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CCP spreads cancerous vengeful hate

Some people see life in monochromatic fashion: old-fashioned black & white. For them things are about either in or out, up or down, yin and yang, winners and losers. Never being one to trust a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) narrative, I must admit that sometimes even I bend towards simplistic labels to differentiate "truth" and "bullshit". In reality, so I have been told, there are "shades of grey" that lie somewhere between the two extremes. So where then, I wonder, does "fake" news lie on such a continuum?

You can call a deer "a horse" as much as you wish, as often as you want, but you aren't likely to fool everyone.

I didn't mean to start this blog in such a philosophical manner. That's just how it's coming out!

Why are pro-Beijing, CCP-types so extreme, so dastardly? As if it's not enough, some of what the wolf warrior types say can trigger a brain meltdown when you try to understand where they're coming from with their skewed screwy reasoning, wacko retorts, and bullish threats. Strangely CCP considers their talk "diplomacy"!?

Lately the world has seen the unmasking of CCP....the world is more aware of the poor track record and falsities of the CCP machine with it dangerous nationalistic motives and self-serving totalitarianism. Not enough to dominate and manipulate the population of China, it's more determined than ever in its misguided notion that it's so magnificent, so powerful, so audacious that it can and will rule the entire planet from its Middle Kingdom.

Oh my god, so many adjectives! Good invective shouldn't be wasted.

Unfortunately, if CCP unleashes more of its biological, ecological, technological, psychological and political warfare on every nation, AND we carry on as if everything is all okay the party will remain deluded that it has every chance of success.

For now the war of words will have to do. Words maybe cheap, but they can also be quite nasty if not used with care. Some things said carelessly can come back to bite you!

A long term CCP campaign to win people over in HK is going to require effort, determination, sophistocation, money and long term commitment from the party. I really don't think mainland authorities understands this, or are prepared for it. HK could be a thorn in their side, an achilles heal for ever!

As they have so sneakily taken grip of HK over the years, they have ignored the fact that they cannot cleanly separate themselves from the SAR without collateral damage. Sadly, just as the HK protesters have been saying all along "If we burn, you burn with us". When the CCP ship goes down, which many say is inevitable given its track record under 'emporer' Xi Jinping, then unfortunately HK will suffer along with mainland China.

Hong Kong’s illegitimate communist-backed government told HKFP (Hong Kong Free Press) in March 2021 that police will “track down” fugitive offenders. This was just a day after ex-lawmaker Ted Hui– who jumped bail and fled to Europe last December – had announced his arrival in Australia where he pledged to represent the views of exiled pro-democracy people who have resettled there away from the tumultuous hubbub that is HK under the draconian 'national security law' (NSL).

The HK Security Bureau, of course, said that the government “strongly condemned” any attempt seeking to evade legal liabilities. Without naming Hui, the bureau warned that the HK police will “pursue” offenders who absconded and hold them criminally responsible.

Choosing to turn the screws further, the HK Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu claimed

(20 May) that once freedom fighters, who he considered mere pawns used by other states and politicians, were of no geopolitical value to the foreign governments, they would no longer have the protection of their host nations. He promised that the HK authorities, its national security police, will go after all fugitives fleeing overseas for the rest of their lives.

What is the point of this sabre-rattling? To me it sounds like school playground stuff. You can say "I'm going to get you!" as often as you like, as convincingly as you like, but everyone knows you already LOST that fight! Everything said by the John Lee and his ilk is propaganda for the Chinese mainland audience.

Anyway, what would the point be of being contrite, turning yourself in, or coming back to HK to face the NSL music? The likelihood is that you would NEVER EVER get a fair trial with a fair judge who wasn't under the thumb of CCP, or even a JURY. The sentence, like the crime you are accused of in the very first place would also be enitirely jacked up to persecute YOU, and put a smile on the face of vengeful, hateful CCP brown-nosers, CCP's mainland sycophants, CCP minions in HK's LegCo, and other sore-losers.

There's little chance of truth or reconciliation under the current CCP as lead by Xi Jinping and his cronies. They are just hell-bent on ploughing through whatever opposition or dissent comes their way.

No idea, or person, no life has any value or merit if it doesn't have CCP's stamp of approval.

. . . o o o 0 0 0 o o o . . .

Former Chief Executive of HK, and now brown nose supreme, C Y Leung is the latest to dish out the vitriol, and do the CCP's vengeful dirty work and fear mongering for them. Leung, who is nicknamed 'the wolf' by many HKers, says he is willing to serve HK in any role, but isn't yet up front about wanting to re-take the CE role from encumbent Carrie Lam. The former CE apparently is considered by some to be a KOL (Key Opinion Leader), though he also has a strong following of HKers who strongly despise him.

NEWS FLASH : Apple Daily reported 28 May 2021, that "Beijing has no opinion on CY Leung’s potential run for chief executive". Online media outlet HK01 a day earlier cited two unnamed sources familiar with HK affairs as saying that Leung has expressed to Beijing his intention to run.

Kent Ewing, a political commentator writing in HK said that since "Hong Kong’s designated Beijing attack dog, former chief executive Leung Chun-ying, has selected teachers as his favourite target for imprecation and abuse, the climate for unfettered and open-minded education in Hong Kong classrooms has gone from decidedly chilly to downright frigid." It has certainly become more difficult to serve as a teacher in HK schools under the CCP imposed National Security Law.

For Leung, students have to be shielded from apparent "radicalisation" by targeting teachers who dare to invite free discussion in their classes and comment publicly on HK’s increasingly rancid political scene. Leung no doubt applauds moves to suspend the teachers' employment, review their teaching performance, send them official warnings, or ultimately deregister them so they can no longer work in the teaching profession.

We know he cajoled the Education Bureau and its chief in a very tenacious way to take the strongest action possible against teachers, disregarding the established inquiry and review mechanisms already in place in the interests of fairness. If public lynching and stoning were allowed in HK, Mr Leung would probably be there to either swing the rope or cast the first rock! Instead, Mr Leung took to his Facebook page to publicly name and shame those teachers whose actions he and his rabid CCP supporters decided were out of order.

Isn't that behaviour called doxxing, and isn't that illegal??

After putting pressure on schools to release the names of teachers they have deregistered over alleged use of HK independence or pro-democracy materials, Leung went even further.

A group set up by Leung, 803 Funds, that some media outlets refer to as a company, took the matter to the High Court in HK and won a ruling that authorities must reveal the names of teachers found guilty of professional misconduct, as parents have a right to know this information when they choose schools for their children.

. . . o o o 0 0 0 o o o . . .

The problem with this hateful muck-raking, these vengeful attacks on people who have already suffered and those who are vulnerable, is that it doesn't always make you look good. Instead it reveals a lot of truth about your motivations, your callous lack of humility, and your disregard for others, among other things.

As I write, the cancer has reared its head again in HK:

HEADLINE: (Taiwan English News)

CCP plutocrat offers Hong Kong $1,000,000 reward to rat-out protest icon “eye girl” believed to be in Taiwan

"The Vice-Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, former Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Leung Chun-ying has raised the reward offered for information on the whereabouts of a young woman who became a symbol for protesters in Hong Kong in 2019.

"The existing reward of HK$400,000 was raised to HK$1 million (US$128,820) via Leung’s “803 Fund” after a newspaper report revealed, yesterday, May 25, that the “broken eye girl” as Chinese language reports call her, left Hong Kong for Taiwan on a China Airlines flight, September 30 last year, according to a report in Taiwan’s United Daily News.

"The young woman, who has never been named in media reports, and is believed to be in her early 20s, was allegedly shot in the eye with a beanbag-round by police on August 11, 2019. Pictures of the girl bleeding heavily from an eye injury galvanized protesters against police brutality."

Is it not enough to accuse the young woman of faking her injury?

Is it not enough that the HK Police attempted to access her private medical records?

Is it not enough to accuse the Hospital Authority of colluding with the protest movement in some kind of cover-up?

HEADLINE: (Dim Sum Daily)

Police urged to investigate the girl who injured her eye during 2019 protest

"Legislative Councillor Elizabeth Quat said that the girl was used as a scripted propaganda to target police force. Hence, the police should investigate the incident as soon as possible. In addition to finding out the cause of the girl’s injuries, it is also necessary to investigate that although she appeared on the scene as a “volunteer first aider” that day, it should be thoroughly investigated whether she participated in an illegal assembly and whether the violence that occurred was related to her actions.

It all stinks of cancerous rotten DOUBLE STANDARDS in both the legislature, and the HK Police Force.

When will Quat ever complain about the scripted CCP propaganda that framed peaceful HK protesters as "rioters" and that hoodwinked mainlanders into believing outright falsehoods about events in the city?

When will any of these people speak out about upholding the Joint Declaration, judicial independence, or the rule of law in the city?

How about the HK police coming clean over another incident that has exact parallels, in which an Indonesian journalist was shot in the eye and blinded by a member of the police force?

On Sunday 29 September 2019 Indonesian Journalist Veby Mega Indah was hit by a Police rubber bullet fired at a low angle less than 12 metres away. Indah, an associate editor with Suara Hong Kong News, was live streaming that day’s anti-government protest in Wan Chai. She was on a footbridge connecting Wan Chai MTR station with Revenue Tower at the time she was hit in her right eye. (WTPOHK)

Did every credible source of information at the time spread fake news about the journalist being permanently blinded??

Why has there never been ANY OUTRAGE from authorities that the HKPF closed ranks to protect its own, to give immunity to its officers for their wanton disregard for human life, and careless use of their force issued weapons?

Why has the force continually fudged the issue about officers not displaying their warrant card?

If the HK Security Bureau is really so hell bent on seeing law breakers being held accountable, why is it not following up on those members of the HKPF who have brought dishonour to the force, and who have clearly acted as laws unto themselves?

How come a senior HK police officer managed to visit an illegal brothel during his working hours, and still keep his job in the Security Bureau?

So many local and international agencies have raised concerns and objections about HKPF behaviour that it's nothing short of canker in 2021, for authorities to try and hunt down people, to further intimidate and smear them.

Amnesty International Says Hong Kong Police Using 'Reckless and Indiscriminate Tactics'


Hong Kong police guidelines on live rounds usage relaxed earlier this year, with options of anti-riot weapons expanded


Hong Kong Police Shoot, Critically Injure Protester, Sparking Outrage


Hong Kong Police Are Torturing Detained Protesters, Report Claims: 'I Tried to Shout but I Couldn't Breathe'


The reckless use of tear gas by Hong Kong police in confined spaces is dangerous and patently unlawful


Hong Kong: Lack of accountability for police violence could fuel unrest

Amnesty International

We have to ask what drives these vengeful people like C Y Leung and Elizabeth Quat?

CY Leung certainly has a penchant for offering rewards and grabbing headlines!

CY Leung offers rewards to catch security offenders (RTHK,, 30 June 2020)

CY Leung offers HK$1 million reward for info leading to capture of protesters who threw Chinese flag in the sea (Shanghaiist, 5 August 2019)

Wanted! Former chief executive touts website offering bounties to identify protesters

(Coconuts, 27 August 2019)

I am reminded that 20 years ago, after the 9/11 Twin Tower terrorist attack in the U.S., President Bush, facing his first major crisis in office, vowed that the United States would hunt down and punish those responsible for the "evil, despicable acts of terror" which, he said, took thousands of American lives. He said the United States would make no distinction between those who carried out the hijackings and those who harbored and supported them. That's history now, but is there a parallel in China and HK today? The words uttered then do seem to resonate with those we in HK hear today.

1. There are still pro-CCP people who have been brainwashed to believe that those who protested in HK were and are "terrorists". [the protesters are not religious extremists motivated by a global jihad against the West...there is no obvious parallel between the disparate pro-democracy groups that exist in HK and the Islamic extremist group al Qaeda]

2. The HK protesters were expressing their discontent firstly about a proposed extradition Bill, then about police brutality, and finally about the denial of democracy promised under the Joint Declaration. [most of the initial protest actions were legally authorised and permitted under freedom of assembly and freedom of speech regulations in HK at the time]

I am not going to enter into a discussion about the rights and wrongs of keeping people detained in the U.S.military prison at Guantanamo Bay, but there is clearly political persecution happening in HK right now with selective and arbitrary enforcement of the law.

The annual candlelight vigil held in HK as a memorial for those who lost their lives in the Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing has not been permitted for two years now, and the justification or excuse given by the HKPF to ban the event is entirely irrational and unscientific. Currently, new covid cases in the city stand at zero.

In South Africa after the fall of the apartheid system of government that had negatively impacted the lives of black and coloured citizens in favour of whites, the nation went through a period of reconciliation, in which the two sides were able to finally admit the truth and come to terms with the past. The people of HK need something like this to overcome this traumatic period in the city's history, to clear the air, to renew and chart a way forward.

WTPOHK have on many occasions suggested that a referendum is needed in HK. When Chief Executive Carrie Lam (CLam) admits that her government is distrusted and NOTHING will change people's unwillingness to get vaccinated against covid-19, she is once again wrong.

CLam blindly ignores the facts staring her in the face! If the HK government were to concede to the pro-democracy protesters' 5 demands, things would change very quickly in the SAR. Having free and fair elections under the principles of universal and equal suffrage would certainly bring about change. Rightly there is now immense distrust of her government and of CCP amongst HK people. They will not be hoodwinked, lied to or bullied. HK people, like others elsewhere, will never willingly surrender and give up their rights.

Would the authorities ever consider drawing a line on the past, or declaring an amnesty? Not likely. It doesn't seem they have the smarts or the stomach for such a move.

After what has been described as an electoral reform earthquake in HK (Reuters) it is hypocritical of those in authority to say they welcome democrats in the newly shaped government legislature: CCP and those in the current LegCo have done everything possible to block their further participation in elections, and governance.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the new HK electoral rules run counter to promises made at the handover in 1997, and are an assault on democracy in the city. (Aljazeera)

So many HK lawmakers and activists have been criminalised, incarcerated, and disqualified!

Under the NSL it has become dangerous to speak your mind for being labelled a dissenter, and then being targeted by the CCP machine, its mindless spokespeople or its pawns in HK.

We are reminded that TRUTH = RULE OF LAW = JUSTICE

I am sure that one day there will be a reckoning for CCP, and a process of reconciliation and healing is inevitable for the city and those that live and work here.

The point is that freedom fighters, those who rallied and those who marched, those who wrote to newspapers, who commented on social media, the protesters and demonstrators, the journalists and international observers, the people of HK, the supporters we count in the Milk Tea Alliance, and HKers worldwide will NOT forget what has happened in this city.

It very clear what injustice is still being perpetrated against the people of HK, and how the will of HK people continues to be denied. They understand the hateful cancer spread by the CCP that persecutes and punishes, that undermines any chances of reconciliation and poisons the populous.

CCP is a virus that creates viruses and the world now understands this.

My thoughts turn to those gun-toting shooters that carry out mass shootings in the U.S. as reported in the global media. Do these U.S. shooters have a valid grievance? Is their rampage ever rational and appropriate in the scale of retribution, for the injustice they may have suffered?

Is it inappropriate for CCP and HK authorities similarly to exact retribution and vengence on individuals or entire nations they feel they have crossed swords with.

It is time to put conflict aside and work for compromise, to end the wolf warrior tactics. No one should consider war and conflict to be inevitable. After all, the UN was established after WWII to put an end to wars.

All people, regardless of political persuasion ought to live gracious lives, to show love and respect for one another and for the planet. We ought to simply live by the truth.

Jeremiah B.

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