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Democracy is slow and imperfect, but it prevails

In 2019 the world went through a paradigm shift which resulted in the novel coronavirus Wuhan virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. The Universe has gifted us with a shift in consciousness that requires us to now focus on 'Earth's healthy inter-dependency' : For too long most of us have neglected our roles and responsibilities to the life of the Universe.

More than ever, we must now work tirelessly together with all others for Earth's health. Democracy is one of our best tools to build participation and inter-dependency.

Our thanks and respect to Peter Emerson, Director of The de Borda Institute, for his tireless efforts on improving democratic best practices using the Modified Borda Count (MBC), a preferential multi-option voting system.

WTPOHK's suggested method to resolve the current HK political crisis is by inviting all HK Permanent Residents 18 years old and above to participate in a referendum held in HK using the “Modified Borda Count” (MBC), a preferential multi-option voting system, offering 5 options which will be ranked by each voter according to their preferences. If necessary, this could be a UN mandated referendum. Hong Kong peoples have their rights to self-determination, civil liberties, human rights, democracy amongst other UN obligations. Please read and share our blogs below.

Letter to the Editor of an Irish Newspaper

Dear Editor, Decisions on the relaxation of Covid restrictions should not be influenced by the desires of a political leader to increase his/her ratings. Populism in politics can probably never be eliminated, but it could be reduced. Westminster's electoral system of first-past-the-post is manifestly unfair: the Tories with 43.6% of the vote won 56.2% of the MPs; so it's minority rule. The binary voting system in decision-making is even worse! When MPs voted on 'Johnson's Brexit deal', yes-or-no? a 'yes' might have just meant they didn't want 'no deal', and 'no' that they wanted Scottish independence. To take a binary vote on a non-binary question can be at least illogical, at worst a total nonsense. Covid and Climate Change suggest not only that nations should cooperate, but parties within nations should work together as well. This cannot best be done by voting ('for' or) 'against' each other. It could be done, however, in multi-option voting, the MPs casting their preferences 'with' each other. Thus could they identify the option with the highest average preference, and an average, of course, involves every MP, not just a majority of them. So binary majority rule could be replaced by a system of real majority rule, i.e., all-party power-sharing. It might be similar to that which is practiced in the seven-member Federal Council in Switzerland. Instead, therefore, of just one prime minister, the leader of just one party, there could be a team of, say, seven - the Swiss use a 'magic formula' by which the top five parties in parliament appoint 2-2-1-1-1 members, (and if the parties' electoral fortunes vary, the ratio can be, and has been, adjusted). Then, in Government, if there's no consensus for a decision, there's no decision. Would it work? It could work. It works in Switzerland. Yours sincerely, Peter Emerson The de Borda Institute 36 Ballysillan Road Belfast BT14 7QQ 07837717979 pemerson@deborda.org www.deborda.org

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