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China's Police/ PLA soldiers are embedded in the HK Police Force (part 1 of 2)

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

After the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration was signed and lodged by both sides with the United Nations then USA gave Hong Kong (HK) a special trading status. This advantageous trading status is unique compared to all other territories in China. Without this USA trading status Hong Kong would not be able to continue in its current global position as a financial centre, or as a free port. China has far more to lose than HK if the HKSAR loses it's trading status with USA.

The US Congress may soon be passing Acts of Congress including the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019. The US Congress Acts are bringing HK under increased American scrutiny - HK will then become similar in many ways to Taiwan in it's relationship with USA.

On 15 November 2019 RTHK significantly reported "The United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission said the provisions of the 1992 US-Hong Kong Policy Act should immediately cease to apply if the People's Liberation Army or the People's Armed Police are deployed in the SAR as the high autonomy of the city would be jeopardised."

In our blog "HK policies from CCP 4th Plenum meeting breaches Joint Declaration!" we wrote that the establishment of the National Security Committee in Macau last year was likely a response to events in Hong Kong. "The Minister of Public Security, Zhao Ke-zhi, joined as the deputy leader of the Hong Kong and Macao Group. It is the first time China appointed a military officer in the group. In their plan, HK should have a counterpart mechanism to facilitate Beijing to give direct orders."

It is already known that Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers are sent to Hong Kong on "routine rotations" from time to time, and that they generally stay in their Kowloon barracks. However, at the time of writing there is much speculation that the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) is being infiltrated and supported by members of either the PLA or officers drawn from the mainland Chinese police forces. This is significant as, pursuant to the one country, two systems principle, HKPF is officially independent of the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, which may not interfere with Hong Kong's local law enforcement affairs.

The basis of this suspicion reported as early as August 2019 draws first and foremost upon the reasoning that Hong Kong's regular police force of 34,000 personnel would find it a very difficult stretch to maintain policing that the SAR has seen across the past six months. This is despite that number of personnel representing the second-highest police officer-citizen ratio in the world. Included in the ranks are some 3000 individuals together forming a maritime force, an auxiliary force and a team of non-uniformed civil servants. Police have been adamant that they could handle the crisis alone. In November it was announced that an elite prison guard unit of about 80 riot control specialists will be deployed to watch over important sites in Hong Kong to ease the burden on a police force stretched to the limit by anti-government protests.

Other observations have been made by people from different quarters and situations:

a) On more than one occasion some officers have been heard to speak in Mandarin (Putonghua) rather than the local language of Cantonese (see video below)

b) Some officers have been heard to speak to one another in a dialect that is neither standard Mandarin nor Cantonese

c) Some officers in groups of police encountered in the street say nothing at all when spoken to

d) a police vehicle was seen picking up men from the PLA compound

e) a vehicle was seen collecting a group of men from the Mongkok Police Station, each carrying large duffle bags

f) the style of hair cut of some of the officers seems more harsh than that normally seen among Hong Kong police

g) A Police baton labeled with a Mainland moniker was found on the campus of CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong) on 13th November after police stormed the grounds (image below)

h) It has been known for some time that, by special arrangement, certain vehicles and goods are allowed to freely move across the mainland border into Hong Kong without the usual customs and immigration inspection

i) There was a low quality photograph posted online claiming that it was an image of PLA officers changing into HK Police uniform (image below)

j) Some people have commented that the number of tall or imposing Police figures in the ranks seems to have increased.

k) Many Hong Kong people refuse to accept that local officers would be violent against their own citizens, or show such ill-discipline and contempt for protesters as has been seen in many instances

l) Despite repeated calls for police to wear their visible warrant card identity numbers or other identifying number on their uniform, even in Police media briefings, many 'officers' still do not. It seems a reasonable assumption that they do not have a HK warrant card, as that would require a paper trail and clearly identify them as NOT being from the HK force.

Of course most of this is mere speculation, and the police continue to assert that they are handling the ongoing protests themselves. One line of reasoning suggests that either the police or mainland authorities want local protesters to believe the PLA is at work in the SAR in order to spread white fear. This could explain why PLA soldiers may have been seen so blatantly changing into HKPF uniforms. The problem is at this stage of protests, and the unique urban environment in which they are staged, it is extremely wise to question the authenticity and context of anything you see or hear. It is too easy to misread planted evidence and jump to invalid conclusions.

At times there are signs the force is under immense pressure and some of its members seem to be cracking. Of course the Police have also denied any involvement whatsoever in enlisting the help of triad gang members to do any work on their behalf. Still, with Beijing increasing the pressure on the Hong Kong government to return stability to the SAR by vigorously suppressing protests, that could be forcing the HKPF to accept outsiders in their midst.

These suspicions add further weight to the growing evidence that the Communist party is actively working in Hong Kong in many ways. It is most likely laying the ground work for further incursions of Hong Kong's autonomy, the freedom of its citizens, and its political, legal and judicial processes.

As we wrap this writing up, news has come to hand that soldiers from the PLA garrison in Hong Kong have acted as "volunteers" to help "local residents" clear road blockades set up by pro-democracy demonstrators. Apparently the HK Government was not asked by the PLA to allow soldiers to leave their barracks.

Watch this space for more details as further evidence and details of China's involvement in Hong Kong affairs comes to hand.

Pepe and Jeremiah

Please read part 2 of 2!

Update: March 2020, Reuters: China's internal security force on the frontline in HK

Updated 21 Nov 2019 source:

Collection of evidence that HK police may be mainland cops or PLA in disguise

First of all, police often refuse to show identification and warrant cards. One possible reason is that mainland cops and PLA wouldn't have official HKPF ID. There's plenty of examples of cops refusing to show ID so I won't be documenting such cases here. Another thing to know is that Cantonese is the primary language spoken in Hong Kong while Mandarin is spoken in the mainland. People living in Guangdong province in the mainland may also know how to speak Cantonese but there are slight differences in accent and vocabulary.

  1. Police woman tells reporter that she's not from HK: https://www.reddit.com/r/HongKong/comments/dbv7pj/hk_police_admits_she_is_not_from_hong_kong/

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Video taken in Hong Kong with men wearing HK Police uniforms, and a PLA Officer talking in Putonghua (which only mainland Chinese use - HK people always use local dialect of Cantonese)

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