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Chinese Communist Parasites (CCP) fear that young people will overthrow them!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

What we fear we attract! This is a natural law.

Both the CCP and the Republic of China's Kuomingtang (KMT) both came from youth movements to take over the reigns of power in China by force.

CCP loves force!

CCPs only goal is to remain in power in China no matter what happens!

The brainwashing of children in China and Hong Kong (HK) in their so called 'education' system is driven by CCPs' and HK governments' fear of school children and youth.

The targetting of HK school children and youth by the CCP, HK government and police is driven by the same fear.

Targetting of 'foreigners' who support the youth is exactly what USSR communists did when they supported China's youthful CCP and KMT! No wonder CCP has restricted the US Consular-General in HK is in her / his movement!

What will bring down CCP and HK governments are youth movements - because our children are the only future we have!

And the world knows and supports this!

Why CCP fears young people so much|Poon Siu To

Apple Daily 6 October 2020 (formatting added)

Eleven years ago, five young people were arrested for allegedly making an assault on others and inciting others to illegally assemble. Two of them were 19 year old students.

Over the past year, being guilty of being young has been an irrefutable fact. Whenever and wherever there is a demonstration, the young are the ones to be targeted. Stop-and-search is the lenient handling while arrest-and-thrashing is the severest. Agnes Chow, Joshua Wong and Brother Lunch (David), etc. have priority over others.

Members of Studentlocalism, students and reporters of internet media have also been repressed time and again.

The targeting tactic is for sure to a great extent attributed to the young having the courage to declare their stands and resist, but more importantly the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) harbors a complex about young people.

Nowadays in China, the 'May 4th Movement' is not deemed a new culture movement or a campaign launched by students and civilians to strive for attaching importance to democracy and sciences, but just another Youth Day praising and commending young people.

On that day more than a hundred years ago, college students in Beijing had the nerve to take to the streets to contend, which in the end shaped into a national salvation movement on a grand and spectacular scale.

When the deliberation on how to save the nation was being undertaken, [USSR] Soviet Union’s communism took the opportunity to creep in, depicting communism as a utopia and attributing every single problem to the traditional culture, thinking and systems of China, as well as advocating reforming everything by extremely progressive means. It was very much to the appetite of the radical young people!

Chen Duxiu (1879-1942, dubbed one of the standard-bearers of the May 4th New Culture Movement), a professor from Peking University, was also captivated, hence with a large amount of funding from the Soviet Union, starting up a party with Li Dazhao, another professor from Peking University.

In July 1921, the [Chinese Communist Party] CCP held the first party congress in the Shanghai International Settlement (CCP’s 1st National Congress), which lasted for more than ten days. It was the founding conference of the CCP.

The thirteen people from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan, etc., representing about fifty party members, became the founding members, who were aged 27.7 on average. The youngest among them was Liu Renjing from Peking University, who was only 19 years old. Shandong representatives Deng Enming and Wang Jinmei were 20 and 23 respectively. Even Mao Zedong was not over 28 yet. If 45-year old He Shuheng and 35-year old Dong Biwu had been excluded, the average age would have been lowered to 25.5.

The first step is always the hardest. Funded by the Soviet Union, this bunch of young people took the lead to start up the party and learned from the Soviet Union. Not long after, they drew more and more people to join in, building their own army, setting up a separatist regime in Jiangxi named the Chinese Soviet Republic, in the end turning a peaceful transformation into taking over the power by an armed force.

In those days, all the participants in the “revolution” were young people. Lin Biao, CCP’s “god of war”, became a regimental commander of the Red Army at the age of only 22.

At that time, young people were not guilty of being young, but [were] the CCP’s assets for revolution.

28 years after the [CCP] party was founded, the CCP established a government [in China]!

[CCP] presume from the inner most depths of their hearts that Hong Kong’s young people today can accomplish what the CCP’s young people accomplished in those days, so they are eager to nip the rebellion in the bud.

That is why they are bending over backwards to subdue the young people.

(Poon Siu To, veteran journalist)

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