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CCP's sovereignty claims have no merit


Clearly China ranks as a mighty nation. Let's not debate that. When the country's diplomats and officials speak their words may have an air of authority, but increasingly they are being seen as neither rational, truthful nor justified. The point is that MIGHT is not always RIGHT.

Many nations have opened their borders to China, to its culture, its people, its businesses. It's not possible to say that the reverse is true. If CCP wishes to close off its vaunted territory to all outside influence, criticism, business, people, or ideas, so be it. That may not be good for China as a nation, for its people or even for the future of CCP as a party. It certainly is not likely to be good for the world!

In recent years, every time an issue is raised at diplomatic levels about concerns, matters or affairs of Chinese state - ranging from activities in Tibet, East Turkestan, Hong Kong, South China Sea, or even in cyber space - the much repeated defense of CCP diplomats is that foreign interference is unwelcome, that such matters are internal affairs, or issues of sovereignty that "don't concern you".

Relevant headline:

China, Russia slam West for 'interference' after human rights sanctions (UPI, 23 March 2021)

There are a raft of governments, many of whom are CCP allies that have taken to parroting the words of CCP in a chorus that has become so hackneyed and worn out it deserves a Christmas pantomime all its own! The shifting sands of geopolitics are less than entertaining.

Relevant headlines:

Egyptian FM Calls For Ending Foreign Interference in Libya (aawsat.com, 4 March 2021)

Syria: Foreign Interference in China's Affairs is "Flagrant Violation of Int'l Law", (The Syrian Observer, 17 March 2021)

Iran says any form of foreign interference undermines stability of Hong Kong, (GlobalSecurity.org, 11 March 2021)

The danger posed by the BJP Government’s repeated reliance on conspiracy theories of foreign interference, (Countercurrents.org, 11 March 2021)

Ethiopians protest in Geneva against misinformation, foreign interference, (fanabc.com, 15 March 2021)

Zimbabwe wants end to interference in HK: Xinhua, (RTHK, 24 March 2021)

However, people and nations who feel they have a moral imperative will continue to speak out, no matter how indignant, loud or enraged the CCP vents its discomfort or annoyance. Saying it's "none of your business", even if it is repeated a thousand times is also NOT going to stop people pointing out the shear ugliness, criminality or inhumanity and horror of authoritarian governance under CCP.

United Nations flags and many others at a 2019 protest in Hong Kong

We should definitely remind these people that the opening words of the founding document of the United Nations, its Charter, begins with the words "WE THE PEOPLES...". Through the years it has been the responsibility of every nation and leader to strengthen the capabilities of the global organization and recommit to the purposes and principles of the Charter. (Henrik Hammargren, UN Chronicle)


We know there is a global pandemic, but not everyone is aware that in certain spheres there is also an epidemic of extreme hypocrisy. Like in the USA where 13 prominent Democrats were accused of hypocrisy for ignoring COVID-19 restrictions that they urged their own constituents to obey. Like in China where various party officials routinely condemn the west in public announcements, yet privately send their own kids overseas for a priveleged education. It's not always because they are being groomed for special roles in the party leadership. Sometimes there is bribery involved to get students with low English Language proficiency over the entry hurdles.

According to the party it's okay to deflect criticism directed at them by attacking those who impinge their reputation. So we get rebuke of the USA or Trump for being racist. Yet CCP treatment of Uyghurs who they view as a threat, or a hindrance to their own superiority and access to resources is apparently "justified". Any amount of CCP window-dressing, propaganda statements and rebranding of internment camps, is not going to change the world view finally shaping up that CCP activity warrants the official title "genocide".

The fact is that pulling the "racist" card is a rather tired and worn-out tactic in the point-scoring game, designed to unsettle and distract people from other issues, such as systemic power imbalance, uneven distribution of wealth etc, etc. The accusation of racism is a weapon used to silence critics of the CCP, including Chinese-Australian critics of the CCP who are attacked as traitors and called un-Chinese. (Green Left, 9 March 2021)

Another scary aspect of CCP's racism is the use of AI technology to carry out racial profiling that now seeps beyond its borders and into multinational corporations and various government organizations. (The Hill, 4 February 2021)

There is no doubt that there is systemic racism in the USA and that Black Lives Matter, but so do the lives of Tibetans, Uyghurs, Taiwanese and ordinary Hong Kongers.


Amnesty Calls On China To Release All Uyghur Children Held In Orphanages Without Their Families’ Consent, Forbes, (19 March 2021)

How the CCP Manipulated the “War on Terror” for Its Own “War on the Uyghurs”, (Bitter Winter, 4 November 2020)

Special Report: Who are the Uyghurs and why do they scare China?, (GlobalRisksInsights, 3 October 2016)

President Trump Confronts China's Domestic Atrocities, (Newsweek, 26 June, 2020)

First independent report into Xinjiang genocide allegations claims evidence of Beijing's 'intent to destroy' Uyghur people, (CNN, 10 March 2021)


The CCP has a proven track record of violation when they break international law.

Case in point is the on-going spat over territory in the South China Sea that impinges on the sovereignty of not just one nation but several at the same time!

China has had its claims to islands and the strategic waterway thrown out of of court at The Hague:

"The Hague tribunal overwhelmingly backed the Philippines in a case on the disputed waters of the South China Sea, ruling that rocky outcrops claimed by China - some of which are exposed only at low tide – cannot be used as the basis of territorial claims. It said some of the waters were “within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines, because those areas are not overlapped by any possible entitlement of China”. The tribunal furthermore found China had violated the Philippines’ sovereign rights in those waters by interfering with its fishing and petroleum exploration and by constructing artificial islands." (The Guardian, 13 July 2016)

The consistent approach taken by CCP is that "MIGHT IS RIGHT".

"Many nearby countries claim part of the South China Sea. They include Brunei, Malaysia, and Vietnam, as well as the Philippines. Taiwan also has a claim.

But in recent years, China has seized and rebuilt territory in the area, despite other countries’ objections. One conflict is over China’s activities on natural reefs. It has built many into artificial islands that can support military bases.

The UN court ruled against these activities on Tuesday. It said China did not have exclusive economic rights to a disputed set of land and reefs called the Spratly Islands. And, the court said China’s construction on Mischief Reef caused permanent harm to the reef's ecosystem." (VOA, 12 July 20216)

China, which boycotted the entire Hague proceedings, reiterated at the time that it does not accept the panel’s jurisdiction. China “solemnly declares that the award is null and void and has no binding force. China neither accepts nor recognizes it,” a statement from the foreign ministry said.

It added that “China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea shall under no circumstances be affected by those awards.” The ministry repeated China’s often-expressed egoistic stance that the Philippines’ move to initiate arbitration without China’s consent was in “bad faith” and in violation of international law. (CourthouseNews.com, 12 July 2016)

Importantly, while the Hague decision was legally binding, there is no mechanism for enforcing it, and China, which refused to participate in the tribunal’s proceedings, reiterated after the decision was announced that it would not abide by it.

Speaking at a meeting with European leaders, President Xi Jinping was defiant, reasserting China’s claim to sovereignty over the South China Sea “since ancient times,” the state-run People’s Daily reported. His remarks echoed a statement from the Foreign Ministry. The tribunal’s decision “is invalid and has no binding force,” the ministry said. “China does not accept or recognize it.” (The New York Times, 12 July 2016)

Since then, China has continued to ignore that ruling from an international court that it has no historical rights to islands in the South China Sea. Beijing has made no secret of its intention to carry on building up forces in the disputed region. (DW, 13 July, 2016) China has entered into negotiations with the latest leader in The Phillippines, Rodrigo Duterte, who has taken a softer line against Beijing, after saying he was open to bilateral talks.

Taking advantage of the COVID pandemic, CCP has launched strongly into "vaccine diplomacy":

"Indonesia has been locked in a territorial dispute with China in the South China Sea but it wants a vaccine from China. Fifteen days ago Indonesian President Joko Widodo spoke to Xi Jinping over the phone and the Chinese president assured him." ....

"A statement from Beijing said: "China takes seriously Indonesia's concerns and needs in vaccine cooperation." Another South China Sea rival, the Philippines wants vaccine from China. President Rodrigo Duterte made a plea to Xi Jinping in July. He even ruled out confronting Beijing in the South China Sea just to secure a vaccine. Needless to say, China is happy to oblige - it will prioritise the Philippines." (Wionews.com, 15 September 2020)

Headline: Philippines rolls out China's Sinovac vaccine as Duterte expresses gratitude, (UPI, 1 March 2021) "Philippine General Hospital Director Gerardo Legaspi received the first shot of the Sinovac vaccine on Monday, despite vaccine skepticism in the country, the Nikkei Asian Review reported. The rollout began a day after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte praised China and criticized the United States."

WTPOHK notes that this is the same COVID vaccine being promoted in Hong Kong by Chief Executive Carrie Lam, which is yet to receive the green light of approval from W.H.O. and is shrowded in scepticism since results of its clinical trial remain unpublished. (see our blog: HK's failing COVID-19 vaccination program)

While China apparently hopes for "peace and stability" in the South China Sea (The Guardian, 13 July 2016), it is disgusting that the only way it sees for this to eventuate is by its military and fishing fleet (RFA, 22 March 2021) brandishing an authority over the region that it never had before, and by manipulating public opinion, buying off its opponents, and bullying other nations with claims to the area.


The supposed "separation" of sovereign nations is existential (artificial) - especially under the paradigm shift which caused the global pandemic novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in 2019.....we are all stakeholders in one another's affairs to some extent, even if only in a limited sense.

The CCP is not much different from any multinational company, or big business. It is ever-hungry for more profit, a bigger turnover, more clout, a bigger share of the market. Competitors in other countries are generally seen as its natural enemies.

Newsweek, 12 December 2018 : China was involved in 90 percent of all economic espionage cases handled by the Department of Justice over the last seven years, according to a report submitted Wednesday to the [US] Senate Intelligence Committee.

"From 2011-2018, more than 90 percent of the Department's cases alleging economic espionage by or to benefit a state involve China, and more than two-thirds of the Department's theft of trade secrets cases have had a nexus to China," the report stated.

Comments in a 2020 Breaking Defense report suggest that Beijing has evolved to become the world’s first ‘digital authoritarian state’. Its creativity and ability to combine all the elements of ‘societal power,’ including espionage, information control, industrial policy, political and economic coercion, foreign policy, threat of military force, and technological strength challenges the world’s rules-based international order....."Major Chinese policy documents outline information objectives based on gaps identified within the Chinese technology, commercial, and military apparatus which become the basis for national strategic technology objectives. National Chinese information objectives have a strong correlation to China’s espionage activities, reflecting a congruence between China’s public and covert operational goals."

Global solidarity : A scene from Hong Kong 2019 - An anti-authoritarian march that was repeated in more than 40 other cities worldwide. HKFP

There has even been some noise in the media about the extent to which China is involved in the unrest in Myanmar. It is known that in the past China has been a major supplier of weapons to the military there:


Commentary: Is China using Myanmar coup to ramp up influence in Southeast Asia?, (CNA, 12 March 2021)

To put it simply, if the party wants it, it will take it. If it's yours, then it will become the party's. Don't get too big, or too cocky. The party will cut you down when you serve no further purpose. You are expected to support, supply and feed the party's aims. 'Jack Ma: You can never jump high enough to satisfy the Party|Stephen Vines'.

In this day and age the traditional notion of geographic borders such as you might see on a map are out-dated. We live in the digital age in which information travels vast distance as fast as you can click on a mouse. Up until the pandemic struck, air transport too has made movement of goods and people speedy and efficient. CCP has quickly grasped the idea of our global interconnectedness which is part of the paradigm shift, and is using the freedom it has found to move into any and every space and territory for its own gains.

The world is now more awake to many examples of CCP's predatory behavour. Some Chinese students studying in top ranking universities have become conduits for scientific and intellectual property. CCP propaganda is spread overseas by its own media operatives and by agents such as Confucius Institutes. People of Chinese origin have moved into influential roles abroad in government and in company management. Chinese business people buy up property and commercial interests to secure a foothold and garner influence overseas. We know that not ALL Chinese people are spies for CCP, but some most definitely are, and others retain their links and affection for "the motherland". CCP can access currency and loans with relative ease. CCP is using technology to gather information, build data networks and gain an edge where ever it can. There are already whole books written on the tactics and strategies of the CCP!

Until now many of us have been naive about CCP and just too trusting.

CCP acts like a shark. It's a fiendish, ruthless predator. It bites with the slightest provocation. It'll chew you up and spit you out again if you let it!

It's a virus that spreads viruses. It's a parasite that sucks life out of any host it infects. It is nationalist believing it is the middle kingdom with Emperor Xi Jinping sitting on his throne around which the world revolves.

While CCP makes inroads everywhere and expands itself globally, it restricts, monitors and controls whatever and whoever makes reciprocal movements into China. It makes loud noises and acts aggressively with its wolf warrior tactics and diplomacy to maintain the outdated myth of 'sovereign right', and to scare its enemies. All the while it also spins its own narrative to create a self-aggrandizing facade of acceptability and righteousness.

It is important for all to note that all Chinese "business interests" are inextricably linked to CCP's military and political interests whether they are on CHINA soil, foreign soil, or in the rarefied air of virtual space.


CCP is the world's worst totalitarian regime killing at least 77 million of its own people. CCP and Mao Zedong rose to power in China through his treason with the Japanese Army and financial support through the foreign influence of the Soviets : all the while Mao was lying when he promised Chinese peasants land reform! Still today in China there has been no land reform for the peasants which is why CCP remains in conflict with all rural Chinese citizens : to add salt to the wound Emperor Xi Jinping recently lied by declared victory over China's poverty. The seemingly endless petitions on CCP's land grabs and compensation often end in violence resulting in profit taking by CCP members. The rift between urban and rural China in everything is massive and widening : as it is in Hong Kong between the rich and the poor.

Ask any Hong Konger whether they trust the CCP to deliver on its word and most will give you a definitive "NO". When the populace acquiesce to the party's threats, intimidation, aggression and the might of its armed security force, it in no way means governance is moving in the right direction!

The 'Joint Declaration' is a significant agreement concerning HK signed in 1984 and lodged with the United Nations. The terms of the agreement between China and Great Britain meant that the people of the SAR were to enjoy for 50 years a list of clearly documented rights and freedoms, including a high degree of autonomy in government, respect for its existing lifestyle, common law and an independent judiciary.

(See our blog : 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration On the Question of Hong Kong )

Rather than honour that contract diligently and lawfully, CCP has breached its terms well before its 2047 expiry date. There has been NO negotiation with Great Britain about changing the contract mid way.

The people of Hong Kong who are most impacted by CCP's breaches have also NEVER been consulted on their wishes for the city. CCP's actions amount to the annexation of HK, though media and other governments are loathe to use the term, just as they are loathe to use the term "genocide" to describe CCP behaviour in Tibet or Turkestan (Xinjiang).

Many people say that the CCP NEVER intended to live up to the terms of the Joint Declaration they signed - that it was all just a charade to smooth over the UK's exit from the territory and its business interests the party wanted for themselves. There have been several breaches and they have been well-documented in the fourth estate. Most notably the UK government finally declared March 2021 it had had enough of CCP's "ongoing non-compliance" in HK.

2019: Freedom fighters in Hong Kong show gratitude for the support of many peoples.

While it's true that authorities in Beijing have some limited responsibilities and oversight for governance of the SAR, the party has over-stepped the mark again and again. In electoral matters the party holds too much sway. Officials have been outspoken on HK matters and wielded undue influence when they ought to butt out! On several legal matters the party has tweaked legislation and re-defined the statutes to suit its agenda, over-riding the city's own leadership, legislature, judiciary, executive and capable lawyers.

To complete the CCP's perfect crime, they have employed Orwellian doublespeak, a kind of marketing ploy to affirm its rights under a catchy but elusive "One country, two systems" framework. Many are convinced that model of governance is entirely unworkable under the reign of Xi Jin Ping and CCP. Ask Taiwanese people how they view the CCP model of "autonomous" "governance" !

HK aside, CCP / China has been a let down to many others, and many are demanding accountability with regards to China:


Countries criticize China for sending – and resending – faulty coronavirus test kits, supplies (Fox News, 23 April 2020)

AID FRAUD: Countries Cry Foul As China Sends Faulty Test Kits; Equipment (AsianLite.com, 30 March 2020)

China's Luckin Coffee to pay $180 million fine in fraud case (ABC News, 17 December 2020)

Semiconductor fraud in China highlights lack of accountability (Nikkei Asia, 12 February 2021)

Will Chinese education company GSX Techedu survive allegations of fraud? (SupChina, 2 March 2021)

As I write, Russian and Chinese diplomats have joined forces to condemn "foreign interference". They might fool some of the people some of the time....but.... The problem for a place like HK is that its global credentials have been established over many years with a tremendous amount of input from both HK locals, as well as outsiders - mainlanders and thousands upon thousands of foreigners. To date the intellect, experience and skillset of those foreigners has been respected and sought after.

It is also incongruous for CCP to suppose that the wrongs of other nations, whether it is Australia or the U.S., mean that the party therefore has any avowed right to enact its own human rights atrocities! I say "Two wrongs don't give you a right!"

WETHE PEOPLE know our rights, we are not going away, and we WILL hold CCP and its cronies to account.

Sovereignty? Bollocks!

Jeremiah B.

FOOTNOTE : It's all about TRUTH

Each year, on 24 March, the International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims is observed.

This annual observance pays tribute to the memory of Monsignor Óscar Arnulfo Romero, who was murdered on 24 March 1980. Monsignor Romero was actively engaged in denouncing violations of the human rights of the most vulnerable individuals in El Salvador.

The Right to the Truth

The right to the truth is often invoked in the context of gross violations of human rights and grave breaches of humanitarian law. The relatives of victims of summary executions, enforced disappearance, missing persons, abducted children, torture, require to know what happened to them. The right to the truth implies knowing the full and complete truth as to the events that transpired, their specific circumstances, and who participated in them, including knowing the circumstances in which the violations took place, as well as the reasons for them. (UN.org)

WTPOHK note that so often CCP has done its level best to deny any accusations of impropriety, to blur and misrepresent the truth with its gaslighting and shifting narratives, and to keep the truth locked away and hidden.

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These UN letters to China on events in HK record CCP failings in the SAR since 2019:

Mandates of the UN Special Rapporteur 28 June 2019

Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs 29 January 2020 on HK Police tear gas, rights & freedoms

Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs 19 February 2020 on arrests of HK medics during protests

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