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CCP's Sinovac is overpaid and underperforms for HK people's health

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Following the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) annexation of HK on 1 July 2020 using its rule BY law 'national security law', Hong Kong (HK) people who are the owners of the HK Public Purse, have every right to be deeply concerned about the ability of the HK government to govern according to HK's rule OF law.

It is HK protesters who uphold the Joint Declaration and put their trust in the rule OF law.

HK is now a CCP owned and controlled 'monolithic' power structure which includes a non-independent judiciary and an illegitimate Legislative Council (LegCo) which does not represent the will of the HK people.

Absolute power absolutely corrupts. HK's office of the Chief Executive (CE) is not included in HK's Bribery Ordinance : Since everyone is equal before the law, the rule OF law in HK has been undermined and subverted.

HK is a feudal Chinese plutocracy despite its international treaty obligations. The toxic plutocracy relationship between the police, triads (gangsters) and some business people is at the core of the control and corruption of the current monolithic power structure designed to deliver whatever the CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping wants.

In HK and China there is state orchestrated drive for 'stability' using coercion as a means of torture caused by the structural violence of CCP's feudal Chinese plutocracy : i.e. if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which include arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 pandemic source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, etc.

Since the start of the 2019 Wuhan virus outbreak, instead of China meeting its UN international treaties including W.H.O.'s 'International Health Regulations' for 'neighbourly conduct', CCP's China has closed its doors to the outside world. CCP is not seeking interdependency to eradicate the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that it created and spread worldwide : Instead CCP is seeking to diplomatically and financially profit from the death and destruction of humanity that COVID-19 is causing on Earth.

Unconfirmed prices paid by HK government to suppliers for two doses of COVID-19 vaccine (please read references below) :

BioNTech HK$308

Sinovac HK$706

The HK government has allegedly paid more than DOUBLE for Sinovac's COVID-19 vaccine, designed and made in China, which has roughly HALF the efficacy of the world's leading US FDA fully approved German BioNTech designed mRNA vaccine! Therefore, for equal efficacy Sinovac has been paid FOUR times what BioNTech was paid by the HK Public Purse!

So much for HK government's Public Tendering! Now HK taxpayers know their money goes straight into CCP pockets while they have to suffer the health effects and even death of a wholly unacceptable vaccination by a totalitarian dictatorship! THIEVES!

CCP's handpicked ICAC are of course unprepared to put their neck on the chopping block and accuse CCP and HK government officials of corruption : Something that is ever more obvious to HK people.

Every human has their supreme human right the UN "right to life". The inequalities between humans MUST be removed if humanity is to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 : The issue is no longer my health, its our health, our interdependency.

Some countries, such as Malaysia, who had previously purchased Sinovac are switching to Pfizer-BioNTech (please see references below).

In Thailand, a member with HK in the Milk Tea Alliance, citizens have been protesting for years against their government for its corruption and policies supporting the elites. Now with a growing COVID crisis caused by the Delta variant there is rising public discontent and protests in Thailand because of the low efficacy and side effects of the only available vaccine - Sinovac.

Phillipines and Indonesia are using mRNA 'booster' shots for anyone with a Sinovac jab. It is rumoured that CCP's China is doing the same : i.e. CCP has lost the 'biological war' that it started!

The CCP and HK government's have previously pushed HK people to use Sinovac. This is solely responsible for making the goal of HK reaching herd immunity UNACHIEVABLE now (please read RTHK article below). Simply, HK will be unable to open up and operate its economy within the same bubble as countries who have a high population vaccination rate exclusively using mRNA vaccines such as BioNTech's.

HK peoples have their UN right to truth. The heath and financial costs from using Sinovac vaccine will be very expensive for HK people and those responsible must be held accountable. In its COVID-19 global pandemic response HK government has proven to be closed, unaccountable and secretive. As well as violating HK people's "right to life", the bureaucracy is not transparent in its decision-making.

The recently announced massive game changer is America's FDA full approval of Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine (please see references below). HK people have had enough of CCP's "bullshit" corruption and narratives, all of which directly affects their health : Just like in Singapore, if HK's economy has any chance to compete internationally ONLY FDA approved vaccines, such as BioNTech, must be available in HK's public financed vaccination program.


Herd immunity now unachievable: microbiologists

RTHK 25 August 2021

Prominent microbiologist Yuen Kwok-yung and his team said on Wednesday that Hong Kong should maintain its zero-Covid strategy for the time being, while suggesting herd immunity is no longer achievable with the emergence of the Delta variant.

In an article published in Ming Pao, Yuen and his team from the University of Hong Kong said the threshold for herd immunity had greatly increased as the Delta variant is transmissible among vaccinated people.

They said previously, herd immunity could be achieved if 70 percent of a population were vaccinated with BioNTech jabs which have an efficacy rate of 95 percent.

The researchers said their latest calculations now showed threshold had increased to 97.4 percent.

Taking into account the use of Sinovac jabs which have a lower efficacy rate, the vaccination rate needed for herd immunity would be an unachievable 142.9 percent.

“A vaccination rate of higher than 100 per cent seems illogical, but it shows that as the virus continues to mutate and becomes more transmissible, reducing the efficacy of the vaccines, achieving herd immunity is like building a castle in the sky,” they wrote.

They wrote that the emergence of the mutant strain shows the first generation vaccines are not good enough and has disillusioned people with their dream of achieving herd immunity.

However, they said Hong Kong should stick to a zero-Covid target, with an aim not to eradicate the virus but to buy time to vaccinate everyone as quickly as possible. They urged people to take advantage of this “zero infection” window and receive the jabs to prevent serious complications and deaths.

They said different strategies are needed to tackle different phases of a pandemic, added that maintaining a zero-Covid target and “living with the virus” are not contradictory.

“Only when everyone is vaccinated we can discuss ways to live with the virus. When the vaccination rate is low, it’s difficult for us to talk about what anti-epidemic measures we should adopt in the next phase,” they wrote.

They said the vaccine could prevent complications and deaths but could not stop viral transmission, therefore, people should continue wearing face masks even when the city reaches a vaccination rate of 90 percent.

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