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CCP's reality : Gulag Hong Kong

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Hong Kongers (HK) recognize that HK is rapidly becoming another Chinese 'gulag' just like Xinjiang, China. This means the conditions for HK Han Chinese will be much worse than they are for Chinese mainlanders. HKers are becoming second class citizens of China.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is in breach of UN international treaties including the Joint Declaration : the majority of HK people as represented by HK protesters, uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule of law.

The term 'gulag' brings with it the horrific dark times of the Stalin's Soviet Union's (USSR) communist regime. USSR heavily influenced and funded the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in their early days as a student political movement : Therefore CCP is scared of student movements who have been funded by foreigners!

CCP knows well how to create and operate gulags - look no further than China's Xinjiang province and its genocide of ethnic minorities including Uighur Muslims. It appears the same CCP officials who destroyed Xinjiang have been given the task to create gulag HK.

HK was annexed under cover of COVID by CCP using its unconstitutional rule BY law 'national security law'. The entire HK government has been absorbed by CCP into its monolithic power structure : There is no independent judiciary using its right to final adjudication.

HK's legislation banning the free passage of people and their private property from HK is a violation of HK people's ICCPR human rights. In HK there is no legitimate Legislative Council as the current illegitimate authority does not reflect the will of HK people, and has not been elected by universal and equal suffrage.

Quite simply, FREEDOM, as a UNIVERSAL VALUE is denied people in HK - denied anywhere CCP exerts its influence!

HK people who have invested in the SAR's MPF retirement funds, are now being denied their rights to withdrawal of their pension funds under CCP's lie against the use of their BNO passport for emigration to the UK.

HK is increasingly being recognized as being on par with pariah states such as China, North Korea, Belarus and others. The Heritage Foundation rates HK as the 107th freeist economy in the world.

The reality of CCP's HK as 'Asia's World City' proves the point that CCP is going further down its one and only rabbit hole. By its annexation of HK CCP has irrevocably hitched itself to HK : HK people know that until CCP leaves China there will be no freedom in HK. The sooner that CCP crashes and burns the sooner HK will spring back to life again.

Having sourced and spread COVID-19 CCP has nowhere else to go except to exit leaving the people of China to have their much-desired freedoms.


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