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COVID eradication : 2022 mandatory vaccinations globally

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

WTPOHK suggested in March 2020 that COVID-19 was caused by a paradigm shift that we referred to at the time as being symptomatic of 'Earth's healthy interdependency'. With the arrival of Delta and other Covid variants it is ever more apparent that governments and individuals must act in concert with one another to combat the disease, in a fight for survival.

It's not about my health - it's about our health, yours and mine : Its about public health. We are only as healthy as the least healthiest amongst us.

Firstly, to eradicate the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease that it creates COVID-19, humanity needs to understand and embrace what it means to become much more interdependent with itself and all life on Earth. Current inequalities between rich and poor people, and well-resourced and developing countries only allows this coronavirus to mutate and become more transmissive and stronger. We all breath the same air - there is no difference between us.

Secondly, to eradicate COVID as soon as possible, at least 70-80% of all humans globally must simultaneously take high efficacy vaccines, because this virus has already spread around most of Earth.

We note that all humans have their UN supreme right - the 'right to life'. It is therefore only just and fair that vaccines are available to all.

Western allopathic medicine has targeted vaccines as being the the best tools humanity has to eradicate COVID. Humanity has been using vaccinations for decades - some have been a part of mandatory vaccination programs.

There is clear evidence that in USA and other countries that unvaccinated people who are infected with COVID-19 form the highest number of patients with serious COVID illnesses and deaths.

In the interest of public health, if people are to participate in public health initiatives to eradicate COVID then governments the world over must seek mandatory vaccination programs and accept the legal consequences of their Supreme Court decisions. In autocratic jurisdictions this could mean a continuance and acceleration of human rights abuses.

Vaccinated people are now participating as best they can in public health, acting responsibly with concern for others - exercising interdependency. However, not all of the world's governments are able to secure the high efficacy mRNA vaccines used in USA or EU.

It has been demonstrated and argued in Supreme Courts that governments have the right to mandate fully approved vaccinations in the interest of public health. The use of vaccination mandates is, however, a means of 'coerced' interdependency of its people by government.

The game changer of COVID eradication was the US FDA's recent full approval of Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID vaccine : Pfizer's jab is no longer just approved for 'emergency use' - it is now recognized as being safe, and its use is now financially underwritten and supported by the US Government. Other mRNA vaccines, all from US firms, are likely to also soon be fully approved by FDA.

Pfizer recently announced that soon it will apply for US FDA approval for its vaccine for children 5-11 years old. Pfizer's vaccine would then be approved for age groups 5-85+ years old.

The effect of full FDA's approval of mRNA approvals is that leading democracies' vaccination programs have moved on from the original 2019 Wuhan virus and are now having to deal with the Delta variant whilst planning for future stronger and more transmissive mutations.

Not only is this a race to eradicate COVID, but it is also a race to save human lives and economies.

Competing non-mRNA vaccines, such as China's Sinovac, are simply unable to compete with the newer mutations : These vaccine manufacturers are unable to match the six week turnaround of new mRNA vaccines for new variants. [see Blog on low Sinovac efficacy below]

Those people and countries using 'traditional' vaccines will find themselves outside of the leading countries' bubbles. Countries like China, and others, will most likely have to rely upon 'foreign influences' of vaccines designed and made outside their territory.

How will countries or territories with non-mRNA or mixed vaccines be able to mandate their vaccination program unless all of their vaccines pass the highest scrutiny : e.g. US FDA full approval? Ultimately all humanity around the world must have the highest possible efficacy vaccination if we are to eradicate COVID.

Politicians and each state's political system, like it or not, will also have to take on this global mandate. All countries must abide by UN international treaties including W.H.O. 'International Health Regulations'.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) must comply with UN's WHO requests and release all COVID data, and be subjected to international scientists' scrutiny into the source of SARS-CoV-2. CCP must stop playing politics because this disease is deadly and CCP is not powerful enough to win against nature! CCP's lies about COVID inside China will catch up with them sooner or later!

For example, in Hong Kong (HK) the CCP controlled government lead by Carrie Lam (CLam) is conflicted in many ways in everything it does! Sinovac inoculation has been used by roughly half the population : The other half chose BioNTech. The reality of HK's vaccination program using Sinovac is that it is now IMPOSSIBLE for HK to achieve its stated goal of herd immunity. So how will HK be able to mandate and enforce Sinovac vaccines? CLam's strategy of zero new case infections means that the economy will remain locked down : Yet at the same time she is now permitting 2,000 mainland Chinese a day to visit HK! We hope CLam wins re-election as Chief Executive for a second term only because she is doing a great job of destroying CCP!

What is at stake for all humanity is clear : COVID is the age of arms for jabs not war.

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

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