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CCP 'truth' (part 3): There is no unity in China under CCP

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

There can never be unity in China under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) because it hangs onto its power in China through fear, belligerence, with guns and structural violence.

The context of this is Great Unity (大同 dàtóng), a Chinese utopian vision of the world in which everyone and everything is at peace. It is found in classical Chinese philosophy which has been invoked many times in the modern history of China.

CCP have lost sight of this vision of 'Great Unity' :

China, the world's most populous country, has low trust, little respect for human dignity and is therefore inherently unstable. Across its society is not as prosperous as we are lead to believe. China's world ranking is 73rd for GDP/ Capita and it is not going anywhere : China is caught in the no man's land of being unable to add significant value to its goods and services because it is not a democracy with high unity of purpose, nor does it have the rule OF law.

Out of an estimated 1.439billion people roughly 1billion earn upto 2,000Yuan/ month, of whom 600million earn upto 1,000Yuan/ month (US$150/ month): Out of the remaining 439million at least 92million are ruling class elite CCP members.

Except for oil rich or financial services nations, the world's leading economies ranked by GDP/ capita are democratic countries.

The only future for China is to be a democracy with the rule OF law! China ought to decouple from CCP!

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

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