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Communist HK's illegitimate Legislative Council

It is well known that there is little trust in the Hong Kong (HK) government of Carrie Lam. For the average HKer, the government is increasingly irrelevant, and to others it is viewed as a growing threat. It is in this context that the question has to be asked about the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and HK's governing body the Legislative Council.

Definition: 'illegitimate' means 'not sanctioned by law or customs.'

WTPOHK wish to posit the following grounds upon which HK's Legislative Council (LegCo) is an illegitimate HK government organ:

1) HK people are not being given the opportunity to choose their own destiny

It is the HK pro-democracy protesters who uphold UN treaties and obligations including ICCPR, Joint Declaration and its rule OF law.

CCP and HK government are in BREACH of UN obligations including ICCPR, Joint Declaration and the rule OF law : Today communist HK only has CCP's arbitrary rule BY law as exampled by its 1 July 2020 'national security law'.

Self-determination is a UN fundamental human right which CCP and HK government does NOT apply in HK : This is CCP's problem and nobody elses!

To solve the political crisis that CCP created, it has chosen a 'scorched Earth policy' of arbitrarily equating 'self determination' to 'independence' : Under its 1 July 2020 'national security law' CCP has arbitrarily lumped anyone that does not obey CCP's rule BY law to be a criminal. Thus we witness a whole raft of disqualifications and prosecutions under flimsy or dubious pretexts.

Missing from ICCPR HK local legislation 'HK Bill of Rights Ordinance' (HKBORO) Cap.383 is ICCPR Article 1 the right to self-determination:

"1. All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

2. All peoples may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of international economic co-operation, based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and international law. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.

3. The States Parties to the present Covenant, including those having responsibility for the administration of Non-Self-Governing and Trust Territories, shall promote the realization of the right of self-determination, and shall respect that right, in conformity with the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations."

The will of HK people is currently NOT the authority of HK government as it must be under UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 20.3 (quote):

"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures."

The fact that CCP and HK government ignores HK legislation HKBORO article 21 illustrates the extent of the oppression of HK people and the current realities of HK's arbitrary rule BY law. ICCPR HK legislation 'HK Bill of Rights Ordinance' (HKBORO) Cap.383 Article 21:

"Every permanent resident shall have the right and the opportunity, without any of the distinctions mentioned in article 1(1) and without unreasonable restrictions-

(a) to take part in the conduct of public affairs, directly or through freely chosen representatives;

(b) to vote and to be elected at genuine periodic elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret ballot, guaranteeing the free expression of the will of the electors;

(c) to have access, on general terms of equality, to public service in Hong Kong.

[cf. ICCPR Art. 25]".

Under the Joint Declaration HK people have a 'high degree of autonomy' : i.e. we are NOT to have ZERO autonomy which is what HK people now have under the 1 July 2020 'national security law'!

2) The feelings, thoughts, and opinions of HK people are being denied and suppressed

Since the 9 June 2019 mass peaceful anti-extradition protest, the majority of approximately 70% of HK people support having pro-democratic elected representatives in District Councils, in the Legislative Council (LegCo) and serving as the Chief Executive by universal and equal suffrage.

Currently LegCo and Chief Executive elections are illegitimate because they are not according to ICCPR HK legislation HKBORO article 21 and other UN obligations including the Joint Declaration.

District Councils are currently the ONLY universal and equal suffrage elections held in HK : In 24 November 2019 District Council elections HK people elected majority pro-democratic District Councillors. With 85% of seats (388/452) and 17/18 Districts controlled by pro-democratic District Councillors the clear winners were the pro-democrat majority of HK people which includes protesters and their 5 demands.

CCP, after seriously failing and losing 'face' in the 2019 HK District Council universal and equal suffrage elections, instead of starting a dialog with HK people chose to use its dead-end 'nuclear' option. CCP's 1 July 2020 'national security law' has now effectively nuked everyone and everything, including itself!

Under HK's UN obligations and Joint Declaration the will of HK people MUST be the basis of the authority of the HK government.

The action on 6 June 2020 of the majority (17/18) of District Councillors voting to reject the CCP's NPC's HK 'national security law' means that under HK's Joint Declaration this is the will of the people of HK which the CCP and HK government must act upon!

Annexation of HK is not a simple 'cleanup on aisle three' by CCP! Having repeatedly breached international treaties the only way forwards now for the world's 'democratic alliance' (i.e. USA, EU, etc.) is to de-couple from CCP and to stay away until China 'de-contaminates' by reforming itself under the rules based international order, becoming a more responsible global partner for cooperation. Anything else would unacceptably further degrade the international rule OF law.

Instead of lawfully recognizing and acting according to the the will of HK people, CCP and the HK government has been busy marginalizing pro-democratic District Councillors and LegCo lawmakers!

The experience, character, attitude and emotions of HK Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam (CLam) makes her uniquely unqualfied for her role as CE - she is simply unable to connect to HK people : CLam has no empathy whatsoever for anyone - and like CCP, she lies! Every CE chosen by CCP has been worse than the previous and to date no HK CE has completed their second term.

3) 'Authorities' are exercising power they don't legally have, and they aren't being kept in check

HK was a British (UK) colony from 1841 until 1 July 1997 when under UN international treaty 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong ('Joint Declaration') the British handed over all of its territories in HK to China's ruling party CCP for the agreed period of 50 years :

+ The British government at the end of its 99 year land leases on 30 June 1997 returned to China the New Territories and lands in Kowloon peninsula north of Boundary Street.

+ The British also returned to China lands it owned in perpetuity being Hong Kong Island and Kowloon peninsula north until Boundary Street : The fact of handing over territories held in perpetuity is significant in that, unlike land leases, these territories have significant value beyond 30 June 1997.

Under UN international treaties and the rule OF law from 1 July 1997 for 50 years through until 2047 the Constitution of HK is the Joint Declaration because it constitutes the entirety of the agreement between UK and China. There is no other agreement between UK and China on HK.

HK protesters uphold the Joint Declaration and its rule OF law : CCP and HK government do NOT uphold the Joint Declaration nor HK's rule OF law!

The reality of HK's monolithic government structure is that the judiciary is not independent! On 4 September 2019 SCMP reported CCP saying “The Hong Kong government, including the executive, legislative and judiciary branches, as well as all sectors of society must take ‘bridling turmoil and curbing violence’ as the city’s most pressing task and the overwhelming priority,” Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO) spokesman Yang Guang said on Tuesday. “Especially to those key violent criminals and their backstage masterminds, organisers and agitators, [we] must show no mercy and pursue till the end."

CCP and HK government having seriously lost 'face' in the 24 November 2019 District Council elections intensified their brutal police crackdown on peaceful mass protests until the outbreak in HK of China's Wuhan coronavirus in late January 2020 curtailed HK protests.

The CCP and HK government faced almost certain defeat in the scheduled 6 September 2020 Legislative Council (LegCo) elections : Under a political smoke screen of COVID-19 social distancing regulations LegCo elections in 2020 were postponed for at least 12 months - which conventiently required CCP's rubber stamp National Peoples Congress (NPC) to once again illegally intervene in HK by making its 'interpretation'.

In yet another twist, with CCP's and Carrie Lam's paranoia added for good measure, NPC decided to throwout from LegCo 4 moderate pro-democratic lawmakers who had been elected by HK people : End result was all 15 remaining pro-democratic lawmakers resigned en masse leaving LegCo to operate without any representation for the majority of HK people!

CCP please answer these UN letters to China:

These UN letters from expert special rapporteurs lay out the rules-based international communities rule OF law responses to CCP and HK government actions in HK.

As with everything CCP and HK government does there is no basis under the rule OF law for anything it says nor does : CCP is a liar and is not to be trusted!

4) Legitimate non-CCP stakeholders in HK affairs are being sidelined

Legitimate non-CCP stakeholders include:

  • HK people; locals and foreigners with HK Permanent Resident status, adults and children;

  • Foreign nationals visiting HK; including those working in HK but not yet HK Permanent Residents; including Domestic Helpers;

  • HK people as investors;

  • Taiwan and its people;

  • Foreign nationals as investors;

  • Foreign businesses as investors in HK, including HK registered companies;

  • Foreign governments whose citizens are investing, living, working or visting HK;

  • Multilateral institutions : e.g. UN.

The UK government has stated that the 1 July 2020 'national security law' was the third breach of the Joint Declaration.

Importantly, we need to consider the special relationship between the ex-colonial UK government, representing the people of the UK, who are co-signatories with the CCP in UN international treaty 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong.

The British government, prior to this agreement, had ownership of the lands on Hong Kong Island and on Kowloon Peninsula as far north as Boundary Street in perpetuity. They agreed to hand the land over in exchange for the agreed terms of the Joint Declaration : i.e. UK people remain until 30 June 2047 as significant stakeholders in HK.

To support HK people the UK is offering 3 million HK people with BN(O) passports a pathway to UK citizenship!

Subsequently, as the US was sidelined, President Donald Trump cancelled America's special trade status with HK. USA has also handed out sanctions against individuals involved in the suppression of human rights of HK people.

CCP's actions around the world are increasingly unacceptable to the rules-based international order of democratic countries that comprises roughly 60% of world GDP : this democratic alliance is now pushing back against CCP's rule BY law.

5) CCP's NPC 'interventions' have no legal justification

Because the Joint Declaration 'constitutes' the entire agreement between the parties, it is HK's 'Constitution'. Such a view is enlightening to everyone who is a stakeholder in HK and is aligned with the views held by the UK government.

'Conveniently' CCP seems to have forgotten that under the Joint Declaration article 3.3 (quote): "The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will be vested with executive, legislative and independent judicial power, including that of final adjudication. The laws currently in force in Hong Kong will remain basically unchanged."

Reference to the Joint Declaration article 3.12 (quote):

"(12) The above-stated basic policies of the People's Republic of China regarding Hong Kong and the elaboration of them in Annex I to this Joint Declaration will be stipulated, in a Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, by the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China, and they will remain unchanged for 50 years."

The Joint Declaration contains: The basic policies of PRC and the elaboration of them is in Annex I; The 'Basic Law' was written by the Chinese side and must remain unchanged for 50 years from 1 July 1997.

Under the Joint Declaration HK must have an independent judiciary and final adjudication and the Basic Law is to remain unchanged for 50 years : NPC 'interpretations' are therefore CCP's attempts at illegally changing the Basic Law.

NPC has been illegally been adding its 'interpretations' into the Joint Declarations Annex III which is titled 'Land Leases' - yet since 1 July 1997 there is no land lease between the two parties!

WTPOHK suggests that there is no legal basis under HK's Constitution the Joint Declaration for any NPC's interpretations until the natural termination at midnight 30 June 2047 after which China can do whatever it wants.

6) The make-up of HK's Legislative Council is deliberately unbalanced

HK, like Singapore and China, is a feudal Chinese plutocracy : HK has never been a democracy - and so its Legislative Council (LegCo) has always been a show, just for pretence!

Neither the British nor the Chinese governments ever asked the people of HK if they wanted their city handed back to China and CCP in 1997!

Thus we have CCP's current strategy: CCP does not want HK people - because it has plenty of mainland Chinese who can live in HK. CCP only wants HK the place!

For the rulers to remain in control HK has always deliberately had unbalanced representation in its governing body, LegCo : First with the colonial British and now the Imperial CCP.

Today it is the 70% majority of HK people who are HK protesters who uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law :

The CCP and HK government is in BREACH of the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law :

Today it is the 70% majority of HK people who are HK protesters who hold only a MINORITY representation in a LegCo, and that body is illegitimate since it is not formed on the basis of universal and equal suffrage elections :

Unacceptably to the majority of HK people, the HK elites and pro-Beijing supporters who number 30% of HK population enjoy MAJORITY representation in LegCo!

The will of HK people is currently NOT the authority of the current illegitimate HK government : CCP's arbitrary rule BY law is the authority of the HK government.

Nationalist CCP is now assuming that at any time it wants it can do whatever it wants anywhere in the world! HK has always been one of the primary places where CCP members stash away their ill-gotten wealth and practices from prying mainland Chinese eyes : In HK there is a significant CCP push for a reduction in transparency including corporate transparency.

Having lost by a landslide the 24 November 2019 HK District Council universal and equal suffrage elections, CCP feared it would lose the 6 September 2020 LegCo elections and its control over HK. To remain in power CCP annexed HK under the disguise of its COVID-19 pandemic response when it postponed 2020 LegCo elections for at least 12 months allowing itself time to introduce its arbitrary rule BY law HK 'national security law', and 'fix' LegCo so HK elites and pro-Beijing patriotic loyalist supporters retain power! Sweeping electoral "reform" is now in the pipeline for HK, backed by CCP and pro-Beijing politicos.

It is legitimate to ask whether HK's Legislature has ever been "balanced" and fully representative of its people?

After coming into power in 1949 CCP never allowed the British colonial government to provide democracy for HK people : e.g. in the late 1950's the British were warned by CCP's Chou Enlai not to attempt to copy in HK the independence of the city State of Singapore.

In fact, by conspiring with the Japanese' enemy against CCP's partner Chiang Kai-shek's KMT (ROC) CCP's Mao Zedong was a Chinese TRAITOR during the Sino-Japanese War! There was no Chinese civil war! The first major Allied country to recognize CCP as the ruler of China was Britain.

The British gave face to China, who never really deserved it.

By the end of the 1970's, with immigration waves following WWII and the Cultural Revolution, roughly 2/3rds of HK people were refugees escaping from CCP's China. HK people intimately know the CCP - which is why they so strongly distrust CCP to do the right things!

The British - faced with a relatively large and growing population and being unable to develop HK democracy in the 1970's to meet HK people's needs - turned their attention to instead to strengthening the rule of law, providing 'social welfare' including a large public housing rental program (to remove 'squatter huts' and their hazards), free education and health care services, and building HK's reputation as an international trade and finance centre.

Since 1 July 1997 handover, rental public housing has been decimated by greedy HK elite property developers, corrupt HK government officials and CCP : HK has had the least affordable housing in the world for the last 10 years, with one of the largest gaps between the rich and poor with 1/5 people living below the poverty line! At least 50% of HK is owned by roughly 6 families who are the leading property developers.

HK Chinese 'elites' are a numerical minority and have always worked for their rulers - be they British or mainland Chinese : The HK Chinese elites control LegCo because they control the Functional Constituency seats which illegally provides them with more than one vote.

HK, like China, is a feudal Chinese plutocracy. HK does not have universal and equal suffrage elections for its LegCo because CCP and HK elites do not want all HK people to have the 'privileges' that they enjoy.

Because LegCo controls the law, HK Public Purse, HK government executive, etc. the Chinese feudal plutocracy rulers together with the HK elites unbalances representation in Legco.

For decades the underlying problem of HK politics - which has now become a crisis - is the lack of 'universal and equal suffrage' elections for LegCo and the Chief Executive.

The first directly elected HK LegCo seats were established in 1991. In 1995, under the last British Governor, Chris Patten, HK was given more electoral reforms : CCP opposed these reforms and acting against the Basic Law and Joint Declaration established an unelected and therefore illegitimate 'Provisional' LegCo which entered office on 1 July 1997. CCP has therefore been in breach of the Joint Declaration since 1 July 1997!

LegCo is supposed to be HK's formal democratic governing body : Since the 1 July 1997 handover CCP and HK government have been increasingly locking out HK people from their human rights, depriving them of legitimate representation and therefore lawful participation in the formal democratic power structure of LegCo.

In the face of this structural violence, with formal avenues of self-expression closed off, it is no surprise that people turned to informal means of self-determination. To express themselves, and to be heard, HK people had NO choice but to return to the streets to protest. For example:

+ HK people were big supporters of the 1989 Tiananmen Square student movement with 1.5 million HK people protesting in support in HK on 21 May 1989. This was HK's largest pro-democracy protest until the 16 June 2019 anti - extradiation law protest with 2 million protesters. The 4 June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre by the PLA of this student movement was by far the most significant recent political event in China and the last time that large numbers of Chinese citizens across China protested and demanded politicial reforms.

+ The 1 July 2003 'Civil Human Rights Front' (CHRF) organized protest march drew large public attention by opposing the legislation of Basic Law Article 23 also known as National Security (Legislative Provisions) Bill 2003. The 2003 protest, with 500,000 marchers, was the second-largest protest seen in Hong Kong since the 1997 handover to China. The 1 July 2003 protest march was then to-date the largest protest on HK political issues. This protest eventually led in 2005 to the resignation of HK's first Chief Executive Tung Chi Wah mid-way through his second term.

+ On 4 December 2005 an estimated 250,000 HK people demanded democracy calling on the HK government to ensure HK complies with ICCPR and UN UDHR article 21.3 'universal and equal suffrage.' The protesters demanded the right to directly elect the Chief Executive (CE) and all seats in the Legislative Council (LegCo). They also urged the government to abolish the appointed seats of the District Councils, in response to the limitations of the government's reform proposal. The protest was organised by the Civil Human Rights Front and pro-democracy lawmakers. It was rumoured that CCP was offering universal and equal suffrage for CE elections to be held latest by 2017.

+ On 13 October 2010, Chief Executive Donald Tsang stated in the "Policy Address 2010 – 2011" that 'moral and national education' would replace 'Moral and Civic Education' (MCE) to"strengthen national education". The government planned to introduce the new subject in primary schools in 2012 and secondary schools in 2013, and carried out a four-month consultation in 2011. Secondary School student activist Joshua Wong and other students formed "Scholarism" in May 2011. At the height of these protests, 120,000 students and members of the public attended demonstrations.

In August 2012 members of Scholarism launched an occupation protest at the HK government headquarters to force the government to retract its plans to introduce "Moral and National Education" as a compulsory subject. Fifty members occupied the public park beneath the government offices, and three of the protesters began a hunger strike. The protest lasted until September 2012. Protests forced the HK government to retract its plans to introduce "moral and national education" indefinitely as a compulsory subject in schools.

+ The '2014 Hong Kong class boycott campaign' protest was immediately preceeded and is directly linked to the 2014 Umbrella movement which started on 26 Septmber 2014. Because of CCP reneging on its promises for universal and equal suffrage elections, the Umbrella movement protests began on 26 September 2014 which became a 79-day occupation of parts of HK.

The '2014 Hong Kong class boycott campaign', also known as '922 Class Boycott' and '926 Class Boycott,' was a student strike protesting CCP's 31 August 2014 Standing Committee of the National People's Congress's restrictions on the nomination system 2014 - 2015 Hong Kong Electoral Reform for the 2016 Legislative Council (LegCo) and 2017 election of the Chief Executive.

In 2007 an agreement had been proposed and reached by Martin Lee of the Democratic Party of a free rein given by democrats to CCP in exchange for 'universal and equal suffrage' elections in 2016 Legislative Council (LegCo) and 2017 election of the Chief Executive. On 31 August 2014 CCP reneged on its 2007 promise to HK people of universal and equal suffrage for these two elections : this is why students protested.

N.B. Of course true to character CCP broke its solemn promise and has since moved on in 2020-2021 to criminally charging Martin Lee and other leading democrats involved with protests and other pro-democracy activities, and some will serve prison time for their 'crimes'.

+ 9 June 2019 was the first of many mass peaceful protests against the HK government's proposed anti-extradition bill. These protests are still ongoing, be they in different forms.

The Legislative Council system in the last 2015-17 election cycle included a 70-seat LegCo:

+ 40 seats directly elected by voters in five 'Geographic Constituencies', plus one special all-city constituency so five District Councillors could serve concurrently in LegCo;

+ 30 seats were elected indirectly by 'Functional Constituency' voters. Some of these were corporate voters (representing some group or corporation), and some were voting as individuals (e.g., lawyers and doctors). Functional Constituency seats are unequal and do not meet ICCPR and HK local legislation HKBORO article 21 requirement of 'universal and equal suffrage'.

CCP has since 1990's has spent considerable financial resources to develop and support pro-Beijing politicians in the District Councils and LegCo. The result is that until 2019 District Council and LegCo elections were nearly always won by CCP supporters.

It is a reasonable and fair statement that in a developed economy social issues including human rights generally improve over time : The IMF ranks HK GDP/ Capita 18th equal. Having been ranked #1 for more than 2 decades the Heritage Foundation in 2021 ranked HK as having only the 107th freest economy in the world!

After CCP's annexation of HK the new breakdown of the scheduled December 2021 90-seat illegitimate LegCo is:

+ 40 'Election Committee' seats (i.e. new seats for Bejing selected patriotic 'loyalists');

+ 30 seats filled by the 'Functional Constituencies';

+ 20 seats allocated for direct election by individual voters 'Geographic Constituencies' with all candidates being carefully vetted for their 'patriotism'.

In forming this new LegCo, CCP and HK government are stepping even further away from their UN treaty obligations of 'universal and equal suffrage elections' for LegCo and the Chief Executive.

Authorities who are already distrusted seem hell-bent on further distancing themselves from the pro-democratic majority of about 70% of HK people : i.e. CCP is ensuring that there will be no stability nor prosperity in HK!

7) Flawed laws passed by a deliberately unbalanced Legislative Council become laws used by the Judiciary

CCP, HK government, HK Chinese elites and pro-Beijing supporters all seek corrupt and illegal benefits : This is why HK government has been engaged in creating the structural violence of an unbalanced, illegitimate LegCo almost continuously since 1 July 1997.

For example:

1) HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam's proposed extradition law formally known as 'The Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019' would have passed HK's illegitimate LegCo simply because the HK government had the votes to pass any bill it wanted.

Clearly the Secretary of Justice would have been directly involved in approving this proposed legislation : i.e. the judiciary is directly involved in creating legislation which is both harmful to law abiding HK residents and visitors, and to HK's rule OF law!

1 July 2019 saw another peaceful mass protest. This time the protest was against the proposed second reading of the extradition bill in LegCo the following day : alarmingly, despite massive public protests, this meant the extradition bill was due to pass LegCo and become law!

After the protest a relatively small group of protesters broke into LegCo, and damaged property though nobody was hurt : This act stopped the second reading and therefore stopped the bill from being passed. Ultimately Carrie Lam withdrew the extradition bill.

If there was universal and equal suffrage the 2019 anti-extradition protests would never have happened : If the majority of HK people had majority representation in LegCo they would have had the votes to stop any unacceptable bills from being tabled and passed by LegCo and they would not have had to go to the streets to protest.

The 2019 anti-extradition protests were caused by the structural violence and illegal practices of CCP, HK government including the judiciary, HK Chinese elites and pro-Beijing supporters.

2) HK's current illegitimate 'Provisional' LegCo on Wednesday 28 April 2021 passed an amendment to HK's 'Immigration Ordinance' which allows immigration officers, who can now bear firearms, to stop entry to or exit from HK without first seeking Court action from the judiciary! This is, amongst others, a violation of HK Permanent Resident's ICCPR freedom of movement human rights.

HK people fear this is a China style exit ban!

The Security Bureau stated that this legislation is designed only to stop entry to HK of illegal immigrants and not to stop HK people from leaving HK. However, so far this new legislation has not been amended!

3) HK 2021 budget sails through the current illegitimate 'Provisional' LegCo now devoid of all pro-democratic lawmakers since November 2020 : No amendments were proposed before the budget bill was passed in a vote on Wednesday.

With a vote of 40 - 1 lawmakers only spent 2 sessions for a total of 7.5 hours for 2021 buget compared to 8 sessions of the 2020 budget!

This year’s budget scored 3.29 out of 10 in a popularity poll conducted by the Chinese University’s Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies on April 11. About 15% of the poll’s respondents gave the budget zero marks.

8) Those in LegCo don't know what they're doing, and we don't know what they are doing either!

There are a raft of legislative provisions in HK that have outlived their usefulness, and despite recommendations from the UN, HK's own Equal Opportunities Commission and others LegCo deliberately chooses to do nothing. Its priorities do not match those of ordinary HKers. This means that people directly impacted by such issues as same sex marriages, discrimination, employment matters for foreign domestic helpers, the status of refugees, the rights of HK children, housing, education etc have little or no effective LegCo support.

LegCo has allowed itself to become the puppet of CCP to the detriment of HK's rule of law and its autonomy.

Perhaps the most stark example is NPC's 30 June 2020 passage of HK's unconstitutional 'national security law'.

CCP please answer this and other UN letters sent to you:

Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs on HK's National Security Law of 1 September 2020

HK's Basic Law Article 23 on national security has always been a flash point for HK protests going as far back as 1 July 2003 protest of 500,000 which forced the resignation of the first Chief Executive!

Procedures and provisions within HK's Constitution the Joint Declaration, Chinese drafted 'Basic Law' and HK's rule OF law using the English common law were ignored and overridden : HK people never saw a draft 'national security law', never approved a draft, were never consulted, nor did they vote as they should have within LegCo.

Still today there is no official English language translation of HK's 'national security law'.

Even an RTHK programme that commenced broadcast in April 2021 in which the Chief Executive pontificates is only broadcast in Cantonese.

This 'law' was illegally installed by Beijing into the Joint Declaration's Annex III which is for Land Leases - when there are no Land Leases between UK and China!

CCP exists within their own bubble of lies and false narratives : According to CCP the whole of China is to ensure that Emperor Xi Jinping is obeyed - China, like HK is a feudal Chinese plutocracy. So, the HK government must repeat and support CCP's narrative, no matter how incredulous or false it may be.

China is a poor agricultural country with a GDP/ capita ranked only 79th in the world and going nowhere. It has to import food. Out of a population of 1.4 billion: roughly 600million earn less than RMB1,000 per month, 400 million earn upto RMB2,000 per month, 100 million are the thieves who makeup the CCP and own everything ; so the remaining 300 million are China's 'middle class'. Where's the market that drives so many foreign interests to invest in China?

How can CCP, the world's worst ever totalitarian government regime, as rulers of a poor rural country using their arbitrary rule BY law, know how to rule over the advanced service economy of one of the world's best international trade and financial services center? Answer: Since 1997 it is apparent that CCP can not manage its role responsibly!

9) There is a mismatch between the policies and vision of HK people, 'their' LegCo and CCP

This is ultimately a 'battle' between the international rules-based order of the rule OF law of the leading democracies, versus the arbitrary rule BY law of a few authoritarian and totalitarian countries including China, Vietnam, North Korea, Russia, Belarus, Iran, etc.

As we have stated previously, the majority of HK people uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law : the CCP, HK government, HK elites and pro-Beijing supporters do not uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law!

CCP, despite having co-signed the Joint Declaration is only able to function using its arbitrary rule BY law : i.e. CCP is repeatedly in breach of the Joint Declaration.

HK's Joint Declaration and its rule OF law encompasses the vision that HK people have - i.e. their city upholding UN obligations including civil liberties, democracy, self-determination, human rights, etc. This has been promised and will be delivered by CCP : or CCP will fall from power in China and then HK people will get what has been promised!

Many people, including Mao Zhedong, have said that China will one day become a democracy. We note too that Universal Human Rights are not exclusively western ideals.

10) Time is out of kilter : LegCo is out of step


Today 30 April 2021 worldwide total COVID-19 cases 151,217,562 and total deaths 3,181,807 : COVID-19 is still far from being controlled or eradicated from Earth!

Mao Zhedong's CCP started as a student movement heavily influenced and funded by 'foreigners' from the Soviet Union : Mao's treasonous relationship with the Japanese Army killed many innocent Chinese soldiers and citizens on whose backs in 1949 Mao rode to 'victory' in a Chinese civil war that never existed. The usual CCP violence and lies!

USSR's Stalin, Mao's financier and boss, is the world's second worst ever dictator : the worst ever dictator was Mao who killed over 77million of his own people!

China's current nationalist Emperor Xi Jinping is a throwback to the totalitarian days of Mao and the errors of his Great Famine and Cultural Revolution amongst others.

PROBLEM: Emperor Xi Jinping is trying to become a 'living God' which will empower him to 'rule the world' from the Middle Kingdom. It is a serious concern that CCP is a nuclear armed, significantly militarized religious cult!

9 June 2019 was the first mass peaceful protest in HK against the HK government's proposed extradition legislation : protests continued until being interrupted by HK's COVID-19 outbreak and the ensuing global pandemic.

In 2019 came the paradigm shift - the consciousness has shifted and the key is now 'Earth's healthy inter-dependency' : i.e. what is needed is democratic practices including 'universal and equal suffrage' of the people, by the people, for the people, for the Earth! It's NOT about egos nor an authoritarian system of farming humans or other animals.

The paradigm shift was followed by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 which was created and globally spread from China and the disease it causes COVID-19.

The international 'panel of experts' jury is out on weither or not SARS-CoV-2 is a coronavirus which is natural or man-made : our opinion is that most likely it was man-made in the P4 lab in Wuhan, China. Then the question is whether it was an 'accidental release' or deliberate release : i.e. Was this an act of war by the deliberate realease of a biological weapon of war? The answers will most likely be understood if not known one day!

What we can say with certainty - because it has already been well documented - is that CCP deliberately allowed / ordered the spread globally of SARS-CoV-2. And China made COVID-19 vaccines are of such low efficacy that even CCP's CDC has publically recognized this reality!

The nationalist goals and behaviour of CCP have been unmasked for all the world to see.

11) CCP and their minions are exploiting HK's Public Purse

All feudal Chinese communities are controlled by triads. CCP and their corrupt minions are a collective criminal organization of Chinese triads that is shaking down its territory of HK for 'commissions'. This makes ordinary HKers feel like they are slaves in their own home!

Carrie Lam's corruption

Important note: HK's Chief Executive (CE) is not included in the 'Cap.201 Prevention of Bribery Ordinance' - i.e. there is no equality before the law and therefore there is no rule OF law in HK! The inclusion within the bribery law of the CE was a cornerstone of Carrie Lam's election campaign in 2017 which she later abandoned in December 2020.

Another example of Carrie Lam's treason!

Recently reported 19 April 2021 by HKFP at least US$10.8million was spent from the HK Public Purse by the HK government in a failed lobbying attempt to defeat US Human Rights and Democracy Act. Thankfully this US Congressional Act was designed and passed to protect HK human rights, and yet HK people's so called government, who taxes us, in addition to ignoring our will as its authority illegally used our money against the democraticc majority.

Costly water music fountain not needed!

HKFP reported on 26 April 2021 that a recently installed water fountain in Kwun Tong cost a staggering HK$50million (US$6.45million) opened to a public that was underwhelmed - especially in these times of COVID-19 pandemic and many HK people facing financial problems. This is yet another in a series of LegCo's "white elephant" projects destined to syphon funds off to mainland companies..

Pepe & Jeremiah B.

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