does not comply with this!

After the 1 July 1997 British handover to CCP's China the incoming Chief Executive (CE) Tung Chee-hwa decided HK's vision as an international financial center was to be 'Asia's world city' : HK was to compete against the only two world cities of New York and London.

However, CCP and HK government choose to ignore that New York and London's world city status is underpinned by a functioning democracy, strong rule of law and widely used English language : They ignored all world city attributes that HK in 1997 didn't have and which CCP and HK government were unwilling or unable to provide. During CE Carrie Lam's tenure HK's vision as a world city has been quietly dropped.

HK is currently the 2nd most expensive city in the world for expats. The Heritage Foundation, who for 2 decades ranked HK#1 freest economy in the world, now ranks HK equal to China at 107th. HK's Economist livability ranking has slipped from 38th down to 49th. In the 'World Happiness Report 2020' HK was ranked 114/173.

Today's HK is a real 'world city' with a wide diversity of humanity, languages, religions, cultures, activities and environments : HK must comply with its UN treaty obligations for all peoples in HK based upon their status as minorities in China.


In part 1 of this series we focused on how the majority of HK Chinese Cantonese native speakers have now become a minority group in China and therefore in need of their minority's rights to language and culture. Below we explore briefly other minority groups which combined make up all peoples in HK.

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

Ethnic minorities

Many ethnic minorities are also linguistic, cultural and religious minorities.

In violation of ICCPR the HK Government, the Police, Chinese language media and some HK Chinese politicians publicly and in the media blame ethnic minorities - especially the South East Asian communities - for the ills of HK society, including crimes.

Under current HK legislation minorities are "legally" being discriminated against by the HK Police!

The only current HK anti-race discrimination legislation is the “Race Discrimination Ordinance” (RDO) which significantly does NOT include racial discrimination by HKSAR Government employed Police Officers. This is because the Court did not find that under RDO the Police provides a “service.” This was highlighted in a 2016 HK Court action against the Police by Mr. Arjun Singh, a HK Permanent Resident. This highlights a key weakness in the RDO, as it is the only Ordinance amongst the four HKSAR anti-Discrimination Ordinances that does NOT mention that it is unlawful for the Government employed Police to discriminate against persons on the grounds of race in the performance of its functions or the exercising of its powers.

A poverty study in 2001 and in 2011 showed that while HK Chinese communities reduced poverty overall the poverty rates significantly increased in ethnic minority communities. The worst affected is the Muslim Pakistani community with poverty rate of 49.1% in 2001 and 59.6% in 2011. The poverty rate for HK Chinese is 15.2%. [HKIEd “Research on Poverty of Ethnic Minority Children in Hong Kong”, December 2015].

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Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH)

Apple Daily

There are serious ongoing UN human rights problems for the estimated 350,000 domestic helpers in HK. Most FDHs are Filipino or Indonesian women. Rights abuse cases include human trafficing.

Tipping case for abuse was Erwiana Sulistyaningsih (please see video below) who was treated as a slave. Months of alleged torture from her employer – including daily beatings (often on the head with a mop handle), boiling water burns, 21-hour work days, sleeping on the floor and being locked up – took their toll on the 23-year-old Indonesian maid. When she could no longer even work, her employer abandoned her at the airport, barely able to walk or see, with a ticket home and only $9. Yet, what was perhaps most unsettling about Erwiana’s story is that this crime against humanity took place in Asia’s world city – and was by no means an isolated incident!

12 June 2021 Apple Daily reported "A Filippino domestic worker was tortured and imprisoned for more than a year before fleeing the home of her abusive HK employer, according to a support group for migrant workers" (see photos of injuries above).

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Some people in HK's pro-Beijing camp have taken umbrage to HK government's scheduled November 2022 Gay Games, the first time the games are being held in Asia. Lets see if HK government wriggles out of yet another commitment to fundamental human rights!

There is a conservative, mostly HK Chinese elitist group of pro-Beijing supporters, which includes the widely disliked lawmaker Junius Ho, that openly discriminates against minorities including LGBTQ (please see references below).

HK government's newly formed 'Film Censorship Authority' has asserted its authority by cancelling screenings of a Taiwanese documentary on same-sex marriage:



HKFP 26 June 2021 'LGBT documentary pulled from film festival after Hong Kong’s Film Censorship Authority bans full screening'

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Physically and mentally 'challenged' persons

HK has to meet its UN international treaties obligations including United Nations 'Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities' (UNCRPD). However, HK does not comply with other UN obligations e.g. ICCPR, Joint Declaration, etc.

HK public buses can be used by persons with wheelchairs, and there are ramps for entrance to most newer buildings. HK government is generally good at hardware and useless at software : The real problem for HK people lies with the unseen mental issues that are increasingly affecting HK people, their health and that of their community.

Prior to 2019 HK protests and COVID-19 HK only had about 50% of the mental health professionals for children that W.H.O. recommends. With HK having been illegally annexed on 1 July 2020 HKers are faced with the tyranny of a communist police state AND global pandemic COVID-19 : i.e. there is a crisis of mental health in HK (please read Dimsum Daily reference below).

There is also an employment crisis in HK's healthcare system because of the large numbers of healthcare professionals and workers who have resigned from HK government since 2019 protests. HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam is to blame because of her inaction and incompetence in dealing with the global pandemic COVID-19 which has lead to needless infections and loss of health and life of healthcare professionals.

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Dimsumdaily 22 July 2020 '90% of senior Hong Kong executives have physical and mental health pressures during the epidemic'

Religious minorities

CCP is a religious cult.

Religious oppression in HK has begun (see picture below). There is great concern in HK amongst people of faith about the extent of CCP's religious oppression!

Posters hung outside 7 Catholic churches that were scheduled to hold gatherings on 4 June 2021. Apple Daily photo.

'Falun Gong' has been widely oppressed in China by CCP including their community facing genocide and being used for organ harvesting by CCP. Falun Gong have been in HK for decades, the only place in China where they have been safe from CCP.

After WWII and the cultural revolution many Christians escaped from China and came to HK - including religious orders such as Catholics who helped HK refugees and their children : By the end of the 1970's 2/3rds of HK population were mainland Chinese refugees escaping from CCP.

During anti-extradition protests in Tsim Sha Tsui on the afternoon of Sunday 20 October 2019 at roughly 4pm a Police water cannon truck stopped and then deliberately sprayed blue coloured dye on Press Journalists, Muslims and others peacefully assembled outside the Kowloon Mosque. From the videos it is clear to see that no warning was given before the water cannon was deployed. The water cannon fired in two separate bursts. There where NO protesters near the Mosque. (Please read our blogs below).

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Thanks RFA's Rebel Pepper!

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