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Critical thinking: why is HK undertaking Phase III trials for Sinovac?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Why has HK effectively become the 'Xinjiang' of CCP's COVID-19 vaccination experiment? HK people have their ICCPR 'right to life' and something left of HK's rule OF law (not much, if any)!

Why is HK now effectively conducting Phase III COVID-19 vaccine trials for private Chinese company SinoVac? And how come the HK Public Purse is being raided yet again for a HK$1billion indemnity fund of up to HK$3million per claim to be allocated to claimants by a panel of 'experts'?

Who decided all this and why wasn't the HK public consulted? Why aren't the Courts involved in the distribution of the HK$1billion public funded indemnity fund?

So many unanswered questions!

China's COVID-19 vaccine problems are not being widely reported.

Bigger question is why does HK even need this HK$1billion public funded indemnity fund because HK has plenty of cash to do what Singapore is doing which is EARLY use of high quality mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer's!

Singapore has been vaccinating its citizens with Pifzer vaccines since early January 2021!

Instead of supporting science through the earliest possible vaccination of group 1 people (i.e. residents and staff of residential care homes for the elderly / persons with disabilities and other institutional facilities) with a quality mRNA vaccine, such as from Pfizer-BioNTech, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam (CLam) has instead been busy playing CCP politics supporting Sinovac.

Meanwhile HK people are getting infected. Some have long term health issues and others have sadly died!

Why was the first COVID-19 vaccine to be delivered to HK the mainland Chinese developed and manufactured Sinovac on 19 February 2021? Singapore got Pfizer delivery at the end of December 2020 with its vaccination program started in early January: HK is so late off the starting rank!

It appears CLam's photo op being the first person in HK to recieve a Sinovac jab was just to please CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping. Did CLam really receive a Sinovac jab or was it a BioNTech jab? In receiving a Sinovac vaccine CLam would have been willfully ignoring the fact that Sinovac has ONLY been approved and tested in China for age group 18-59 years old with numerous exemptions for health and that she is 63 years old!

RTHK on 28 February 2021 reported 'Man, 72, taken ill as 7,000 get Covid jabs.' The question we have is: why has a 72 year old HK man with hypertension even received a Sinovac vaccine? According to mainland China regulator this vaccine has only been used on patients between the ages of 18-59: also patients with hypertension are one of the many health exceptions that prohibits them from using the Sinovac vaccine! Does anyone remember the uproar in HK in January 2021 over potential problems with Pfizer's vaccination of elderly patients in Norway? We note that this week private doctors will start vaccinating HK people using Sinovac - i.e. there is likely to be more mayhem to come!

RTHK on 2 March 2021 reported 'Man dies two days after Covid-19 vaccination', a 63 year old man with comobidities after receiving a SinoVac vaccine on Friday, fell ill on Sunday went to QE hospital and by evening the same day he died. So called 'HK experts' suggest that the vaccine did not cause this man's death but what is needed is an independent Coroners Inquiry to more clearly establish the cause of his death; i.e. science must be used not politics;

As we have repeatedly stated in our blogs: SinoVac 'CoronaVac' vaccine for COVID-19 is according to mainland China regulations and has therefore only been tested for age group 18-59 years old 'healthy' people. The HK government are misrepresenting and misusing and therefore face charges of pandemicide in instances such as occurred to this 63 year old man who sadly passed away after SinoVac vaccine.

Charge CCP, CLam and HK government officials with pandemicide!

We already know that HK's rule of law is being progressively eroded and undermined.... ....what we see being imposed in its place is CCP's authoritarian rule BY law.

Since the Chief Executive (CE) is ABOVE the law - and because the CE is not included in HK's 'Bribery Ordinance' - there needs to be a Judicial independent Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the relationship between CE Carrie Lam and Sinovac!


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