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Chairman Mao Zedong said...

We include these quotations of Chairman Mao on this website to illustrate the disparity between his words and the reality of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) today.

In 1942:


"The United States is the core of the free world, the protector of democracy, the friends of the people, and the enemies of the autocrats. All feudal autocratic rulers have regarded the United States as a needle in the eye (an obstacle). The United States is a model for a successful model of human society."

Reference: July 4, 1942 "Xinhua Daily."

In 1942:


Chiang Kai-shek’s dictatorship must be overthrown, because the Chinese people need democracy the most, and the premise of democracy is to solve the problem of supervision of separation of powers. The central government’s power is so great that no one is supervising, elections are fake, and those representatives need to listen to the Kuomintang. If they don’t listen, they will be arrested and even get kidnapped or assassinated by secret agents. How come this?

Reference: 1942 "Xinhua Daily."

In 1943:


American people are good friends with Chinese people. The goal of our party's endeavor, is to overthrow KMT counter-revolutionary dictatorship, to build an American-style democracy, and to let people nationwide have the privilege to enjoy the happiness brought by democracy. I believe, when Chinese people are striving for democracy, American people will support us.

Reference: July 4, 1943 Xinhua Daily.

In 1945:


Some people doubt whether the Communist Party will learn from Russia and become a dictatorship of the proletariat and a one-party system. Our answer is: Our new democratic system cannot and should not be a system of class dictatorship and one-party monopoly of government institutions.

Reference: 1945 Discussion of United Governments.

In 1945:

1945年8月日本戰敗投降,毛主席8月底赴重慶和蔣介石談判戰後和平和建國問題。路透社記者甘貝爾向毛主席提出問題,甘貝爾問:中共對“自由民主的中國”的概念及界說為何?  毛主席答:“自由民主的中國”將是這樣的一個國家,它的各級政府直至中央政府都由普遍、平等、無記名的選舉所產生,並向選舉它的人民負責。它將實現孫中山先生的三民主義,林肯的民有、民治、民享的原則與羅斯福的四大自由(按:四大自由指美國總統羅斯福在第二次世界大戰期間提出的“言論和表達的自由”、“信仰上帝的自由”、“免於匱乏的自由”、“免於恐懼的自由”)。它將保證國家的獨立、團結、統一及與各民主強國的合作。 (中央文獻研究室編:《毛澤東文集》第四卷,人民出版社,1996年,第27、28頁)

In August 1945, Japan lost the war and surrendered. Chairman Mao went to Chongqing to negotiate peace and statehood with Chiang Kai-shek after the war. Reuters reporter Ganbel (this name could be incorrectly translated) raised questions with Chairman Mao.

Ganbel asked: What is the CCP's concept and definition of "Free and Democratic China?" 


Chairman Mao replied: "Free and democratic China" will be such a country. Its governments at all local levels up to the central government are elected by universal, equal, and anonymous elections. These governments will be responsible for those who have elected them. This country will realize Mr. Sun Yat-sen's Three People's Principles, Lincoln's Principles of Citizenship, Rule of the People, and People's Enjoyment, as well as Roosevelt's Four Freedoms (refers to Four Freedoms President Roosevelt proposed during WWII. They are: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear). It will guarantee the independence, consolidation, unity, and cooperation with all democratic powers.

Edited by the Central Literature Research Office: Volume 4 of Mao Zedong's Anthology, People's Publishing House, 1996, pp. 27, 28.

In 1949:


The people's democratic dictatorship needs the leadership of the working class.  For it is only the working class that is most far-sighted, most selfless and most thoroughly revolutionary.  The entire history of revolution proves that without the leadership of the working class revolution fails and that with the leadership of the working class revolution triumphs.

Reference: "On the People's Democratic Dictatorship" June 30, 1949, Selected Works,volume IV, p.421.

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