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Critical thinking: how to identify misinformation

Updated: Feb 6

Truth has no consequences - everything else does!

Today the Hong Kong (HK) government says that it upholds the rule OF law, whilst the overwhelming majority of HK people reject this claim. Since, by definition, the rule OF law is a matter for the public to decide, it is reasonable to suggest that HK has no rule OF law.

HK's education system, until 2021, provided some critical thinking in its 'Liberal Studies' subject taught in High Schools. Today under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) the entire HK population is only being taught to obey their commands. Thus, without being able to add value there is no prosperity in the economy.

The highest value added is human creativity. How is anyone expected to contribute to GDP when they do not have the education nor public space for critical thinking! ? !

To be able to understand and analyze information using critical thinking is to be able to thrive today and into the future.

It's not just children who are having difficulty understanding - every human is trying to cope with the exponential growth of misinformation in our increasingly digital world.

Non-profit 'News Literacy Project' has resources such as 'Checkology' which many of us can learn from.

Here are some videos and articles that may be helpful.

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