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'Elected dictators' or 'The GOAT and a GNU': Peter Emerson

WTPOHK continues to search for the 'best' democratic technologies and practices to 'strengthen' democracy and the rule of law.

It is simply not good enough to project our past and current democratic practices into the future. We need to broaden our search for democratic excellence: In the face of 2019 paradigm 'stress tests' - such as COVID, climate change and Putin's war on Ukraine - we have to be searching, developing and using everything we can.

Boris (is not good enough, or Godunov) viz-a-viz power-sharing?

The British Prime Minister has too much power, so some MPs [Members of Parliament] are 'loyal' for reasons of ambition or whatever. Instead of the PM being able to select his cabinet, instead of an "elected dictator" (to quote Lord Hailsham's phrase), it would be more democratic for the Tory Party, or even the entire parliament, to elect the government [of national unity - GNU].

It would require a two-dimensional ballot in which MPs vote, in order of preference, not only for certain MPs to be in Cabinet, but also for the portfolio in which they want each of their nominees to serve.

The 'Matrix Vote', first tested in Belfast in 1986 -- it's PR [Proportional Representation], so ideal for power-sharing -- has been demonstrated in universities in Berlin, Dublin and Tianjin; as well as role-played in Dublin (c/o The Irish Times in 2016) and Munich (c/o The Centre for Conflict Resolution, one week after last year's German elections).

A simple ballot paper for just a 5-member cabinet would look like this:

A completed ballot would have five different MPs named in the shaded column, and five letters A in the matrix, one in each column and one in each row.

The analysis is first, a PR election of the preferences in the shaded columns, followed by a points analysis of the As in the matrix. If the entire parliament were to be involved, the outcome would be a government in which collectively every party was represented in proportional due -- (so no more 'DUP confidence and supply' nonsense) -- while individually, every minister was appointed to a department for which, in the consensus of that parliament, he/she was well suited.

In effect, it would be an all-party, power-sharing, very grand coalition, a Government Of All the Talents 'GOAT', a Government of National Unity 'GNU' -- the sort of administration which is needed in these days of (Ukraine), Covid and Climate Change.

The 2021 German exercise in Munich is here: http://www.deborda.org/home/2021/9/24/2021-14-a-matrix-vote-for-germany.html

26 January 2022

Peter Emerson Director, the de Borda Institute 36 Ballysillan Road Belfast BT14 7QQ 07837717979 pemerson@deborda.orgwww.deborda.org

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