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COVID is two human developmental phases beyond CCP's feudal Chinese plutocracy

Dependent - independent - interdependent : i.e. the steps of dependent children to interdependent adults, are considered to be the maturing developmental stages of humans that best deal with increasingly complex issues. Leaders should similarly take note of basic principles required of leadership in an interdependent world.

Ignoring international conventions, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has decided that nobody in China, Macau nor Hong Kong (HK) can mention, protest, demand nor have their UN ICCPR human rights including self-determination.

The 2019 paradigm shift that caused COVID-19 is symbiotic for Earth and all onboard her. To eradicate COVID and align humanity with the new paradigm, all humans must seek interdependency - as exampled by everyone wearing face masks, adhering to lockdowns, social distancing, testing and vaccination programs.

CCP has not yet begun, and can not begin because of its nationalist agenda, to deal with the issues of Han Chinese people being 'independent' let alone 'interdependent' with CCP nor the world! CCP no longer has a role to play either inside or outside China.

CCP is a nuclear armed, militarized religious cult! CCP is a terrorist organization that has killed at least 77million of its own citizens!

Europe went through the Reformation more than 200 years ago to rid itself of the Catholic church's hold over its States and peoples. A similar kind of revolution is destined to occur in the case of CCP.

CCP, with its Han Chinese feudal plutocracy, is keeping the people of China, and increasingly others across the world, locked up inside its 2,000 year old abusive system of dependency. This is a very long way from the modern needs of being interdependent in the paradigm shift of the planet and the people's health interdependency.

Today in Macau, HK and mainland China there is state orchestrated drive for 'stability' using coercion as a means of torture caused by the structural violence of CCP's feudal Chinese plutocracy. Simply explained, if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which include arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 pandemic source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, etc.

Sooner or later CCP will fall. It will then be up to the people of China to decide how they will become interdependent in the new paradigm.

COVID is helping Earth and humanity to correct itself : This will only happen if we humans can fully take onboard the paradigm shift which is symbiotic for Earth and all onboard her.

Each individual MUST take personal responsibility to live and function interdependently with Earth and all onboard her : Everyone MUST participate to strengthen democracy worldwide, to solve humanities' key problems of climate change, COVID, etc.

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

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