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Effects protests are having on Hong Kong children

Source: Reddit, post by Lyxeonn

Hi there everyone, I'm not a citizen of Hong Kong but I do would like to make everyone aware about the effect of the protests in your country on children.

Every child is sensible about war, organized fights and protests. It makes an huge impact on their lives. Their surroundings are all impacted by this, it makes them feel very insecure about their surrounding and their self's.

If you think this isn't effecting your kid, than you're wrong. It does effect him/her and it will scar your child for the rest of his/her life if you don't do anything about it.

Always talk about it, you see your child is bothered with something? Ask about it.

Ask about their thoughts around the protests and tell them why you're doing it. Make them feel safe and make sure that their home is a place where they can escape the gruel reality of their other surroundings. This will prevent A LOT.

Give them love, give them attention and keep an eye out for other children and parents, make them aware of the impact this has on their child!

I really hope this gets some attention by everyone and maybe this already happens a lot there but I just don't have knowledge about it.

Stay strong!

Source: I teach scarred children.

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