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Deeper than distrust : CCP's coercion for stability and prosperity

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

In our blogs we have over time stated that the people of Hong Kong (HK) do not trust either the central government under the guise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), or local government with Chief Executive (CE) Mrs Carrie Lam (CLam) at its helm.

Numerous media have documented the drivers that have fomented the distrust, particularly over the last two years:

Weaponising Covid-19: How state suppression breeds distrust and disinformation in Hong Kong, HKFP

The Place With Surprisingly High Vaccine Hesitancy, The Atlantic

Panic and rumours show how Hong Kong gov’t lost credibility long before the coronavirus arrived, HKFP 'Too late' for Hong Kong government to gain citizens' trust, DW

After a record turnout in HK local government elections held in November 2019, CLam acknowledged that the landslide win by pro-democracy candidates highlighted dissatisfaction with her administration. Results showed democratic candidates secured almost 90% of 452 district council seats in those elections, a poll that was widely seen as a barometer of the opposition to the Beijing-backed politician following months of unrest. (NPR)

Since the imposition of the draconian 'national security law' (NSL) in the city, levels of trust and confidence in the administration have NOT improved.

The HK drive to get people vaccinated against Covid-19 has at times been a bit clumsy, as it has struggled to get the right message across and to gain public trust, By end of May 2021 CLam herself admitted that "We couldn't even pay people to get jabs" (RTHK)

Increasingly, medical experts and even some government officials openly acknowledge the deep mistrust of HK's government.

Coronavirus: ‘vaccine bubble’ incentives aren’t enough, Hong Kong must get creative to dispel rumours, share facts about jabs, experts say, SCMP

Hong Kong vaccination drive struggles to gain public trust, NY Post

Unused Shots Pile Up as Mistrust Mars Hong Kong Vaccinations, Bloomberg

As of June 2021 the HK vaccination rate has only just hit 20%, and there is talk of the massive supply of vaccines purchased for the city's population reaching their expiry date before they can be put to use. Bereft of ideas, the administration is faced with an embarassing and thorny array of issues. Even the lacklustre management of quarantine arrangements has harmed the CLam administration, forcing her to publicly apologise.

Carrie Lam apologises for mass quarantine fiasco, RTHK

The word "distrust" now widely used is a major understatement and misrepresentation of that tension that exists between the people of HK and her illegitimate communist-inspired government. What we document here really only scratches the surface, however, of the rancour and tensions that characterise that relationship. 'Distrust' does not even begin to identify, nor describe, what is going on inside a feudal Chinese plutocracy such as China, Singapore or in Hong Kong.

In HK there is 'coercion' - criminal torture by the structural violence of its feudal Chinese plutocracy.

According to Wikipedia coercion is "compelling a party to act in an involuntary manner by use of threats, including propaganda or force. It involves a set of various types of forceful actions that violate the free will of an individual to induce a desired response, for example: a bully demanding lunch money from a student or else the victim of the extortion gets beaten."

Coercion is a primary tool used by CCP to control its people.

WTPOHK have written a number of times about CCP's coercion which only now, with heightened awareness during COVID, are peoples in democratic nations starting to see and hopefully deal with (please see our blogs listed below).

Besides the low take-up of free vaccinations offered by the HK government, what other signs and symptoms of a relationship that is out of kilter should be considered?

Firstly, the people of HK still actively support those businesses that identify with the Yellow Economy - that is to say they have a track record of being on the side of pro-democracy campaigners. Some recent incidents exemplify this:


"Hong Kong's Apple Daily tabloid responded with defiance on Tuesday to the arrest of owner Jimmy Lai under a new national security law imposed by Beijing, promising to “fight on” in a front-page headline over an image of Lai in handcuffs.

"Readers queued from the early hours to get copies of the pro-democracy tabloid a day after police raided its offices and took Lai into detention, the highest-profile arrest so far under the national security law. " (The Hindu)


New Chickeeduck store opening nuisance by National Security Division inspires public to line up for shopping support, (TodayChina)


AbouThai supporters show encouragement after Customs' raid, The Standard

AbouThai sees lunchtime rush after customs raid, RTHK

Secondly, large numbers of HK people ignored the threats and intimidation offered by the HK Police Force (HKPF), various security people and lawmakers concerning the June 6 candlelight remembrance of the Tiananman Square massacre. Even the arrest of a key figure in the organising body did not deter the supporters of "Democratic movements in China" (see our BLOG marking the Tiananmen Square commemoration).

These two things clearly show there is resistance to the HK government and that the pro-democracy movement in HK is alive and well! Others in HK are refusing to swear the now obligatory OATH, and many are resigning from their positions in the civil service.

For some people, making the decision to leave HK, whether temporarily or permanently, is their self-defining act of distancing themselves from the communist government.

No matter what steps CLam and her minions take, whether acting independently or under the direction of CCP, it generally meets a stonewall. The response of HK authorities has been to ratchet up the pressure on HK people, to lecture, threaten and cajole - all evidence of a government hell-bent on coercion.

How are HK people being coerced still?

There are direct and overt measures, and some others that remain more subtle and long term.

Here's a little list we gathered....it's far from complete!

1. Linguistic discrimination/mainlandisation

Security education supposedly for all, but disseminated information only in Chinese


All schools should teach in Mandarin: Billionnaire businessman Ronnie Chan


2. Police threat of arbitrary arrest, and actual arrests

Hong Kong Police Warn People Not to Attend Tiananmen Memorial, Arrest Organizer


Detained Hong Kong activist says arrest meant to 'frighten' (ABC)

Hong Kong Police Arrest Veteran Activist ‘Grandma Wong’ for Honoring Tiananmen Victims


Hong Kong police arrest two student activists ahead of protest anniversary over street booth


3. Take the oath or walk the plank

Civil servants have to take oath or be told to leave (RTHK)

Hong Kong rebel lawmakers protest China at oath-taking (BBC)

Hong Kong civil servants given four weeks to pledge loyalty to the government (NYPost)

12 Hong Kong district councilors disqualified (CGTN)

4. Get vaccinated or else face dismissal, or other consequences

Peninsula Hotel threatens to lay off staff if COVID-19 vaccination rate among employees does not reach 70% by month end (DimSumDaily)

Hong Kong Calls on Banks to Push Staff to Get Vaccinated (Caixin)

Hong Kong Turns to Carrot and Stick to Boost Sluggish Vaccination Drive (Caixin)

5. Manipulation of the media - or kill it completely!

Hong Kong government to rein in public broadcaster RTHK (Nikkei Asia)

RTHK: How authorities cracked down on Hong Kong's only public broadcaster (BBC News)

Editors of Hong Kong newspaper arrested under security law (ABC)

Police Arrest 'Apple Daily' Editors Under Hong Kong Security Law (NPR)

Inside HK and out, the push back against the CCP coercion is taking many forms...and the resistance continues!

Jeremiah B.


Kevin Carrico wrote "On the one hand, the Party tells us that nothing worth remembering happened in Peking in June 1989. And yet, on the other hand, if anything did actually happen, what the People’s Liberation Army did put China on the correct path of stability and prosperity." (Please see article below).

In today's CCP feudal Chinese plutocracy China's Emperor Xi Jinping is the law who alone is controlling its people-control-system by focusing ONLY on HIS ideology, politics, and personal pocket. He stays in power because he alone controls the people of China.

Robert Blohm said "China’s information-control system creates its own virus problems, and its people-control system solves them while enabling the spread of the problems to other countries." (Please see article below).

UN obligation of the ICCPR 'right to life' of citizens, which underpins Western democracies responses to COVID-19 putting human life above economics, does not exist in CCP's China. CCP since 1949 has killed over 77million of its own people.

. . . . . o o o o o . . . . .

WAKE UP! Emperor Xi jinping does not care about the demands from others on infections, deaths, nor science of the source or spread of COVID-19 : As far as CCP are concerned Xi jinping is sitting on his Middle Kingdom throne around which the whole world revolves and everyone else be dambed! END OF STORY!

Jeremiah B.

CCP, please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

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