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End HK's misrepresentation at the Olympics and all events and bodies

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

In the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Hong Kong (HK) has illegitimately enjoyed a status separate from that of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) China : The reality of HK today is that the SAR is now an integral part of communist China and must be treated as such by all events and bodies.

We do congratulate HK athletes for their performances in 2021 Tokyo Olympics. However, in the broader picture athletes should see that their success unacceptably boosts and promotes CCP and their actions in HK and around the world!

At the Olympics Team Great Britain includes sportspeople from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is no separate Team Scotland, Team England, etc.

US President Donald Trump recognized the status change when in 2020 he removed HK's special trading status with America.

Twitter 真的民心所向的大眾代表?!……缺一不可?!

(Google translated into English) Is this the representation the masses really want? ! ....indispensable? !

Open raised palm and one digit finger on the other hand is sign language for HK protesters slogan '5 demands not one less' ! To see CCP using its sports people at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics to support HK protesters demands must be the consequence of their misrepresentation!


Angus Ng badminton Olympian for HK was wrongly accused by pro-CCP lawmaker Nicholas Muk for wearing a black shirt and not having HK's emblem on his shirt.

HKFP 26 July 2021 reports 'Hong Kong Olympic badminton player speaks up after black jersey ‘strongly condemned’ by pro-Beijing politician'. Hong Kong badminton player Angus Ng Ka-long said he could not print the HKSAR flag on his jersey without authorisation, after a pro-Beijing politician condemned him for wearing an all-black outfit during his debut at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The local player, who ranks 9th in the world, said he could only print his name on the shirt but not the city’s regional flag, as he did not obtain authorisation to do so. He said he was “proactively handling” the matter, and hoped that he could fix his jerseys before the next game. “I have always been proud to represent Hong Kong in competitions. Deep down in my heart, I also like this bauhinia flower very much,” Ng said.

HKFP 29 July 2021 reports 'Internet backlash against FILA sportswear after Hong Kong badminton player seen drenched in sweat'. Angus Ng lost his next game, drenched in sweat, to a lower ranked player - perhaps FILA's replacement shirt was not suitable for Angus. DAB lawmaker Nicholas Muk apologized to Angus.

WTPOHK urges all event organizers and international bodies to remove the separate and special status of HK : HK is now a part of China, it is just another 'dirty' Chinese city. HK must no longer be represented at the Olympics.

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

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