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Celebrating WTPOHK's 500th blog in less than 2 years of HK protests

We The People of Hong Kong (HK) have something to say - and there is much, much more to be said and done. Be water !

HK protesters uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law : The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), HK government and their supporters do NOT!

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

CCP has to be held accountable for all their lies and transgressions over the years.

The majority of HK people are peaceful protesters : This has been proven by the 24 November 2019 District Council elections, the only universal and equal suffrage elections in HK, with HK protesters winning 85% of seats. Please click here for a summary of HK protest milestones todate.

HK was annexed by CCP's 'national security law' on 1 July 2020. HK protesters are not surprised by CCP's use of its rule BY law against HKers.

HK protesters are saddened by the words and actions that some pro-CCP HKers have inflicted on their own community. All is Karma - what goes around comes around. The abuse must stop in HK : CCP must stop their continuing aggression and abuse of everyone.

We respectfully mourn and remember all HKers who have lost their lives due to this conflict with those who only bring instability to the city by ignoring the people's wishes and twisting the intent of the law. R.I.P. Love and light.

HK protesters are proud of what we have done, and continue to do, to unmask the true face of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the world to see.

CCP is irrevocably hitched to Hong Kong : Trash HK to crash CCP !

Wethepeopleofhk.com are proud to have published 500 blogs - but we should have published 5,000 and done much more! Still today we are writing and publishing uncensored facts and our opinions - we will continue.

By writing what is in the ethos we create on Earth.

Thanks to our readers.

Thanks always to HK people. Gai yau (add oil) !

Our thanks always to the HK teacher who lost his job to save his soul - VAWongSir


Jeremiah B


Prince Edward

With special thanks to our many contributors and media sources globally.

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