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HK's failing COVID-19 vaccination program

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Hong Kong (HK) people are very worried about China made SinoVac 'CoronaVac' vaccine which 'may' have caused some health issues including four deaths in HK's recent vaccination program rollout.

There is NO trust by pro-democrat 'yellows' nor pro-Beijing 'blues' in HK government's vaccination program promoting Sinovac!

China's COVID-19 vaccine problems are not being widely reported.

HK people know that nothing thought, said nor done by the CCP and HK government can be wholeheartedly trusted by anyone : This includes CCP, Chief Executive Carrie Lam, COVID-19 'expert' panel, CHP numbers, vaccines, vaccination program, etc.

Yet another big CCP lie is that China does 'not have' novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 nor the disease it causes COVID-19 : the continuation of this CCP lie is destroying HK people's communities, families, health, investments, future, rule OF law, democracy, human rights, etc.

Daily up to 5,000 people with HK Identity Cards (HKIDC) are crossing from China having been tested there, and entering HK WITHOUT going into any quarantine : in contrast, HK people entering China are REQUIRED to undergo 21 days of quarantine!

No matter what we do in HK this 'leak' of mainland China's virus SARS-CoV-2 into HK means we may never be able to significantly reduce nor eradicate HK's COVID-19 - i.e. HK can not fully re-open for business : HK's 'open door policy' to anyone with an HKIDC makes no scientific sense at all. Adding salt to the wound, HK has social distancing regulations in place and the CHP bemoans the difficulty and cost of contact tracing.

HK must lock down its border with China, reduce HK infections and then strictly quarantine all travellers to and from China.

Science is missing in China and HK COVID-19 vaccination programs.

Significantly, there is a knock on financial impact to this failure on the part of HK's Government. Investors and business people are the losers, as well as countless employers and employees.

The impetus of HK's protest movement has already shifted to HK people refusing to be vaccinated with SinoVac : it is now unlikely that HK will achieve herd immunity if HK government continues to promote SinoVac ahead of BioNTech, AstraZeneca or other international developed vaccines!

Prosperity and stability depends upon HK people's consent to vaccination during COVID-19.

The communist HK government under the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) control is denying reality that SinoVac and all current China developed and manufactured vaccines are low tech, unsafe and not up to the international standards required to achieve herd immunity against novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19.

HK is becoming CCP, Carrie Lam and HK government's pandemicide.

Vaccinations are a personal choice by each individual under UN's ICCPR 'supreme human right' the 'right to life' : i.e. HK government under the rule OF law MUST offer choices of different vaccines and no vaccination. 'Mandatory' vaccination is not an option because these vaccines are 'emergency use' and unproven.

Key issues with China's Sinovac 'CoronaVac' and other China made vaccines includes:

  • Since HK government's rollout of its COVID-19 Vaccination Program four people have died after receiving CoronaVac. So far HK 'experts' have refuted the cause of death being CoronaVac: in the interest of HK Public Health the Coroner needs to conduct an independent inquiry;

  • China's regulatory body 'National Health Commission' is well known for its corruption, politicization of medicines, abuse of citizens, failure to report trials correctly, etc.;

  • All three mainland Chinese companies supplying vaccines to HK have faced serious criminal accusations;

  • Sociopathic nationalistic behaviour of CCP and HK government officials in which they continue to support, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, that SinoVac's CoronaVac is 'safe' and suitable for age group 18 years old onwards despite China's regulations of only 18-59 years old with questions of health or comorbidities of at least 17 health exceptions. SinoVac is being promoted by HK government far more than German made BioNTech;

  • China's SinoVac is accused by Brazilian authorities of not being transparent nor cooperative in its phase III trial data : to date Sinovac has still not published this data;

  • W.H.O. has not given its approval for SinoVac's 'CoronacVac' vaccine;

  • Why is HK government NOT listening and responding in a responsible way to what China's regulatory body is saying? Chinese state media released the "New Coronavirus Vaccination Instructions" on the 3rd [January 2021]. The elderly over 60 years old, hypertension patients and diabetes patients are excluded from the vaccinated population. For high-risk groups in China there are serious doubts about the efficacy of China’s domestic vaccines;

  • HK demographics: 80% of the HK population are aged between 16 - 70 years old. China made vaccinations are only for age group 18-59 years old with numerous health exceptions; their efficacy is low compared to international suppliers' vaccines; the majority of HK people do not trust China's vaccines; i.e. China made vaccines are unsuitable for HK demographics.

Singapore has successfully been vaccinating since early January 2021 by administering exclusively the high efficacy Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine!

In 2020 HK was #2 in Index of Economic Freedom ranking and 2021 is #107. HK has no rule OF law. Today HK is just another 'dirty' mainland Chinese city.

Until HK has 'mostly' eradicated SARS-CoV-2 and the disease COVID-19 to an international standard of vaccination program HK will be unable to 'open for business' let alone compete internationally.

The only solution for HK government is to stop offering China made vaccines and instead ONLY the highest quality international vaccines e.g. Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, AstroZeneca, J&J, etc.

Globally, now that we have COVID-19 vaccines the race is on for all humans on Earth to get vaccinated ASAP in the hope that 'herd immunity' will allow humans to get back to a 'new normal life'.

Wuhan virus Covid-19 is a paradigm shift in consciousness. The 'new normal life' is entirely different from the 'old normal life'! The key is Earth's healthy inter-dependency : to be at ease with Earth and the consciousness we need to be focused on healthy inter-dependency i.e. globally we need to improve democracy and the rule OF law.

RTHK photo

China has so far only administered vaccines to roughly 3.57% of its population i.e. 50million of its 1.4billion people : CCP has exported 500million doses of its vaccines. CCP has announced China is lagging in its COVID-19 vaccination rollout 'because it has the disease largely under control' and it will vaccinate 40% of its population by June 2021 : this equates to 6million vaccinations per day for 90 days (USA is currently vaccinating about 3million citizens / day). [You do the maths - WTPOHK believes this is all CCP BS!].

Since the efficacy of China made vaccines is about half compared to mRNA vaccines with so many exemptions for health issues (e.g. SinoPharm has 73) and with many citizens having adverse reactions (which CCP ignores and never admits because citizens in China have no human rights) this means that China will most likely be locked outside of the economic 'bubble' of those leading countries who have herd immunity and are relatively COVID-19 free.

HK will also, therefore, be locked out.


Please click to see PBS video 'China's COVID Secrets' by Jane McMullen.

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

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Stand News: Records show a dip in take-up of Sinovac innoculation in HK

More than 6,100 people booked for SinoVac Vaccines over 5 days cancelled

Stand News 9 March 2021 (Google translator)

There have been three deaths after vaccination with China SinoVac Vaccine in Hong Kong. More than 6,100 people with SinoVac Vaccine in the past 5 days have "dropped the bottom", that is, they have not been vaccinated after making an appointment. The "bottom rejection rate" has been maintained at 10% to 20% in the past few days.

After the third post-vaccination death was recorded yesterday (8th March 2021), it rose to nearly 30%. In a single day, more than 2,300 people have not been vaccinated after making an appointment. The vaccination center's appointments for SinoVac in March are obviously not as enthusiastic as in the early days. Almost all centers still have sufficient places to make appointments.

According to government figures, on the first 3 days of this month, the 5 vaccination centers maintained their "bottom rejection rate" at 0% to 8%, and rose to about 14% in the next two days, followed by the second death : and following the third death after vaccination, the “bottom drop rate” rose to 17.7% and 28% the day before and yesterday. That is, more than 1,500 people and 2,300 people were not vaccinated after making an appointment.

The government's online system for vaccination appointments is currently available for vaccination appointments from the 10th to 30th of this month.

As of 8 o'clock this evening, only one of the 8 community vaccination centers that received SinoVac vaccines had a full appointment schedule. The rest of the centers are all "green", that is, "remaining quotas", while 18 clinics with fewer quotas still full.

BioNTech’s appointments for vaccine are not very enthusiastic. Of the 19 vaccination centers, 11 of them are "reserved places" on most days. Only about 4 places have more people to make appointments, and most of the days are displayed as "full" or "a small number of places".

In response to the drop in the overall vaccination rate, Nie Dequan, the Director of the Civil Service Bureau, this morning (9th March 2021) in the commercial channel program "Starting on a Sunny Day" again explained the SinoVac Vaccine, referring to the understanding of the public's understanding of the recent vaccination, the serious situation there is concerning the death incidents, and that all cases will be reviewed by the expert committee.

The Vaccine Clinical Event Evaluation Expert Committee jointly convened by Kong Fanyi to appease the public on the Hong Kong and Taiwan program "Millenniums", said that the proportion of abnormal events after vaccination is not high. Of the two deaths that are known the preliminary autopsy reports both show that there is no direct relationship with vaccination. He emphasized that there is no problem with the vaccination centers, and that Mainland China arranges for younger people to be vaccinated first because it is related to health policies, and people over 60 are not suitable for vaccination.

Reasonable to worry after Sinovac incidents: expert

RTHK 10 March 2021 (format added)

A leading epidemiologist said on Tuesday that it is reasonable for people to be worried about reports of deaths and hospitalisations among those who have received a coronavirus vaccine made by China's Sinovac, and there just isn't that much data available regarding this particular jab.

Professor Benjamin Cowling from the University of Hong Kong noted that around 100,000 people have so far received the Sinovac vaccine in the SAR and the number of deaths has been "really small". But he added that the recent incidents – including three deaths – are concerning.

"It's possible that they [the deaths] are coincidental. But at the same time, it's reasonable to be worried about whether there might be a link between the vaccine and some of the events we've heard about," he told RTHK's Janice Wong.

Cowling said nowhere has much experience regarding the effects of the Sinovac jab on the elderly, and transparency from the SAR government is vital.

"Other parts of the world have been using other vaccines, particularly the BioNTech vaccine and the AstraZeneca vaccine, and we haven't heard too much about concerns of adverse reactions in the days following vaccination," he said.

"For Sinovac, I'm a little bit uncertain about what's the right step next, because we don't have a lot of international experience to rely on with that vaccine."

Asked what the government should do to address public concerns about Covid inoculations, Cowling said it is important to remember that Hong Kong also has BioNTech jabs available.

He said Hong Kong would achieve a higher level of immunity against Covid-19 if people chose this German-made vaccine, adding that he would echo advice that older people with underlying medical conditions should stay away from the Sinovac jab.

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