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Science is missing in China and HK COVID-19 vaccination programs

Updated: Feb 1

Pandemics are nasty things, that is for sure! What many commentaries are noting, however, is that the impact and response to the latest coronavirus is anything but uniform. How is that and why, we ask?

This is a relatively lengthy, analytical blog: so we have broken this blog into the following clickable sections for ease of access:

1. Introduction

2. CCP and HK government's politicization of COVID-19

3. Why is a successful vaccination program to international standard the key issue?

4. CCP's China vaccination program and vaccines

5. CCP's HK vaccination program and vaccines

6. HK government's COVID-19 response: decrease HK peoples health and human rights; by digital surveillance increase CCP's rule BY law

7. What is a 'realistic' wholistic approach to health post-paradigm shift?

8. Conclusion

Science behind vaccine efficacies!

Italian province Bergamo's serology testing (for antibodies) showed after first COVID-19 wave 50% of people had COVID-19 antibodies which protected them in the second wave.


1. Introduction

Tragically today, 27 January 2021, worldwide there are 100,810,747 people infected and there have been 2,165,100 deaths from COVID-19. By comparison, the 'Spanish Flu' of 1918-1920' global influenza pandemic infected roughly 1/3 of all humans killing 50-100 million people.

It seems that the much vaunted 'herd immunity' may not be possible even with vaccines! (Please see two videos above). In the face of mutations and dropping efficacies the current 'best' vaccines are from Pfizer and Moderna; this is a major defeat for Chinese vaccines!

If there is one lesson that by 2019 we homosapiens should have learnt and applied, it is that when a novel coronavirus outbreaks occur, such as SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19, we have to focus on evidence based SCIENCE!

Instead, for the COVID-19 global pandemic, politicians with authoritarian tendencies shut down SCIENCE in order to remain in power and strengthen their grip. We the people pay with our money, health and sometimes with our lives for their malfice!

Novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 was created and initially spread by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It is they who have been too slow, have refused, despite obligations under international treaty UN W.H.O. 'International Health Regulations' (2005), to fully cooperate and release data! This virus is the result of a paradigm shift that caused SARS-CoV-2 and the dis-ease COVID-19 that we must come to 'ease' with.

HK people have had first hand experience with 2002-2003 SARS, and as soon as there were Chinese media reports of another SARS outbreak HK people responded. This was without prompting or any action from the HK government: immediately HK people as a community who had been mass protesting since June 2019 started wearing face masks, using hand sanitizers, social distancing, and most significantly stopped protesting, etc.

HK people alone are responsible for keeping COVID-19 case rates and death rates low, despite the HK government's attempts at deliberately infecting HK people including by not having a complete HK-China border lockdown, poor testing etc.!

China's CCP and their minions the HK government (10,010 cases 168 deaths) are ignoring SCIENCE! CCP who has been in breach of the Joint Declaration since 1 July 2020 has direct control over Hong Kong (HK). China was also the source and spreader of SARS in 2002-2003; which infected 1,755 and killed 299 HK people: China and HK government have not learnt nor changed anything from SARS!

Taiwan (884 cases 7 deaths) and New Zealand (2,116 cases 25 deaths) are two examples where science has been successfuly used to reduce COVID-19.

Using the science of Allopathic medicine:

The only way that there will be prosperity in Hong Kong (HK) is if FIRST there is stability i.e. vaccinate 50% of HK people to 'inhibit transmission' then up to 80% for 'herd immunity': this necessitates that FIRST CCP initiates political reforms according to HK protesters' 5 demands and UN obligations including universal and equal suffrage elections by upholding the Joint Declaration!

However, CCP's 'face' as Emperor of China's feudal Chinese plutocracy will not allow negotiations with HK people on the 'stability' of the city: i.e. CCP will continue to destroy HK like it did Tibet and Xinjiang. We can expect them to carry on in this manner UNLESS CCP has no alternative except to uphold the Joint Declaration!

In July - August 2019 a survey conducted by Chinese University found only 37% of HK people said they want to get vaccinated against COVID-19: the likely number is now probably less!

HK demographics show that 80% of the population are aged between 16 - 70 years old. China made vaccines are intended only for age group 18-59: international vaccines age group 16-85+: This means that to achieve 80% 'herd immunity' HK must ONLY use international standard vaccines Pfizer, Moderna, etc. for everyone in age group 16 - 85 minus HK people with health issues who can not be vaccinated! i.e. China and HK demographics are not suitable for China vaccines!

Italian province Bergamo's serological test in April-June 2020 showed 50% of population have COVID-19 antibodies after first wave (see video above). To open up the economy serology testing could help HK in determining 'herd immunity' which could be a combination of % of population vaccinated + % with antibodies: e.g. if 30% people have antibodies then perhaps only 50% population vaccination is needed to reach 80%. According to Dr John Campbell UK and USA already has about 22% of people with antibodies: what is HK's number?

Key issue: To reduce and eventually eradicate COVID-19 all people on Earth are only as healthy as the weakest country's vaccination program.

A successful vaccination program is much more than just purchasing COVID-19 vaccines to international standards: To reach 'herd immunity' a vaccination program must outpace the transmission of coronavirus.

Under disguise of COVID-19 CCP is trying to extend its influence and human rights violations beyond China: their methods include digital surveillance, using 'SketchyVac' vaccination programs, 'jealously' spreading misinformation on non-China vaccines (e.g. Pfizer) and sending its SketchyVac vaccines into HK and the rest of the world!

HK protesters, who are the majority of HK people, currently do NOT accept anything said nor done by totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or their illigitimate HK government.

Since June 2019 Hong Kong (HK) has been in a political crisis starting with mass peaceful anti-extradition law protests caused by CE Carrie Lam: This stems from CCP's breaches of HK's international Joint Declaration treaty.

The idea is starting to gel with HK protesters and supporters that under the guise of COVID-19, CCP and HK government are committing 'genocide' on HK people. CCP has also committed genocide in at least Tibet, Xinjiang and Mongolia. Under the leadership of Mao Zedong at least 77million Chinese were killed!

Our layperson opinion: HK government can NOT mandate vaccinations at this time.

ICCPR article 7 (HKBORO article 3) (format added) '...no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.' Currently COVID-19 vaccines are 'emergency use only' and without long term data to support safe and reliable use - i.e. this is 'medical or scientific experimentation' and HK people do not have to give their consent!

WTPOHK's solution to HK's political crisis is to hold a multi-option MBC referendum in HK for people to express their will. Once acted upon the referendum would allow the Joint Declaration to continue. A HK referendum would start to create a face saving win - win for everyone.


2. CCP and HK governments' politicization of COVID-19

Vaccinations are a personal choice by each individual under UN's 'supreme human right' the 'right to life'.

HK government is wrong in its current process of 'coercing' HK people to participate uninformed and without public consultation into a COVID-19 vaccination program which is experimental, unscientific, unsafe and unrealistic for their personal and the communities' public health!

To be most effective and quick to eradicate COVID-19, HK MUST apply EVIDENCE BASED SCIENCE: Instead CCP and HK government have applied POLITICAL double speak of communist ideology!

By creating and then spreading COVID-19 CCP knows it has completely lost all credibility world wide: but, because they are in their minds the rulers of the world CCP will never admit their mistakes! For example, Emperor Xi Jinping tried to coverup in Wuhan but locals pushed back!

CCP and HK government are obliged under UN treaty 'International Health Regulations' (2005) to perform as a 'good neighbour': instead they have choosen to politicize everything, and under the cover of COVID-19 have annexed HK by enacting an unconstitutional national security law which has undermined HK's rule OF law replacing it with CCP's arbitrary rule BY law.

The strategy used by CCP and HK government: HK people must fear them and COVID-19: then the majority of HK people who are protesters will do anything and everything CCP and HK government tells them to do so they can get vaccination: i.e. fear mongering, coercion, gaslighting, torture, genocide!

CCP and HK government are trying to keep up international appearances that they are performing under the Joint Declaration 'one country two systems' as a 'democracy' with an 'independent judiciary': at the same time behind the curtain CCP and HK government are doing everything they can to keep control over HK by destroying HK protesters, the rule OF law and promoting domestically their narrative of success at putting down 'violent' seditionists supposedly supported by 'foreign influences'.

CCP's China by refusing to acknowledge and accept COVID-19 realities are lying about everything to everyone: HK government to save 'face' (CCP's oath taking of HK civil servants) with CCP feel they have to accept whatever they are told by CCP including China's version of numbers of cases, sickness and deaths etc. from COVID-19: today once again, as in 2019, CCP is busy denying that there are serious problems in China with COVID-19 so HK-China border is porous and open and HKers' health is negatively effected!

To add to the coronavirus problem we now have CCP's 'misinformation viruses' to smear non-China vaccines: German media reports Pfizer-BioNTech's vaccine is being targetted. According to 'Der Spiegel', China has failed to lead the global race for the coronavirus vaccine as it hoped, and state propaganda is spreading misinformation and anti-vax conspiracies to turn the tables.

Carrie Lam has politicized HK's COVID-19 vaccination program by giving priority and full support to a China developed and manufactured vaccine by Sinovac which according to Brazil only has an efficacy of 50.4%. Lam wants Sinovac to have 'face' by being the first vaccine introduced in HK, ahead of two foreign ones made by Pfizer's partner BioNTech and AstraZeneca.

All the current delays to HK's rollout of its vaccination program is directly related to the inability of Sinovac to manage their business and to design and deliver on time an acceptable vaccine as required by HK people. Should this lead to HK's vaccination program failure Carrie Lam must stay on as CE to help HK protesters pull down CCP!


COVID-19's biggest obstacle turns out to be leadership for a vaccination program.

US President Trump had no distribution plan for COVID-19 vaccines.


3. Why is a successful vaccination program

to international standard the key issue?

Having a worldwide successful vaccination program for 'herd immunity' to international standard humans in all countries will most likely effectively reduce (50% 'inhibit transmission') then with 80% 'herd immunity' eradicate worldwide coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it casues COVID-19 in a 'relatively' short time.

USA links as examples (we make no recommendation):

Without a successful vaccination program globally:

  • Continued SARS-CoV-2 transmission means populations continue to face serious risks to their health, increased hospitalization and more deaths;

  • Higher risk of SARS-CoV-2 mutations which could result in this global pandemic growing in transmission, human illnesses and fatalities;

  • A significantly reduced global economy for a longer period. The World Bank just announced a global decline in world economy 2020 of 4.3% yet forecasts growth of 4% in 2021 based on vaccination programs working! WTPOHK global economic prediction: 2021, 2022 and likely 2023 will be at least as bad as 2020

Tweeking vaccines for mutations will be difficult.

Vaccines are not doing enough 'heavy lifting'.


4. CCP's China vaccination program and vaccines

China's vaccination program issues (see the 2 China articles we present below):

+China (population 1.4billion) currently manufactures no international standard vaccine or vaccination program for China! (see article below).

+CCP's regulatory body 'National Health Commission' is corrupt and conflicted! (see article below)

CCP's corruption and practices always get in the way of science, facts, organization, etc. CCP members are personally benefiting financially! China's 'National Health Commission' is well known for its corruption, politicization of medicines, abuse of citizens, failure to report trials correctly, etc. A handful of people are owners linked between a few companies who are China partners for distribution of Pfizer, AstraZenica, etc. (see below, China vaccines). In general China's vaccine development capabilities are not up to international standards but manufacturing seems to be reasonable. Brazil says China not transparent on COVID-19 vaccines.

Annoucement 12/31/2020 'China vaccines are safe' BEFORE 3rd phase trial results made public and examined: worldwide nobody believes China developed vaccines which are being politicized! (see China articles below)

At the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism press conference held on December 31, 2020, Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the 'National Health Commission' and head of the vaccine research and development team of the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Research Team, said that China’s new crown [corona] vaccine is safe. (See below article).

Corruption, unethical trials / use, etc! (see China articles below)

Started end of December 2020 in China CCP is currently using a mandatory COVID-19 'emergency' vaccination program for hundreds of thousands of mainland Chinese frontline workers with vaccines which have NOT passed third stage trial nor public scrutiny of 3rd stage trial results: i.e. CCP is violating Chinese citizens UN 'supreme human right' which is the 'right to life'!

Which vaccine? Who decides? When? Where? How much? (see China articles below)

China announced it will import 100million COVID-19 vaccine doses from Pfizer; of course CCP members will get the 'best' vaccines first! CCP's China vaccination program sounds more like a Big Pharma money making scam than it does a public health project. Out of total population of 1.4billion: 1billion Chinese in China earn 2,000Yuan/ month or less - of which 600million earn 1,000Yuan/ month: there is no answer yet about when ordinary people in China will be able to get vaccinated free of charge! Vaccines are available in China in clinics at a price for two doses for 600Yuan.

Throw the young, sick and old under the bus; i.e. throw out those who are less likely to be 'contributing' to China's tax income!

By far the highest mortality groups of patients is the 'elderly' i.e. 65+ years old who live in elderly homes and / or require elderly care; and / or with 'co-mobidity'. It appears that China vaccines have too many exceptions under which they can not be used (see vaccines below and video) i.e. further reducing likelihood of achieving 70-80% needed for 'herd immunity' (see China vaccines below).

China regulators are regulating a COVID-19 vaccine ONLY for working and normally healthy people 18-59 years old i.e. who are less likely to have serious COVID-19 illness and are 'contributing' to China's tax income! (see China articles below)

By comparison international standard vaccines (e.g. AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna) are being developed, tested and used on age groups 16 - 85 years old. We know nothing of what really has happened in China so we are unable to comment: Internationally the elderly 65+ years old as a group have much higher mortality rates than others - therefore in leading democracies elderly will be one of the first groups to be vaccinated.

For current China vaccines from Sinovac and Sinopharm + small age 18-59 group + comorbidities + exceptions from use = does NOT achieve 'herd immunity'!

Even China's demographics of 18 - 59 years old group is less than 70% of population i.e. insufficient vaccine age group to achieve 'herd immunity'! Plus there are so many exceptions and comorbidities relevant to China made vaccines!

China has no Universal Healthcare coverage!

1billion Chinese in China earn 2,000Yuan/ month or less - of which 600million earn 1,000Yuan/ month: common people are unable to afford anything except essentials to live. If the CCP does not fund all vaccinations China will not reach herd immunity from vaccination. CCP stated that vaccines would be free but no date nor other details have been released: CCP has no international standard vaccination program!

China developed and manufactured vaccine issues includes: (see China articles below)

Sinopharm, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2009 and is a core subsidiary of the China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., was the first Chinese COVID-19 vaccine manufactured and approved in China. Sinopharm is the largest wholesaler and retailer of pharmaceutical and health-care products and medical devices, as well as a leading supply-chain service provider in China. SketchyVac: Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine is rumoured to have 70% efficacy yet has never published any trial data. On 13 January 2021 Apple Daily reported the head of Sinopharm suddenly resigned aged 58 following the approval of its coronavirus vaccine. HK has not purchased Sinopharm vaccine (why?) so we will not include any further information.

[Breaking News: 22 January 2021 HK's CCP NPC wackey lackey bypasses HK government and asks CCP for Sinopharm vaccine!].

(Sinovac is detailed further in the HK vaccine section below).

COVID-19 China vaccine video URL in Putonghua (hosted in China).

Important note: Video shows 'Vero' label is normally associated with Sinovac but the vaccine manufacturer is NOT clearly stated to be Sinovac, Sinopharma nor anyone else! We can only assume the list below applies to all China vaccines.

This video says China COVID-19 vaccine can NOT be used on people with the following conditions:

  1. Negative tumours

  2. Basic illness; e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

  3. Mental illness; depression, etc.

  4. Genetic disease; albino, etc.

  5. Cardiovascular diseases

  6. Any heart surgery

  7. Heart valve, replacement, etc.

  8. Recovering from any major surgery

  9. Using blood products; e.g. immune therapy, immunal suppressent in last 3 months

  10. Euthyrox medication

  11. Pregnant 3-6 months or during lactation

  12. Long term immunal suppressant medication

  13. Mid to high level anemia

  14. Within past 3 months anti-viral medication, anti-allergy medication or antibiotic medication. Need to stop medication for 1 -2 weeks before vaccination

  15. No hepatitus B, no helicobacter pylori during anti-viral period

  16. No stable high blood pressure above 140/90

  17. Influenza, any vaccine inhibits

  18. COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days after taking influenza vaccine

This indicates that across the population many people will be unable to receive a China developed and manufactured COVID-19 vaccine!


5. CCP's HK vaccination program and vaccines

HK vaccination program issues (see articles below):

CE Carrie Lam is stubborn and HK system is broken: she is negligent and incompetent.

25 January 2021 : HK epidemiologist says that Sinovac efficacy of 50% is not enough and further lockdowns will not drive cases down. 21 January 2021 Experts' recommendations.

Italian province Bergamo's Serological test April-June 2020 showed 50% of population have COVID-19 antibodies after first wave (see video above). To open up the economy Serology testing could help HK in determining 'herd immunity' which could be a combination of % of population vaccinated + % with antibodies: e.g. if 30% people have antibodies then perhaps only 50% population vaccination is needed to reach 80%. According to Dr John Campbell UK and USA already has about 22% of people with antibodies: what is HK's number?

The HK government does not have a realistic and achievable vaccination program according to international standards with 50% to 'inhibit transmission' and 80% of HK population vaccinated for 'herd immunity'.

In a July - August 2019 survey conducted by Chinese University only 37% of HK people said they want to get vaccinated against COVID-19: yet for 'herd immunity' ideally 80% of the population needs to be vaccinated. Most likely now that 37% figure will have fallen thanks to what people are learning, and they have the right to know!

FEW HK people accept inclusion of a Chinese vaccine which accordingly means that most HK people will not get vaccinated! HK people know CCP. The HK Public Purse belongs to HK people and if money is to be spent on a vaccine then it ought to be a good one!

DELAYS in HK's vaccination program adhering to international standards are likely to unnecessarily cause more COVID-19 cases, sickness, hospitalizations and DEATHS to HK people. Who in Communist HK is being held accountable?

20 January 2021: 'Hong Kong halts COVID-19 vaccination plans until March after Norway records elderly deaths.'

HK government CE Carrie Lam has politicized vaccines in support of CCP's China by trying to launch Sinovac vaccine at the same time as Pfizer's! 19 January 2021 'Norway plays down link between jab, deaths'. The blame for vaccination delay is wrongly being placed by HK government on Pfizer when it should be put on Sinovac's failure to come clean and publish all data from its 3rd Trial for expert review. This is at least the third HK vaccination program delay!

The real problem is that Sinovac vaccine CAN NOT compete to international standards. Why is HK waiting for Sinovac when their vaccine in Brazil shows only 50.4% efficacy? With so many health exceptions? China vaccines are only developed and tested for age group 18-59 years i.e. HK cannot achieve herd imunity! International standard: Along with healthcare and other frontline workers elderly 65+ years old must also be vaccinated first!

Chinese made COVID-19 vaccines are only for age groups 18-59 years old i.e. people who are normally healthy!

HK demographics show that 80% of its population are aged between 16 - 70 years old i.e. HK has NO choice; it can NOT use Sinovac or other China vaccine; it must use international standard vaccines Pfizer, etc. for everyone age group 16 - 85 minus those people with health issues that can not be vaccinated!

Pharmacists in HK are now saying elderly should not be vaccinated with Sinovac' 'Coronavac': Pharmacists suggest instead elderly need higher efficiacy vaccines to protect them more e.g. Pfizer-BioNTech or AstraZeneca's.

SmartVirus versus SketchyVac: so far SmartVirus is winning!

With the more 'aggressive' recent mutations such as South Africian and Brazilian strains occurring it is becoming clearer that the most effective vaccines across all strains (i.e. provide the longest and most protection to individuals) are likely those with the highest efficacy i.e. mRNA vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. (See MSNBC videos above and video from Dr. Campbell). BioNTech have suggested that it would take only 6 weeks to create a new vaccine for a specific mutation or strain.

HK people are faced with the illegal invasion of their security, privacy, data, health and general wellbeing by CCP, HK government and police!

In China everyone is included in its 'social credit system' being monitored 24/7 using phone apps, lamppost survelliance cameras with AI, etc. CCP's social credit system is now being extended by CCP into HK (see below section 4).

There is a serious shortage of healthcare professionals in HK

The medical staff problem is getting much worse due to COVID-19 and emigration. Allopathic medicine in HK is an 'old boys network' of HK elites ripping everyone off via their control of 'healthcare' financing in the Legislative Council! CCP and HK government have taken a path of direct confrontation against healthcare professionals who are just doing their job to ensure the health of HK people. CCP, Carrie Lam, HK government and especially the police are the #1 enemies of HK people's health according to letters sent to China by UN special rapporteurs (see list below).

No studies or recommendations on alternatives to Allopathic medicine's vaccination!

Nothing is being done by the HK government or most healthcare professionals in HK to study or promote, or to repurpose existing pharmaceuticals, vitamin D, Zinc or others means to find out how best to help the HK community to find solutions to COVID-19. This problem is not unique to HK. What are those HK people who for health or age reasons are unable to get vaccinated to do? Must they wait entirely unprotected and unprepared, to catch and perhaps die from COVID-19?

In Communist HK we now have to deal with totalitarian ruler CCP's 'sociopathic' acts!

We have to deal with the viruses that CCP, obliged under treaty UN W.H.O. 'International Health Regulations' (IHR) (2005) to behave as a 'good neighbour' instead has knowingly, with negligence and incompetence, inflicted upon HK people and the entire world! We demand an independent inquiry into CCP and W.H.O.'s role in the creation and spreading of COVID-19! We demand financial compensation for your actions!

Communist HK can no longer compete even against Singapore!

Singapore, HK's rival feudal Han Chinese plutocracy city, already has a vaccination program based on using Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. They started their vaccinations in early January 2021 long before HK government! The first doses of Pfizer's vaccine arrived in Singapore on 21 December 2020.

HK vaccine issues include (see articles below):

Efficacy is a major issue especially with COVID-19 mutations

HK has the money: The government ought to buy high efficacy vaccines with few exceptions for health problems as they offer more protection from mutations such as the current UK, South Africian and Brazilian strains.

LATEST USA NEWS 27 JANUARY 2021 (FIRST VIDEO ABOVE): The BEST vaccines for efficacy with current mutations are the new mRNA platform Pfizer and Moderna. AstraZeneca efficacy may be a problem; announcement expected in 1-2 weeks.

China Big Pharma scandals / criminal acts

China has a lot of the usual CCP corruption and scandals within its pharmaceutical industry, including all three HK government's suppliers of COVID-19 vaccines:

Conveniently CE Carrie Lam can not face charges under HK's Bribery Ordinance which excludes the CE: in violation of ICCPR HK CE is above the law! HK HAS NO RULE OF LAW!

All 3 mainland Chinese vaccine suppliers have been involved in serious accusations of corruption or other illegal acts. Why is the HK Public Purse being used to purchase vaccines from Chinese suppliers who have a track record of illegal acts including corruption? What processes are in place to ensure these 3 Chinese suppliers perform, and that their products are up to scratch?

HK's vaccination purchase of US$1 billion is starting to sound a lot like a typical CCP money laundering scheme in which HK Public Purse is being 'milked' once again!

Why is HK now sourcing supplies from China instead of purchasing direct from overseas suppliers? Why is HK now forced / willingly dealing with CCP's corruption? Does Singapore purchase direct from Pfizer?

Hong Kong (HK) government has already purchased from 3 suppliers in China for all HK population at a purchase price of US$1 billion three COVID-19 vaccines; apparently 2 will be manufactured in China (SinoVac and AstraZeneca) and the other imported (from Pfizer's German partner BioNTech). This amounts for 2 doses for 5million (80% of 7.4million) population US$200/ person which sounds very expensive when AstraZeneca has been touting its relatively inexpensive price for their vaccine! CCP CORRUPTION we ask??

In terms of liability: What happens if any of these 'emergency use' vaccines result in serious health problems or death? Will the HK government compensate HK people?

HK government must be held accountable! If anything goes wrong with HK's vaccination program Carrie Lam must resign!

With the distraction of COVID-19, and under the guise of an essential pandemic response, CCP is trying to extend its human rights violations including survelliance beyond China using 'SketchyVac' vaccination programs and vaccines into HK and the rest of the world!


6. HK government's COVID-19 response:

decrease HK people's health and human rights;

with digital surveillance increase CCP's rule BY law

CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping has made it very clear that his nationalist goal is for China to rule the world! Under Xi's rule BY law CCP has absolute control over China's and HK's judiciaries!

From the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China CCP and the HK government have deliberately managed this novel coronavirus outbreak to their advantage; to the health and financial disadvantage and expense of the people of China, HK and the world! We call for an independent inquiry into WHO and CCP's role in this global pandemic.

China’s new ‘social credit system’ is a dystopian nightmare. Under the disguise of this COVID-19 pandemic, CCP is expanding into HK its 'social credit system' to illegally secure control over everyone's private data and digital life using surveillance of our smartphones by HK government apps such as 'LeaveHomeSafe'. The authorities are skimming and collecting data including:

  • Personal data; face photo, name, address, phone, email, HKIDC, files, photos, social media, microphone recording, photograph and video recording, election voting, etc.

  • Personal health information; vaccinations, hospital visits, doctors visits, etc.

  • Capturing location data; contact 'tracing', contact with 'low credit' people (e.g. protesters), etc.

  • Contacts details: friends, names, addresses, social media, files, photos, etc.

  • Access to buildings, areas, etc. based upon 'social credit' standing

  • Travel overseas within 'bubbles' based upon 'social credit' standing

  • HK has recently had its first case of internet censorship

For more information please visit HK government website Launch of "LeaveHomeSafe" COVID-19 exposure notification mobile app (with photos).

It is believed by HK protesters that the September 2019 universal testing COVID-19 scheme which attracted 1.78million HKers could have been used by mainland Chinese contractors to collect data including DNA, names, HK IDC, address, phone number, emails, date of birth, photo, etc.

HK Police arrests, especially those under the CCP's illegal national security law, are a cover under which digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. can be seized and scanned for contact lists, phone numbers, emails, documents, Telegram groups, forum chat groups, WhatsApp messages, etc. Arrests are sometimes akin to state sponsored illegal 'data scraping.'

It is rumoured that the HK government free vaccination program will require the downloading of its 'LeaveHomeSafe' app: i.e. no app - no vaccination.

RTHK reported on 19 January 2021 that 'HK's Lunar New Year fairs are back on again'; which is an ideal opportunity for HK government to infect as many HK people as they can! Entrance to the fairs involves using the LeaveHomeSafe app and scanning a QR code.

RTHK reported 18 January 2021 'Motorists can soon extend parking online' using a smartphone app.

HK government smartphone app 'LeaveHomeSafe'


Dr Campbell and MP David Davis: vitamin D

7. What is a 'realistic' wholistic approach

to health, post-paradigm shift?

Without upholding the Joint Declaration and having our human rights, including a functioning democracy which periodically holds genuine universal and equal suffrage elections, HK people are unable to remove incompetent and negligent CE's like Carrie Lam. In HK no CE has ever finished their second term! Until we can enjoy our fundamental human rights and civil liberties HK people will remain unhealthy - and so will the HK community as a whole.

Are we using the wrong control measures? The HK government must stop messing with us, stop blaming HK people and just go and do your job that you are being very well paid for! HK people are now realizing that, just as in the 2002-2003 SARS 'Amoy Gardens' housing complex, our 'built environment' of buildings and of controls which are created and regulated by the HK government are also partially the cause of the spread of COVID-19.

For example:

Jordan lockdown of 23 January 2021 RTHK reported CE's comment 'She said it was particularly concerning that 90 percent of waste water samples from the area had tested positive for the coronavirus.' This lockdown using 1,700 police was no more than a CCP photo opportunity designed to intimidate and scare HK people into submission because it is unlikely to reduce transmission numbers: only 13 new cases were found in the 7,000 people tested; some buildings in Yau Ma Tei on 26 January 2021 had an unannouced lockdown with 330 people tested and only 1 was confirmed positive!

AND we have not yet been hit with new COVID-19 mutations or strains from UK, South Africa, Brazil, etc.!

In 2019 for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-2 we had no allopathic medicine pharmaceutical cure; all the world had was (insufficient) non-pharmaceutical initiatives (NPI) including face masks, hand sanitizers, social distancing, lockdowns, PPEs, etc.

Allopathic medicine's vaccinations are NOT fully the answer, rather they are only one of a number of ways to protect and improve your health: even with vaccinations and 'herd immunity' in a 'successful' vaccination program to international standards we will most likely have to continue to wear face masks, use hand sanitizers, social distance, travel rarely, work at home, live healthy, keep toilets clean, etc. for many years to come!

There are many tragedies in this story including that so far humans have not taken time to research and study vitamin D, zinc, etc. or repurpose existing pharameuticals, Math+ protocol, etc.

We appear not to have explored other modalities such as homeopathy, Ayurverdic, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), etc.

We are not doing enough to understand and share information on the mental health of everyone during COVID-19 as well as those who are in quarantine, sick or grieving the loss of a loved one. How best can family members mentally help those with COVID-19?

What are long term COVID-19 sufferers going through and what should they be looking at doing?

The question that we are posing in our related Health#1 series of blogs is what can we do to ensure our overall health and 'well being' during this COVID-19 global pandemic?

Earth has gone through a paradigm shift: key is Earth's healthy inter-dependency - reap results by being at 'ease' with the new paradigm!

Post paradigm shift 24/7 not only do we have to look after our own health, but we also have to look after the health of everyone and everything on Earth including Earth herself!

The more we do this the less each of us, including Earth, has dis-'ease'!


8. Conclusion

We The People of HK conclude:

  1. The most important issue facing everyone everywhere in the world is COVID-19 which will be with us for a long time: the Paradigm shift dictates 'Earth's healthy inter-dependency'; we are all interdependent; we are only as healthy as the least healthy; there is no winner takes all - we all share or there is nothing!;

  2. Using 'science' means to follow scientific principles, logic and evidence: Politics must NOT to be used. THE SCIENTISTS must be IN CHARGE OF HK'S VACCINATION PROGRAM - NOT the CCP, NOT HK politicians, especially NOT Carrie Lam!;

  3. The Joint Declaration and the rule of law must be upheld: the majority of HK people who are HK protesters demand CCP and HK government upholds the Joint Declaration and all UN obligations including W.H.O.'s 'International Health Regulations' (2005) and modifed national security law to comply. There will be NO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS because ICCPR article 7 (HKBORO article 3) (format added) '...no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.' Currently all COVID-19 vaccines are 'emergency use only' without long term data to support safe and reliable use - i.e. this is 'medical or scientific experimentation' and HK people do NOT have to give their consent! Under our ICCPR 'supreme human right' the ''right to life'' only we as individuals will decide if we receive vaccinations or not, from the vaccine supplier we want and when we want;

  4. HK HAS A POLITICAL CRISIS CREATED IN 2019 BY CARRIE LAM AND HER PROPOSED EXTRADITION BILL: Today there is NOT MAJORITY support of HK people for CCP, Carrie Lam, HK government or their vaccination program! Negotiations etc. have been going on for decades with CCP which are meaningless. CCP is in breach of the Joint Declaration.

  5. SOLUTION IS A MULTI-OPTION MBC REFERENDUM ACTED UPON: The only way that there will be prosperity in HK is if FIRST there is stability: A 'wholistic' ('holistic') approach is needed for HK as a functioning democracy upholding the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law to effectively and quickly tackle COVID-19 as a global pandemic public health issue as well as all other key community issues: FIRSTLY, until CCP and HK government reflects and agrees to hold a credible multi-option MBC HK people's referendum TO BE ACTED UPON to address their breaches of the Joint Declaration the majority of HK people who are HK protesters will NOT support nor cooperate in any way with the HK government on anything INCLUDING A VACCINATION PROGRAM: SECONDLY, CCP and HK government must initiate political reforms and actions according to HK protesters' 5 demands and UN obligations including universal and equal suffrage elections for the September 2021 Legislative Council and the 2022 Chief Executive: THIRDLY, only after first and second above are completed will the majority of HK people who are HK protesters support HK's vaccination program and agree to being vaccinated;

  6. Vaccination program: HK demographics 80% of population are aged between 16 - 70 years old. China made vaccinations are only for age group 18-59 years old with numerous health exceptions; their efficacy is low compared to international suppliers; the majority of HK people do not trust China vaccines; i.e. MAJORITY OF HK PEOPLE REJECT CHINA VACCINES. For HK to realistically be able to achieve 'herd immunity' using only SCIENCE, HK must ONLY use high efficacy, quality international standard and manufactured vaccines from reputable quality suppliers (e.g. Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna); which are offered to HK people in age group 16 - 85 (minus those with health issue) for their VOLUNTARY CONSENT TO VACCINATION. HK should also conduct serology test to determine % of population with antibodies.

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

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