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Critical thinking : SmartVirus versus SketchyVac program

Updated: Dec 27, 2020


Please use critical thinking: Please USE SCIENCE not politics!

WTPOHK are simply HongKongers trying to peacefully protest and uphold Hong Kong's (HK) Joint Declaration! We are not supporting conspiracies, nor mis-information. We are neither purposefully scraping data nor selling advertisements that make us money, etc. We seek TRUTH!

We suggest, based on CNN's and MSNBC's reporting in the videos below, that it is likely the newest higher 'strength' [i.e. transmission] mutation of SARS-CoV-2 is already in HK!


[Update 23 December 2020]: RTHK "the co-founder of BioNTech (partner with Pfizer) said on Tuesday it was "highly likely" that its vaccine would work against the mutated strain detected in Britain. And if not, the vaccine could be adapted in six weeks, said Ugur Sahin, adding that tests are already being run on the variant." This is reassuring!

IF this new mutation is in HK we are in even deeper trouble than we thought because of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) plus the HK government's focus on politicizing COVID-19 and both being 'hell bent' on destroying HK people!

If this mutated Covid virus strain is not yet in HK we are 'lucky'- BUT MOST LIKELY IT WILL SOON BE IN HK!

RTHK reports 22 December 2020 'Hong Kong bans UK flights over coronavirus variant'.

HISTORY: The Spanish Flu of 1918 infected about 1/3rd of the world's humans and killed 50 - 100 million people, mostly during the 2nd wave. The second wave was 'helped' by a weakened and therefore health compromised human population and their environment.

We note that the Wuhan virus Covid-19 is a paradigm shift in consciousness.


SmartVirus is SMART! Do NOT think we humans are naturally smarter than SmartVirus!

The world needs an international independent inquiry into China & World Health Organization WHO on COVID-19! We need accountability and someone to pay all these bills for what they have done!

[Update 24 December 2020: Dr. John Campbell: with new higher transmission strain 80% immuniazation of population needed to achieve 'herd imunity'!]

So far the HK government has, like USA, put all of its eggs in the basket of allopathic medicine and focused on a vaccination program instead of implementing all possible options including Non-Pharmaceutical Initiatives (NPI) + vaccination program to reach herd immunity of 70%+ [Update 24 December 2020: HK likely needs 80% immunization of population!]:

  1. UN's supreme human right is the 'right to life.' What this means is that we the people decide what vaccination if any we have - our decision has nothing to do with CCP or HK government!

  2. The focus on just vaccinations is fundamentally wrong because until there is a political solution HK will NOT be able to reach vaccination program for herd immunity of 70%+!

  3. We need mandatory face mask wearing outside of home across HK at all times - which is counter to Carrie Lam's 2019 face mask prohibition regulation for HK protesters;

  4. HK must LOCKDOWN all borders with China and as needed travel to / from all countries. Today 22 Dec. 2020 HK reported 63 new cases the lowest in the last 30 days; by comparison Taiwan today reported its FIRST locally transmitted case in 250 days! HK maybe doing better than USA and UK but is far behind Taiwan in controlling this global pandemic COVID-19!

  5. NOTHING SAID OR DONE BY CCP IS THE TRUTH! Our understanding is that for HK government to save CCP 'face' it is accepting whatever CCP is telling them about COVID-19 in China - which as everyone in HK and around the world knows are lies! (please see RTHK 22 December 2020 article comment by Dr. Ho calling mainland China 'low risk" country).

  6. HK should follow stricter scientific based social distancing regulations i.e. not driven by politics of limiting protests!;

  7. Give financial support direct to HK people NOT just for HK businesses - i.e. PAY DIRECT TO ALL HK PEOPLE TO STAY HOME TO STOP SARS-CoV-2 TRANSMISSION;

  8. HK government has NOT adequately controlled and reduced the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in HK! We have had daily new case numbers around the 100 mark for nearly 20 days! Put SCIENTISTS in charge, not HK officials ARSE-KISSING CCP!;

  9. FIRE Secretary of Health CHP head Sophia Chan who has shown she is incompetent, negligent like the rest of the HK government which is too busy kissing up to CCP! Sophia Chan, and all HK government is unaccountable; she is ultimately responsible for the recent death at home - waiting to be quarantined - of an elderly woman with COVID-19! 800 people have not received results of COVID-19 tests!

  10. HK's current vaccination program 'SketchyVac' needs to be scrapped! Its time for Chief Executioner Carrie Lam administration to be FIRED for placing and ordering vaccines from corrupt Chinese company Sinovac who have yet to release their 3rd trial results and are ready to ship!


  12. NO SKETCHYVACS!! When it is clear which vaccines work best from the most reliable vaccine companies (i.e. NOT CHINA!) only then should we purchase them! [Update 25 December 2020] China's Sinovac has not released 3rd trials results and will not be available in HK next month: i.e. SCRAP HK'S PURCHASE and place an order with a better vaccine (e.g. Moderna?) if HK is to have any chance of reaching herd immunization! Sinovac 50% efficacy in Brazil.

  13. HK people get to CHOOSE the vaccine they want - NOT (as it is currently) HK government selects what HK people get! [Update 23 December 2020] Now HK people get to choose the vaccine they want - CLam said it was a 'misunderstanding'!

  14. [Update: 25 December 2020] RTHK reported "Welfare Secretary Law Chi-kwong, meanwhile, said health authorities are deciding which brand of vaccine to use for vulnerable groups of people, including care home residents and staff who will be given priority to be inoculated." WAIT - ISN'T EVERYONE GOING TO GET THE VACCINE THAT THEY WANT? MORE HK GOVERNMENT BS!!

  15. It appears that RNA vaccines can be created more quickly and they are more effective than traditional vaccines such as China's Sinovac and UK's AstraZeneca (already ordered and paid for from HK public purse)! SCIENCE IS NEEDED, NOT POLITICS!

  16. Chief Executioner Carrie Lam MUST resign or be fired! Political reform: Universal and equal suffrage; 5 demands not one less! We burn - you burn!

  17. [Update: 25 December 2020] RTHK reported "Government adviser Yuen Kwok-yung said on Friday that the three types of coronavirus vaccines procured by the government may not be able to help Hong Kong avoid asymptomatic infections, but he stressed there is still an urgent need for everyone to get inoculated." NOT GOOD!!

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

Further references:

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  • RTHK 22 December 2020 'Hong Kong bans UK flights over coronavirus variant'

  • RTHK 22 December 2020 'Govt has the power to ban HK people from returning'

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Analyse all Covid cases from the UK, urges expert

RTHK 22 December 2020 (format added)

University of Hong Kong microbiologist Ho Pak-leung on Tuesday urged the government to analyse all samples from Covid-19 patients who have flown in from the UK, to find out if a new and more contagious strain has reached the territory.

Speaking on a Commercial Radio programme, Dr Ho said there was something special about the 45 imported cases from the UK since early November, as 85% of the patients – a higher percentage than usual – showed no symptoms.

He warned that those infected with the new strain reported in the UK have a high viral load in their respiratory tracts, adding that the strain could reproduce much more quickly than the one found in Wuhan at the start of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, infectious disease specialist Joseph Tsang from the Medical Association said the government should consider banning more flights from Europe when infection numbers there spike.

He told an RTHK programme that it was not enough to target travellers from the UK as the strain that emerged in September has possibly spread to other European countries before they, like Hong Kong, suspended air travel with the UK.

Dr Tsang added that the government should extend the quarantine period for people returning from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark to 21 days – a week longer than other inbound travellers – and put them into quarantine camps instead of hotels.

These travellers should also be tested more often during their final week of quarantine, he said.

Dr Ho echoed Tsang's views, saying all incoming travellers, except those flying in from low-risk places like the mainland* and Taiwan, should undergo 21 days of quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading in the community.

*[MAINLAND 'LOW RISK'?? This is a CCP lie which to ensure HK public health must NOT be used in HK! Nobody in HK or around the world believes CCP's numbers, methods, vaccines or anything else! To protect HK people the Health Department must be prudent and careful in its approach because UN's supreme human right is ICCPR Right to Life].

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