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China's Police/ PLA soldiers are embedded in the HK Police Force (part 2 of 2)

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

On Saturday 16 November 2019 soldiers from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) garrison in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong (HK) acted as "volunteers" to help "local residents" clear road blockades set up by pro-democracy demonstrators.

RTHK reported that the HK Government had not asked the PLA for assistance nor authorized soldiers to leave their barracks. There was no prior public announcement of the PLA action.

This is significant because the action by the garrison contravenes regulations that govern the deployment of the PLA in HK. Garrison Ordinance of HKSAR:

Article 9 

"The Hong Kong Garrison shall not interfere in the local affairs of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region."

Article 14 

"In accordance with the provisions of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region may, when necessary, ask the Central People's Government for assistance from the Hong Kong Garrison in the maintenance of public order and in disaster relief.

In the event that the application of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been approved by the Central People's Government, the Hong Kong Garrison shall send out troops to carry out the task of assistance in maintenance of public order and in disaster relief according to the order from the Central Military Commission, and the troops shall immediately return to their station after the task has been accomplished.

When it conducts assistance in maintenance of public order and in disaster relief, the Hong Kong Garrison shall be under the command of the Garrison's highest commander or the officer authorized by the commander with the arrangements made by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Members of the Hong Kong Garrison exercise the powers as prescribed in the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region when they conduct assistance in maintenance of public order and in disaster relief."

Article 16  "Members of the Hong Kong Garrison should fulfil the following obligations:

    (1) To be loyal to the motherland, to perform duties, to safeguard the security, honour and interests of the motherland, and to safeguard the security of Hong Kong;

    (2) To abide by the national laws and the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and to abide by the military disciplines;

    (3) To respect the authorities of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and to respect the social system and life style of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region;

    (4) To protect the public property owned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the private property owned by residents or other persons in Hong Kong; and

    (5) To observe social ethics and to pay attention to civilized and polite manners."

As Hong Kong is not a sovereign territory it has never had a military force of its own. A PLA force of around 10,000 soldiers is stationed in the SAR as a contingency, however, and they can be called upon to act in emergencies as required by the Chief Executive.

There is speculation that the act of 'volunteering' was little more than a publicity stunt. The supposedly 'voluntary' work carried out by troops of the garrison basically involved them in removing paving bricks from the road and other debris outside their base. In one of the videos posted online a senior officer is seen organising the soldiers' work and is interviewed by media. The PLA action lasted only an hour but was enough to spark a controversy about their deployment.

One pro-democracy legislator said the initiative was intended to gradually rationalise further PLA actions in Hong Kong. The 'street clearing' activities across the SAR were part of the government's initiative to break the deadlock between frontline demonstrators intent on blocking arterial roads, and further suppressing ongoing demonstrations.

Meanwhile, amidst the noise of commentaries on the protests and the ongoing suspicions about Mainland involvement in HK's security affairs a Chinese television report by "New Tang Dynasty" from October 15th finally surfaced in HK, and if all aspects of the report are true it is of great concern (note, this has been translated using Google Translator):

"In the past two months, suspicious 'suicide' incidents in Hong Kong and the disappearance of young people have increased. On the 14th [October], someone on Twitter said that more than 20,000 CCP Police, armed police and secret agents have entered Hong Kong and are divided into two groups to carry out 'enforcement'. One impersonates the Hong Kong Police to carry out arrests and clearances; the other 'secret agents' use all means to eavesdrop, kidnap and secretly arrest demonstrators for violent torture and even killing people.

In the Hong Kong anti-extradition campaign which has lasted for more than four months, the news of Hong Kong Police colluding with gangs and the bloody suppression of demonstrators by the CCP's undercover armed police is endless. On October 14th, the campaign's name was announced as 'Gentleland', and several Tweets were sent out. It was detailed that there are two assassination forces in Hong Kong targeting demonstrators.

One of them is the Hong Kong Police Force. The mainland public security and armed police deployed by the Guangdong Public Security Bureau to Hong Kong are wearing Hong Kong Police uniforms to pretend to be Hong Kong Police officers. Together with the Hong Kong Police, they are responsible for dispersing, beating, arresting and clearing the scene at the demonstration sites.

Because of the high-level instructions, the uniformed police will use force without fear in the process of arresting the demonstrators, but will receive deliberate cover and protection from the top without any legal consequences.

Most of the arrested demonstrators were prosecuted by the prosecutor through judicial proceedings and then sent to the court for a hearing. In the process of taking the judicial process, there is usually no serious torture, sexual assault, disappearance, suicide or abandonment.

For a very small number of arrested persons, if the police believe that they are the core of the demonstrators, they will be secretly transferred to another secret agent for torture.

The other force is independent of the Hong Kong Police and Hong Kong law. It is directly under the command of the Beijing National Security Department and the Guangdong National Security Office. The Hong Kong Police must cooperate unconditionally and 100% of the secret agents are mainland national security personnel.

This secret force is mainly responsible for conducting secret eavesdropping, tracking investigation, kidnapping, torture, and murder of the core figures of the demonstration. The purpose is to find out the core figures of the demonstrations and the demonstrators, their interactive methods, leading institutions, etc., and then a precise strike to completely disintegrate the demonstration.

The news also said that this secret special force used all means to severely punish those who were kidnapped, including intimidation, violent torture, rape, gang rape, hypnosis and drug delivery. Those who do not cooperate will be suicided and abandoned.

Those who are kidnapped by 'secret agent' will not have any records on the Hong Kong Police system and will not be sent to the court for a hearing. Except for individuals who will be released to return to the demonstrators as 'undercover agents', in order to strictly guard the secrecy of the 'special agent group', the rest of the non-cooperators will eventually be killed.

The news also pointed out that there will be more people in Hong Kong who suicide and the discovery of more unknown bodies. The number of mainland national security, public security and armed police who are currently performing various tasks in Hong Kong has exceeded 20,000.

Although this news is difficult to verify, it seems to fit with some facts observed in Hong about missing persons and the number of 'suicides'.

However, a police officer who claimed to work in the New Territories North of Hong Kong broke the news on the internet on the 3rd [October] that the Police status of some of his colleagues may be borrowed by the top management. He explained that this had occurred to him. Often it occurs when there is a big day of demonstrations. He and some local colleagues were on holiday, and their badges and weapons will be handed over for use by others.

The policeman also said that he saw one of his district's police officer and went to say hello, but was ignored. Other colleagues heard certain 'police officers' speak Mandarin in the bathroom."

Pepe and Jeremiah

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Update: March 2020, Reuters: China's internal security force on the frontline in HK

PLA soldiers in Kowloon Tong 16 November 2019

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