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Correcting the narrative : 'CCP hate' NOT 'Asian hate'

1. Correcting the narrative

Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) 'Wuhan virus' SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 has infected at least 167million and killed as many as 12million people worldwide, excluding its death toll in China. This has caused global long term economic costs that Economists Summers-Cutler estimated in October 2020 to be in excess of US$16Trillion.

CCP is a virus that creates viruses! CCP likes to promote its lies, using bullying and coercion to hold people hostages to their narratives so they can stay in power in China and expand worldwide :

+ For your own wellbeing do not become a hostage of CCP's or to anyone else's narratives! See 'reality' for what you discern it to be : i.e. 'reality' is not necessarily what we are told it is! ;

+ All democracies and their citizens MUST fully take onboard that history has proven CCP does not care about global norms, treaties, people's UN supreme 'right to life', deaths nor any other losses anywhere in the world : CCP only cares that it remains in power in China. CCP gaslights, divides and conquers using false narratives to ensure everyone everywhere believes and obeys so that it can grow its viral criminal organization worldwide ;

+ CCP as a virus must be identified and treated as such. All of humanity, including the people of China, has a serious problem with the values and behaviour of CCP, the one-party totalitarian ruler of China who is responsible for the death of more than 77million Chinese since 1949 ;

+ It is important for all narratives on China to clearly differentiate between the parasitic virus CCP and its current host the people of China. CCP represents only itself - which is less than 100million (7.1%) wealthy, corrupted people out of China's total population 1.4billion : Remaining 92.9% of the people of China are in reality CCP 'slaves' - e.g. Xinjiang, China's minority Muslim Uighers.

CCP's Mao Zhedong was a traitor who conspired with the Japanese Army : There was no Civil War in China 1945-1949. When convenient for CCP it likes to portray itself as the one and only party 'representing' China - yet there has never been democratic open and fair elections in communist China to international standards of universal and equal suffrage ;

+ CCP's China is responsible for the orgin, initial spreading and therefore for the majority of the world's growing losses of life, health and financial wealth from Wuhan virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. UN's W.H.O. says the Wuhan virus was preventable ;

+ CCP, since at least its 2019 release of SARS-CoV-19 and subsequent spreading, has proven itself to be unwilling and unable to live up to its UN treaty obligation W.H.O. 'International Health Regulations' (2005). CCP is NOT a responsible global partner - this is CCP's problem, not the rest of the world's ;

+ Globally, during the COVID-19 pandemic many 'Asian hate' crimes are rooted in the cause of 'CCP hate crimes' and are in effect being projected onto 'Asians' - in particular those that appear to look 'Chinese'.

Many people around the world are very angry at CCP as the origin and initial spreader of COVID-19 for their denials AND the failure of their own politicians to listen and act upon the will of the people and come up with answers and solutions! Many citizens around the world have lost their 'normal' lifestyle, family members, friends, job, income, freedom to socialize and of movement, leisure activities, etc.

CCP wants to play to its domestic China audience newsreels of 'Asian' victims of 'violent' 'Asian hate crimes'. This only increases the division and militarization on both sides.

WTPOHK contends that, in light of the fact that these crimes occurred during the COVID-19 global pandemic, most 'Asian hate' crimes should more correctly be termed as 'CCP hate' crimes for which CCP should be held ultimately responsible. The perpetrators of these hate crimes must be held personally responsible - but societies also need to more correctly address how CCP virus's corrosive narratives and behaviour affect societies worldwide.

Politicians around the world have been focused on their country's survival during a global pandemic and have yet to effectively deal with citizen's emotions and reactions towards their own failings and to the CCP virus as the origin and initial spreader of COVID-19. This failure to address underlying Wuhan virus issues MUST quickly change for there to be any return of a resemblance of global stability and prosperity in the medium to long term.

Ultimately, to stop future global pandemics, those responsible for SARS-CoV-2 must be held accountable including financially paying for people's losses! Massive changes must be made by the rest of the world towards the CCP virus and China to significantly reduce the risk of another global pandemic.

2. Unless and until all humanity is inter-dependently cooperating to reduce, then eradicate CCP virus as well as Wuhan virus the world will never overcome these viruses!

In 2019 CCP declared biological war on all of humanity by deliberately releasing and spreading the laboratory created coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Post-paradigm shift that resulted in Wuhan virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19, citizens worldwide are increasingly demanding answers and realistic and achievable solutions.

Wuhan virus does not discriminate : It is a parasitic virus, just like CCP, that just wants somewhere to live and to eventually kill as it continues to murderously grow around the world.

The democratic world is now busy vaccinating its citizens and others against the ongoing threats of CCP's Wuhan virus. Meanwhile CCP virus is busy playing vaccine politics to coerce international support, including in the UN, for the growth of CCP virus : CCP's China exported 500million COVID-19 vaccines yet until April 2021 only vaccinated 50million (3.55%) of its citizens in China out of a total population of 1.4billion : USA, UK and other countries have done the opposite by vaccinating their citizens first.

As time goes on inequalities in COVID-19 treatment and vaccination programs between peoples of the world will only grow unless all people feel they are being treated fairly and equally. All of the world's governments must cooperate for the common survival of the human species : The question remains how to effectively decouple from CCP virus!

In a few years, if there is no end in sight from the COVID-19 global pandemic, then emotions could increasingly be channeled negatively - including towards violence. Potentially no longer would the UN supreme 'right to life' be as widely supported as the world deteriorates, at least in part, into a jungle style 'fight for life'. CCP virus and other regimes with authoritarian tendencies encourage this to happen because it would benefit their rule of tyranny and oppression!

If our collective human energy can be channeled into the positives of understanding, accepting and committing to move forwards into the new paradigm and lifestyle of Earth's healthy inter-dependency all onboard her will greatly benefit from tackling issues such as sustainability and global climate change.

3. Take personal responsibility through grief to move onto our collective new 'normal' lifestyle

People worldwide are experiencing their emotions, mental stress and issues because of CCP virus and its Wuhan virus : People are taking personal responsibility by expressing their grief.

Post-paradigm shift that caused the Wuhan virus, the key issue for our personal health and wellbeing is to grieve, to accept and commit to the 'death' of our previous 'normal lifestyle'. For the common good of humanity each of us lovingly and willingly must now commit to moving into the new 'normal' lifestyle of Earth's healthy inter-dependency.

Citizens in democracies need their representative politicians to be urgently and proactively seeking answers from CCP on the COVID-19 origin and spread, AND creating worldwide solutions to bring everyone inter-dependently onboard to eradicate COVID effectively as soon as possible.

Democratic polticians need to take a firm proactive stance against CCP which ensures long term benefits for members of their constituency. Currently the most viable path forwards appears to be a high quality international standard vaccination program that all governments must cooperate on and operate.

Nobody is healthy until we are all healthy :

I get vaccinated to protect YOU and me - its no longer just about ME - its about US :

The world, including the people of China, must urgently decouple from CCP virus and its viruses so the people of China can move forwards with their own multi-party democracy as they wanted to in 1989!

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

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