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Data Privacy Statement 數據隱私聲明

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

(Please scroll down for Chinese translation 繁体中文请往下滑).

Our website is wethepeopleofhk.com ("website") which we also refer to as "we".

You can contact us by email contact@wethepeopleofhk.com if you have any questions about our website, our Data Privacy Statement or the data you as a "User" provides to this website.

The default is that by using our website you agree to our services and Data Privacy Statement as provided.

Our Data Privacy Statement explains how we use the personal data you provide us with:

  1. Access to our website is open to all. We recommend that you use a reputable VPN and / or Tails with Tor browser to access our website. We want everyone to enjoy freedom of access to information by having the best possible data privacy and security. For your protection we strongly recommend that everyone visiting our website does NOT communicate by email or in any other way with us.

  2. We do not own all of the videos or other online media we provide links to. We respect the copyright of the original owners and wish to provide a service that helps our Users find material relevant to issues of concern.

  3. Our website service provider for our website is wix.com and therefore we are dependent upon them. Except from what wix.com does we do not use any tracking tools or analytical software to locate you or record your use of this website. Be aware that sites we provide links to may track your visit to their site.

  4. If you wish as a User to Subscribe to our Newsletter, or email us for any reason, please provide ONLY your email address (no name is required). We strongly recommend that you use ONLY an anonymous email address which cannot be linked in any way to you. It is your responsibility if you do not follow this recommendation. You will NOT be asked by this website for other personal information such as your name, home address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, age, etc.

  5. We keep the Register of Newsletter Subscriber's email addresses ("Subscribers List") strictly confidential. We cannot be responsible for any third party or state hacking in any of its forms.

  6. We will NOT sell our Subscribers List to third parties or otherwise compromise its confidentiality.

  7. Your email address will be used by us to communicate with you on matters regarding the website operation, materials or issues related to the materials displayed on our website.

  8. You may at anytime cancel your Subscription by sending an email to us with the subject line “REMOVE”. Your email address will be removed from the Subscribers List within 24 hours.

  9. Your use of this website as a User is your acceptance of our Data Privacy Statement.

  10. Subscribers will be advised of any change to this Data Privacy Statement by email.





1. 所有人均可訪問本網站。我們建議您使用信譽良好的VPN或Tor來訪問該網站。我們希望每個人都擁有最佳的隱私和安全性,從而享有獲取信息的自由。我們強烈建議訪問我們網站的每個人都不要通過電子郵件或任何其他方式與我們交流。

2. 我們並不擁有提供鏈接的所有視頻和其他在線媒體。我們尊重原始所有者的版權,並希望提供一種服務來幫助我們的用戶(“用戶”)查找與所關注問題相關的材料。

3. 我們不會使用任何跟踪工具或分析軟件來查找您或記錄您對本網站的使用。請注意,我們提供鏈接的網站可能會跟踪您對他們網站的訪問。

4. 如果您希望以用戶身份訂閱我們的時事通訊,或出於任何原因給我們發送電子郵件,請僅提供您的電子郵件地址(不需要姓名)。我們強烈建議您僅使用無法鏈接到您的匿名電子郵件地址。如果您不遵循此建議,則是您的責任。本網站不會要求您提供其他個人信息,例如您的姓名,家庭住址,電話號碼,出生日期,性別,年齡等。

5. 我們對新聞通訊訂閱者的電子郵件地址(“訂閱者列表”)進行嚴格保密。我們不對任何形式的第三方或國家黑客負責。

6. 我們不會將我們的訂戶列表出售給第三方或以其他方式損害其保密性。

7. 我們將使用您的電子郵件地址與您交流有關網站運營,材料或與我們網站上顯示的材料有關的問題。

8. 您可以隨時通過向我們發送主題為“刪除”的電子郵件來取消您的訂閱。您的電子郵件地址將在24小時內從“訂戶列表”中刪除。

9. 您作為用戶使用本網站即表示您接受我們的數據隱私聲明。

10. 將通過電子郵件通知訂戶本數據隱私聲明的任何變更。

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