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CCP's doomed dual circulation economic model

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

In the face of internal and external opposition to its rule, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as illegitimate rulers of China have to continually invent more lies to cover up for their past misrepresented-"truths". The choice presenting itself now is "truth or consequences", and CCP is unwilling and unable to face reality.

Having announced in 2020-2021 that CCP has defeated COVID-19, poverty and China's population numbers are not falling. To remain in power CCP has to keep up appearances internally and externally at all costs - that it is the middle kingdom dictatorship! Sending people and equipment into space is a distraction from getting COVID jabs into Chinese citizen's arms.

Within China the internal circulation is the nationalist lie of the middle kingdom : meanwhile the reality of external circulation is humanities' exposure to CCP's COVID-19. The spread of the mutating virus means that sooner or later mainland Chinese citizens will also fall victim to its strains, and in turn CCP will have to invent more lies and cover-ups - perhaps in the interests of 'stability'.

It is anachronistic that under Xi money is expected to circulate - while the free flow of information into and out of China remains under the stranglehold of its security apparatus. How can Chinese money be an effective currency if it is underpinned and constantly being undermined by falsities?

CCP were never elected to rule China : There never was a China 'civil war' from 1945-1949 because CCP's Mao Zedong committed treason by conspiring with the Japanese Army against the people of China. CCP is illegitimate - this is the basis of their insecurity.

Today China is no longer self sufficient and cannot close itself off at will : Unless China is exporting to obtain foreign currency it is unable to feed its massive population, let alone continue promoting its rule BY law globally to establish its middle kingdom. China relies upon exports to purchase food, fund its corruption and expand globally.

The recent clampdown in the form official 'nationalization' (i.e. stealing) of the wealth of 'private' Chinese technology companies (e.g. Alibaba, Tencents, etc) may only be temporarily boosting CCP's totalitarian rule over China.

The core reason China needs high economic growth rates is because of the inherent weaknesses and draining effects that its state owned enterprises have on the economy. CCP is manifestly unwilling to reform itself.

The ruling elite in China hardly contribute to any circulation, but rather siphon money off for their own benefit and even out of circulation!

China, like Singapore and Hong Kong (HK) are feudal Chinese plutocracies based upon the Han Chinese Emperor's total control over 'his' people. CCP has a nationalist goal of China as the middle kingdom in which the whole world revolves around the Emperor of China : Everything is about the 'face' of the Emperor.

There is no China nor global market big enough to support the corruption and mismanagement of the CCP. CCP has killed at least 77million of its own citizens. Around the world we see the consequences of CCP - including Wuhan virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 : CCP's greatest weakness is COVID. The real virus is CCP.

In 2019 the world went through a paradigm shift, moving enlightened people to realise 'Earth's healthy interdependency' : Either we are aligned with the new paradigm or we are unable to survive. For example, there is evidence that 8-10 times more unvaccinated people die from COVID than do vaccinated people.

As with the ancient healing process of internal circulation of the human body in which vitamins excreted overnight as urine are drunk first thing in the morning, CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping needs to drink his own urine to be healthy.

The people of China know that in time they will be free from CCP because Emperor Xi and all CCP members do not like the smell nor taste of their own piss and shit.

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

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