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China's COVID-19 vaccine problems are not being widely reported

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

China's ruling party, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is responsible as the source and primary spreader of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. The world needs an independent inquiry into COVID-19.

Please click link to see PBS video 'China's COVID Secrets' by Jane McMullen.

Whilst busy denying anything and everything, CCP is busy promoting and buying influence worldwide using its vaccines for COVID-19. Buyers and users beware!

We note that of the two Chinese vaccines suggested for Hong Kong (HK), Sinovac and Sinopharm, neither have made public their third trials nor have any international experts reviewed these results. Therefore these vaccines remain unsuitable for HK.

[Update] RTHK 5 February 2021 'Govt waives publication requirement for Sinovac'

In mainland China hundreds of thousands of people are being coerced, forced, etc. into being vaccinated with Chinese developed and manufactured COVID-19 vaccines which HAVE NOT been subjected to third trials and expert review.

Once again we therefore point out China's violation of ICCPR article 6 - the supreme human right - the 'right to life'.

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

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Macron: China's new crown vaccine is not transparent at this stage

RFI 4 February 2021 (Google Translator format added)

French President Emmanuel Macron criticized the opacity of China's new crown vaccine on the 4th; saying that it has a potential risk of triggering a variant virus strain. Macron said: I don't have any information about China's vaccines. I will not comment, but this is a fact. He called for a comprehensive consideration to effectively increase the speed of vaccination.

Variant viruses in Manaus and Amazon in northern Brazil have already taken the lead. French President Macron said at the Atlantic Council think tank: This means that, whether in the medium or long term, it is almost certain that China’s current vaccine is not only unsuitable; it will also lead to new Mutant virus. This means that in the medium and long term, it is almost certain that when this vaccine is not applicable, it will definitely not solve the current situation of countries that have adopted Chinese vaccines. The President of France stated that Brazil is a good example. In the Manaus area, there are infected patients; some have been vaccinated; others have developed new illnesses.

French President Macron also stated in response to Chinese vaccines: For the sake of insurance, for vaccines to become a magic weapon to overcome the epidemic, a truly effective vaccine is needed. For new coronaviruses of different mutations, information transparency is even more necessary. The French President also said: I think this is where (...) the WHO plays a very important role. The WHO "more needs to evaluate" the efficacy and potential toxicity of the original new coronavirus and its mutant viruses.

The President of France said: Therefore, I call for a "globally coordinated approach"; "The science of vaccinating the new crown vaccine under the control of the world's best researchers is transparent; it should also be accurate."

French President Macron said: “This is not the case for China’s vaccines at this stage. Therefore, for me, seeking speed may harm the medium-term efficiency. AFP stated that China has recently deployed “vaccine diplomacy” in the Balkans, the Gulf region and some countries in Africa. Macron has felt the "efficiency" of China's vaccine diplomacy in recent months. Macron also said: "We don't know the proportion of China's export, but it is successful diplomatically." Macron finally said that this may indicate that they are more effective than the multilateral approach we adopted a few months ago. But I think if we adopt a globally coordinated strategy, then in the long run, we can improve efficiency."

Shanghai experts point out that 73 side effects of China's Sinopharm vaccine are the most unsafe in the world and the [media] exposure is blocked

RFI 6 January 2021 (Google Translator, format added, apologies where accuracy and meaning remains unclear)

According to a report from the Central News Agency today, Shanghai experts pointed out that the 73 side effects of the Chinese National Medicine vaccine are the most unsafe in the world.

The Central News Agency reported that China’s first new crown pneumonia vaccine developed by Sinopharm Group was approved for listing recently, but a Shanghai expert said that the Sinopharm’s manual lists high blood pressure and urine [urinary incontinence?]. There are as many as 73 local or systemic adverse reactions such as incontinence. The picture shows a vaccine developed by China National Biotechnology Co., Ltd. under the Sinopharm Group.

The report said that on December 30 last year, the inactivated vaccine of China National Pharmaceutical Group, a subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group, was officially approved for conditional listing. This is China's first COVID-19 vaccine approved for marketing. The vaccine's phase 3 clinical trial is said to have a protective efficacy of 79%.

However, the Hong Kong Ming Pao said today that Shanghai vaccine expert Tao Lina recently uploaded an electronic version of the vaccine's instructions on Weibo. The approval date is December 30, 2020. "After reading it, I took a breath of air-conditioning, and I counted it.' In the'Adverse Reactions' column, there are a total of 73 local/systemic adverse reactions."

According to Tao Lina, in addition to common pain and headache at the injection site, serious side effects such as high blood pressure, loss of vision, loss of taste and urinary incontinence are more likely to occur. He said, "(National Medicine Vaccine) has become the most unsafe vaccine in the world in one fell swoop."

But this Weibo has been banned, and the page says "This content cannot be viewed due to violation of regulations."

According to the report, 43-year-old Tao Lina has been working in Shanghai Center for Disease Control since August 2000, and is responsible for vaccination management. Beijing Commercial Daily interviewed him on COVID-19 vaccine-related issues at the end of December last year.

In addition to the approval of Sinopharm Zhongsheng vaccine, previously, the inactivated vaccine of Sinopharm Zhongsheng Wuhan Company and Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Company were approved for emergency use. The vaccines of the above three companies have begun to vaccinate key populations.

According to the Central News Agency, and other Lu media quoted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, to meet the vaccination needs of key populations at this stage, Sinopharm Zhongsheng Beijing Company, Sinopharm Zhongsheng Wuhan Company, and Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Company have three companies. The acceleration mode has been started. At present, 18 companies have successively started the construction of COVID-19 vaccine production capacity, which can meet the large-scale vaccination demand in mainland China.

Chinese experts say homemade inactivated vaccines can do nothing for people who have been infected

RFI 6 January 2021 (Google Translator, format added)

In response to the local cluster infection of new coronary pneumonia in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Yang Zhanqiu, a professor at the Institute of Virology of Wuhan University Medical Department, admitted that the inactivated vaccines put into use in China can only prevent the general population and cannot do anything about the incubation period and early patients of Shijiazhuang.

According to a report by the Central News Agency today, Chinese experts said that homemade inactivated vaccines are incapable of helping people who have been infected. Professor Yang Zhanqiu of the Institute of Virology of Wuhan University Medical Department also pointed out that if these patients with incubation period or early stage [infection] can be vaccinated with messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine to produce specific proteins in the body, there is a chance to neutralize the virus, especially in patients. When there are not many viruses, the chances [of recovery] are higher.

Inactivated vaccines are China's main project to develop vaccines for the COVID-19 disease. At present, vaccines that have been approved for conditional listing in China, approved by the Arab League, Bahrain and other countries, and have undergone large-scale clinical trials in Brazil and other countries are all inactivated vaccines.

As for vaccines developed by European and American pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Moderna and BioNTech, they are mRNA vaccines; pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca and Johnson-Johnson use adenovirus vaccine.

The Central News Agency said that the COVID-19 outbreak in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province continued to expand, resulting in 19 new confirmed cases and 41 asymptomatic infections in the city on the 5th. [Cases in] Liaoguozhuang Village, Zengcun Town, Chaocheng District, Shijiazhuang City, were also determined. It is a "high-risk area". The Chinese central government has dispatched a team of experts to deal with the epidemic.

The report quoted news from the World Wide Web. Yang Zhanqiu said on the 5th that China is currently using inactivated vaccines. After this vaccine is injected into normal humans, the human body will produce antibodies against the virus. Once infected with the virus, the human body produces antibodies. [This] Can produce the effect of resisting the virus, which is equivalent to improving the human immunity.

However, Yang Zhanqiu said that inactivated vaccines can only prevent infection in normal people, which is equivalent to "building the Great Wall"; but for patients who have been infected with the virus or are in the incubation period, they are "powerless". As for the mRNA vaccine, it is equivalent to "working in the Great Wall."

Photo RFI

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