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Court in China's Guangdong jails 24 over posts on Xi Jinping's family

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

China's Maoming City, Guangdong Province police, being unable to arrest the overseas owners of a website that posted online personal information of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Emperor Xi Jinping's daughter and brother-in-law, fabricated a story and seized 24 people, tortured them to give confessions, had them prosecuted, and were rewarded by the Central Government for their success. The 'leader' 20-year-old Niu Tengyu was sentenced to 14 years!

This is China's rule BY law! This is the real face of Emperor Xi Jinping!

China's CCP itself does not even comply with ICCPR, and yet it sits on the UN Security Council as a Permanent Member!

Because they are the biggest threat to world peace and stability, throw CCP out of the UN Security Council: e.g. COVID-19!

Western democracies: please condemn CCP for all political prisoners held in China, and demand they are released immediately!

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Court in China's Guangdong Jails 24 Over Posts on Xi Jinping's Family

RFA 27 January 2021

Authorities in the southern province of Guangdong have jailed the administrator of a wiki-based forum for 14 years after a post revealed personal information about the close family of ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping, RFA has learned. Niu Tengyu was handed a 14-year jail term on Dec. 30, 2020 by the Maonan District People's Court in Guangdong's Maoming city, which found him guilty of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble," "violating others' privacy" and "running an illegal business," after a photo of Xi's daughter Xi Mingze was posted online. "My son was arrested in early August 2019 because Xi Mingze’s photo was posted on the Zhina Wiki site," Niu's mother told RFA in a recent interview. "After this was seen by the central government, a special task force was formed, and a large number of police officers were sent across the country to arrest people connected to the site," she said. The person in charge of that site couldn't be arrested because they were outside the country, Niu's mother said. "They were all found innocent after grueling interrogations, and released by local police ... who then tried to shift the blame to pin it on [Niu's] Esu Wiki site, and arrested all of them instead," she said. "There were vested interests at work in the Maoming police department ... which wanted this to be remembered as its contribution," Niu's mother said. "They then reported it to the Ministry of Public Security as a major case of collusion with anti-Chinese forces," she said. The court also handed down shorter jail terms to 23 other people associated with the site. Niu and his co-defendants plan to appeal. Esu Wiki started out as a subforum for sharing satirical and nationalistic memes mostly targeting celebrities on the Baidu Tieba forum.

Tortured by police Niu, a self-taught computer expert, was tortured by police to get him to "confess," his mother said. "They wanted him to confess to being the ringleader, so they started beating him, suspending him, and depriving him of sleep," she said. "These kids weren't even the ones who uploaded the photo, but they were used as scapegoats," Niu's mother said. "They were deprived of their human rights, and ... forced to confess, threatened, and intimidated every day." "One of [Niu's] arms is now permanently injured; he was beaten unconscious several times, then had cold water thrown over him, before being told to confess to being the ringleader," she said. New York-based democracy activist Chen Chuangchuang said the 24 were jailed for "violating others' privacy." "This is a political case, because it involves relatives of top CCP leaders," Chen said. "One photo was the ID card of Xi Jinping's daughter and the other related to Xi's brother-in-law Deng Jiagui." A lawyer who asked not to be named agreed that the case was highly political, pointing out that several wiki-style sites in China had been doxxing people for years with no reaction from the authorities. Several lawyers representing the defendants were forced to withdraw before the trial, the lawyer said. Reported by Yitong Wu and Chingman for RFA's Cantonese Service. Translated and edited by Luisetta Mudie.

Niu Tengyu sentenced to 14 years! (RFA photo)

28 January 2021 update from RFA Cantonese language website:

惡俗維基」創始人向本台證實 習親屬信息外洩牛騰宇成替罪羊 The founder of the "vulgar wiki" confirmed to this station that the leak of information about Xi's relatives made a scapegoat for Niu Tengyu (RFA.org)


In the case of the leak of personal information of Xi Jinping's daughter and brother-in-law , 24 young people were sentenced , including Niu Tengyu , 20 , who was accused of being the " main offender " , to 14 years in prison , and Xiao Yanrui , founder of the website involved , was convicted of exposing the truth overseas for Niu Tengyu . Xiao Yanrui suspected that Niu Tengyu's retaliation was related to his visit to Hong Kong to watch the "anti-delivery" march and called on the Chinese Communist Authorities not to use legal means to retaliate against young people. ( Reporting by Wu Yiwen / Cheng Wen )


Niu Tengyu, who worked as a maintenance officer on the vulgar Wiki website, is suspected of being framed by public security and has been sentenced to a heavy sentence for allegedly disclosing personally identifiable information about Xi Jinping's daughter Xi Mingze and brother-in-law Deng Jiagui online. ­­­


Our reporter contacted Xiao Yanrui , who now lives in Japan and has set up a " vulgar wiki " and " Innawiki ", to restore the truth of the incident to this station, and to clarify that Niu Tengyu and other sentenced persons, not related to the disclosure of Xi Mingze's personal information, pointed out that the Maoming City Net Police in Guangdong Province for the purpose of making up the wrong case for the gift of invitation.


Xiao stressed that the website that first published Xi Mingze's information was not a "bad wiki", and in May2019, Xi Mingze and Deng Jiagui's identity card information was exposed on the Red Bank Fund and Zenavik website, and subsequently included information such as Xi Mingze's personal ID card, early passport photo, which was changed to Chu Chen, and spread widely on social media such as Twitter. However, because the Guangdong Internet Police were unable to reach out overseas, they made the officers of Niu Tengyu and the 'bad wiki " a scapegoat .


Xiao Yanrui said : In2013 , I and another friend founded a "vulgar wiki", which is not very political . But then there's the "Inawiki" website, and there's a website on the other side of the U.S. called the "Red Bank Foundation." Then through the "Red Bank Foundation" people in the country there are some forces, by pulling the citizen's information bank, found Xi Jinping's daughter's name, birthday, identity card, passport to go abroad, and later changed the name of the information, she later called Chu Chen. After coming out, it hangs on top of the "Red Bank Foundation" and then rests on the "Cynawiki", which has nothing to do with the "bad wiki", and is simply scratching people, whether it is finally or whether the "bad wiki" people are caught as scapegoats.


Xiao Yanrui also said that Niu Tengyu , known as a computer genius , is very low-key and principled in his life, and is willing to share his expertise with many young friends .


Xiao Yanrui revealed that in June 2019, after the outbreak of the anti-delivery [extradition law] parade in Hong Kong, Niu Tengyu and he arrived in Hong Kong, after a short stay, Niu Tengyu returned to Chinese mainland, in August of the same year, the two met again in Japan, Niu Tengyu disappeared a week after his return.


"On June 22, 2019, I went to Hong Kong with Niu Tengyu to see how Hong Kong was doing, " Mr. Xiao said. Niu Tengyu also visited Japan in August to play with me, but after returning home on August 16th, he disappeared a week later. Not only is he a genius but also a very generous person, who has covered a lot of technical tutorials for everyone to follow, but because of his technology on the site, China is even more suspicious of providing too much internal data. Niu Tengyu is the most innocent, I think it is entirely political, China is a kind of revenge.


Xiao Yanrui also revealed that the day before the previous day, a number of people with lighter sentences had been released from prison, and they disclosed that they had been subjected to torture inside, the most severe of which was that of Niu Tengyu.


Xiao Yanrui said: The current out of several people said the situation inside, all have skin diseases, the body is rotten, some people thin eyes are big a whole circle, there is little chance of sleep, eyes are also sluggish. They revealed the situation of Niu Tengyu, said Niu Tengyu was first locked up in the hotel hit, air conditioning at 16 degrees, do not let him wear clothes, he fainted and then used cold water to wake him up, Guoan [police] kicked him down, and then hit the stairwell that position.


Mr Xiao said many of the data accused by the authorities were from the Communist Party's internal system, many of which were paid for or obtained through relationships; the authorities were afraid to let the truth of the case come to light to cover up a corrupt system; and the authorities were afraid to mention the names of Mr Xi's family directly in official media reports and legal documents, nor to write political websites such as the Indo-Wiki and the Red Bank Foundation, which actually exposed the information. There are also concerns that more young people will follow suit. He believes that this is the deeper reason why the authorities have made scapegoats for "bad wikis" and that political cases have been falsely operated by law.


Xiao Yanrui said : The case brief above, it did not mention the "Inawiki", "Red Bank Foundation", not only Xi Jinping 's case itself , but also the "Inawiki" , which documents the crimes committed by the Communist Party of China in Xinjiang and Hong Kong , they are afraid to put forward these two names, because if it is put forward that may arouse the interest of many people, it is afraid that in the future everyone will have such a similar website to expose the crimes committed by the Communist Party of China.


After the unknown arrest, some unknown people on the Internet alleged that Xiao Yanrui had "betrayed information" to the authorities, and that information about him personally and his family had been widely spread, which had caused some of the victims' families to misunderstand him. Xiao Yanrui believes that these Communist authorities are using despicable means to make them alternative "cyber wanted" and revenge .


Mr Xiao said he had quit the network a year and a half ago after earlier cyber attacks and misunderstandings by unidentified people suspected of having a Communist Party background. Although currently overseas, he feels that there are risks and that his family is under pressure from the authorities at all time.


Our reporters several times dialed Guangdong Maoming Maonan network police brigade phone, to the other side to understand the case, the other side and colleagues after the exchange to answer reporters said not clear, and asked reporters to personally go to understand.


Maonan network police brigade staff said: Ah, ah, I don't know, I don't know. We don't know what's going on.


On December 30, 2020, the Maonan Court in Maoming City, Guangdong, convicted 24 people in the leak of personally identifiable information about Xi Jinping's daughter and brother-in-law, among whom Niu Tengyu, Wiki-operations officer, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. The parents of the young people sentenced are planning a class appeal.


Several other activist parents have been contacted and will continue to present details of the case and track the progress of the incident.

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