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China's future is Cuba

Hong Kong (HK) protesters respect and support the people of Cuba who have recently come out to publicly protest, to seek their liberty and freedom from their oppressor - the one-party ruler, the Communist Party of Cuba. To Hong Kong people this story is so familiar!

In 2021 there are only a few remaining 'communist' countries: Cuba, China, Cambodia, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam. All of these countries, except Cuba, exists within the shadows of the geopolitical ecosphere of the illegitimate totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their self-proclaimed 'People's democratic dictatorship' of China.

Cuba was the love child of the Soviets (USSR) - as in 1921 was the student movement Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

There is a new political reality which requires interdependency amongst peoples - its origin is the paradigm shift that caused COVID-19 whose key is 'Earths healthy interdependency'.

Cuban communist leaders, instead of owning up to their own shortcomings and finding real solutions to benefit the Cuban people, continue to blame America for everything and anything. Stop the blame game - move into doing something for humanity, for Cuba!

Just how long Russia and China can go on supporting Cuba in the face of sanctions from America and democratic allies remains to be seen.

Cuba still uses the same old playbook that the Russians and Chinese use of propaganda, brainwashing, lies, disappearances, murder, surveillance, elitism, etc.

There was a time when China had no need to trade with the outside world - that was about 600 years ago. Times have changed and today China is inter-dependent with many other countries in everything on Earth including pollution, food, manufacturing, etc. China is currently unable to grow enough food to feed itself : China is no longer able to just shut its doors at will. It has to participate with other countries, with other people. The reality today is that no nation can just close itself off from humanity.

What is happening in Cuba today will happen in China unless the CCP changes its ways.

Cuba, like China, must embrace its UN international obligations and support its citizens' human rights, desire for civil liberties, and change into a democratic multi-party political system.

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

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